In episode 015, my guest Geno Quiroz (a man who needs no introduction in the Divi Community) shares how to successfully White Label Your Web Design Services. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, in short, White Labeling means working under another agency and designing/building sites for their clients. It’s not an approach that I’ve been too interested in or have capitalized on but after this talk, I see that there are loads of benefits in going that route and it’s also ideal for freelancers who are building their business and networks up. It’s also great for folks overseas who are in areas where the currency isn’t as high as the U.S., Europe, etc so you can work with folks globally at a higher margin.

Geno’s white labeling services account for a big percentage if his revenue with his agency at Monterey Premier and gets into the weeds as to how to offer it, what you need to know/be prepared for, how to separate yourself from other designs, how to add more value and more. It’s an in depth conversation that is GOLD all the way through.

For those in the Divi community, you likely know him from his personal site at where he became the godfather of sharing his code, offering free tutorials, etc for Divi and WordPress. He was really an inspiration to me in launching so it was an honor to interview him in this episode of the podcast!

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