As we kick off this new year of 2020, I want to hopefully inspire and encourage you (especially if you’re interested in starting your own web design freelance business or agency) that the time to do so is NOW! We could talk about 100 reasons why but ere are my top 10 based off of real world experience in my decade of web design journey:

  1. The need is greater than ever – The need that companies and businesses of all sizes have for personal, trusted digital creatives is continuing to explode. I know from experience that once you become the trusted “web guy/gal” for a few clients, the referral train doesn’t stop. People now want a personalized experience from freelancers and small agencies over the typical big marketing or ad agency. Become the trusted web person for a handful of businesses and watch what will happen!
  2. WordPress and Divi bigger than ever – The primary tools I use and recommend, namely WordPress and Divi are only increasing in market share. In fact, over 36% of all website sites use WP (courtesy of and at the time of this podcast, Elegant Themes has over 600,000 customers and users of Divi. You’re in good hands with these tools as I have been for nearly a decade.
  3. Unlimited earning potential – You can literally make as much as you want. Straight up. There’s no salary cap or limit to what you can earn as a web designer or web agency owner. How hard and smart you want to work is totally up to you. And it doesn’t take long, with the right mentors and resources, to build a freelance or agency web business to 6-figures and beyond.
  4. Recurring revenue options – While most design services (i.e. graphic design, video, photographer, etc) are one and done services, web design has loads of options for recurring revenue options. The most common is offering a website monthly maintenance or care plan. In fact, my life was so changed by this that I created my first course on how to set one up just like ours because it was my first taste of reliable, recurring income and it lead to keeping in touch with clients and more on going work which is another form of recurring revenue. It’s only limited by your imagination and expertise as you can offer content creation services, copyrighting, SEO, revamps and redesigns, strategy and statistic analysis, social media, digital ads, graphic design services and more.
  5. Low cost to get started – Most businesses require a lot of capital to get off the ground. Especially brick and mortar or businesses with actual goods to be sold. But a web design freelance or agency business can literally be started with a decent computer, some graphic programs and a handful of subscriptions to use (like Divi, hosting, etc). In most traditional businesses, you’d be lucky to actually any money in 5 years where with web design, you can make money in 5 days.
  6. You don’t need to work the 9-5 – In web design, it’s about better hours, not more hours. You can work smarter by saving templates, automating aspects of your business, building a remote team, getting faster at design, working on internal systems and process, etc and you’ll find you can get a lot done in 30hrs a week or less than getting burned out working 40+. Clients don’t often care how many hours you work on something as long as it gets done on budget and on schedule.
  7. It’s not location specific work – The beautify of technology, the internet and strong wifi connections is that you can work anywhere you want. Whether it’s at home or at a local coffee shop (those are my 2) or at a shared workspace environment, a different state, by the beach or wherever! You’re no limited to clients or customers in your local area either. We for example have clients mainly across the U.S. but also abroad now.
  8. Technology connects you to the world – This is huge for not only working with clients all over as mentioned previously but also for scaling a remote team. Tools like Skype or Zoom make it easier than ever to connect with people across the globe and in fact, I only have one active local person on my team. Everyone else are sub contractors all across the globe. We primarily talk through project management platforms and when needed to video chats.
  9. You don’t need a 4 year degree to make 6-figures – Many career paths require higher education to make a decent income. And by decent income, most college paths are to the tune of 60, 70, 80k + per year. Not with web design though. In fact, I have found higher ed in web design to be a hindrance because it moves at such a slow pace that it can’t keep up with modern web design and people who are used to being afraid to fail (i.e. get bad grades or fail a test) often don’t do well in the wild west of freelance and entrepreneurial web design. In web design, a combination of pertinent courses, trainings, workshops and seminars from mentors who are where you want to be can empower you to expedite your journey and build a 6-figure business all without going into massive debt. Top that off with real world experience, a little trial and error and a good supportive network (we’ll talk about next), then you’re well on your way to more profit, better revenue and no student loan debt all through this amazing industry.
  10. A growing support community – The WordPress community is a massive, supportive community that spans virtually every country in the world. Wordcamps are a great way to connect with other WPers who are there to support you in your journey. For those who use Divi, you know that the supportive nature of that community is unmatched. Facebook groups, Divi Meetups, DiviChat and other supportive networks are there to come along side you whether you’re just starting out or if you’re just leveling up your business. And it’s all only getting bigger and better. In short, you’re not alone! You’re immediately plugged into a network of people who will help share expertise and before you know it, you’ll be the one in a place to make an impact by sharing your experience.

So there are my top 10 of many reasons why RIGHT NOW is the time to start and launch your web design business and get into an industry that is exploding with opportunity. It goes without saying that I’m here to help guide you in your journey so if any of my web design courses look like a good fit, join today and let’s expedite your journey in becoming a professional successful web designer or agency owner!

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