This episode of the podcast is taken from a recent video where I dish my Top 6 Tips for Taking an Online Course. When you enroll in an online course, it’s up to you to make sure you get the most you can out of it and that it becomes a worth-while investment. I’m amazed at how many people enroll in courses and don’t start them or either trail off after a couple lessons..don’t let that be you!

Here are my recommendations (as a course creator and someone who goes through online courses myself) for how to successfully take an online course!

  1. Make the time – You’re never going to “find” the time. You have to be intentional about taking the course which leads us to point #2…
  2. Put it in your calendar – If it ain’t in the calendar, it ain’t real as someone somewhere said once and it’s true. Schedule the time to invest going through course and make sure it’s in the books, make it a priority and schedule other work and tasks around it if you can.
  3. Limit your distractions – Wherever you are…be there! True in all situations in life and especially with this. You need to give it 100% focus and attention if it’s going to make an impact for you and your business.
  4. Take advantage of accountability – If a course has a private Facebook group, forum, etc, be sure to take advantage of being able to connect with other students, ask questions, etc. Can be a huge help with completing a course and making great connections in the process!
  5. Put your learnings into action ASAP – It’s crucial to put what you learn into action to make sure it sticks and you don’t forget it. You can always revisit a course, but it’s much more impactful if you apply things immediately and you’ll get a much quicker ROI (return on investment) by doing so!
  6. Take the course when you’re actually ready to apply it – Don’t take courses on topics you’re “thinking” about or are not ready to apply. Reason being is because you may pick up some ideas and good insight but if you don’t apply it while or directly after you take the course, it’s not going to impact you or your business. Make sure you can MAKE the time in your schedule to actually start, finish and apply your course learnings for the best ROI.

So there ya go! These are the lessons that I encourage all my students to take to heart and are the top 6 tips I challenge myself with when I go through an online course.

If you have any other tips you’ve found helpful or want to recommend, leave one of them there digital comments below!

P.S. Did you read that last line in a southern accent? Because that’s how I said it out loud when I wrote it…

You can watch the video of this podcast below.

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