Hey! I’m Josh.

Professional web designer, owner of In Transit Studios and blog author for Elegant Themes.

I love Divi, I love WordPress, I love the business of Website Design and I’ve been fortunate to be able to build a successful career around all 3. This site is my personal endeavor to help aspiring Divi/Wordpress web designers who would like to build a successful web business of their own! View more…

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How to MANUALLY Migrate Your WordPress Site

In this tutorial, I walk you through How to MANUALLY Migrate your Wordpress Site from one host to another. There are several great duplicating, cloning and migration tools for transferring Wordpress sites but it's good to know how to do it manually just incase a...

Blog Post

Effective Divi Web Design Principles – Full Series

Welcome to my full Divi mini series Effective Divi Web Design Principles where we’re exploring effective design practices to help empower new web designers and those who identify as someone without an “eye for design.” I must say that while I understand some people...


Divi Chat Ep. 53 – Migrating your WordPress Website

Had an awesome talk with my fellow Divi Wordpress friends on migrating your Wordpress website! It's a topic that's not necessarily the most fun or glamorous side of web design but is none the less extremely...


I’m based in Columbus, Ohio and run In Transit Studios, a web & graphic design company that partners with businesses to help build, grow and maintain their web presence. You’ll also find me frequently on the Elegant Themes Blog where I do my best to dish out some detailed, honest, practical and applicable information and strategies to help fellow Divi Web Designers.

This site contains tutorials geared towards Divi and WordPress, all my Elegant Themes series, podcasts appearances and products/layouts that help fellow Web Designers. I also created and admin the Divi Web Designers Facebook group which is an incredible, growing community of awesome web design folks that I’d love to have you join!


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