This is a special episode as I’ve brought along one of my students, Adela Mei, who has grown her freelance web design business significantly over the last year. We dive into 5 big tips that have helped her grow her business along with getting into a wide ranging conversation involving copywriting, marketing, the power of community, benefits of premium vs free content and so much more.

Here’s a quick summary of her 5 tips:

  1. Community – talk and share with others & give back.
  2. Marketing – learn marketing skills. Permission marketing & develop empathy for your clients.
  3. Gratitude – focus on positive mental attitude and being of service not just making money.
  4. Invest in yourself – free content is like finding a bunch of bread crumbs whereas a full course or premium training is like the full meal.
  5. Learn to say NO! – free yourself up for the “yes” and good, prioritized opportunites.

In This Episode

04:44 – Welcome to Adela
11:45 – Feeling into the site
12:46 – Engaging people
13:40 – Start with Why
17:12 – 1) Community
23:26 – Wanting to quit
29:45 – Push through
32:56 – 2) Marketing
34:40 – Being authentic
37:54 – 3) Gratitude
43:27 – Smiling at the end
46:07 – 4) Invest in yourself
47:43 – Focused learning
56:20 – Being intentional
58:13 – Finance mindset
1:09:27 – 5) Saying no
1:19:01 – Prioritizing
1:28:17 – Three magic words

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Adela M.

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