This episode is taken from a video I put out last year with my top 10 lessons learned in 10 years of self employment. As I revisited the video, I wanted to put this into the podcast because all of these tips are 100% still relevant and timeless lessons that I still stand by today. Since this month actually marks my 11th year of being self employed, I also dish out and additional 11th tip as well 🙂

View the full post with all links and details here but in short:

  1. Embrace the 3 “P’s”
  2. Prepare for Delayed Gratification
  3. Don’t be Afraid of Coopetition
  4. Prioritize Your Systems and Processes
  5. Keep a Calm and Sustainable Pace
  6. Invest in YOU
  7. Don’t Burn Bridges
  8. Limit Distractions
  9. Don’t be Afraid to Fail
  10. Be Nice
  11. Bonus tip as I’m now in year 11…Consistency Beats Intensity

P.S. You can watch the video version of this below.

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