In this episode of the podcast, my guest Jason Gracia, a web designer of 20+ years who now runs a super successful web design business ( for coaches and consultants, shares with us a proven 8-step path you can apply to your sales process to help increase conversions by (at least) 75%. Seriously, this is gold and I wish I would’ve had this convo about 10 years ago.

Jason’s 8-Step Client Generation Conversion Path:

  1. 10:05 – Choose a Specific Target & Result
  2. 17:47 – Generate Traffic (OPA, Outreach, Content, Email, Referrals, Advertising)
  3. 24:53 – Create Lead-In Offer (ex: free website strategy call or website review or straight offer)
  4. 32:50 – Filter Lead-In Offer Applicants
  5. 35:55 – Follow Up with Strong Applicants via Email/Custom Video (Explain then Excite!)
  6. 42:53 – Send Reminder Emails & Text Pre-Call
  7. 52:51 – Present Problem/Solution/Credibility/Offer Slide Deck on Call
  8. 1:00:42 – Final follow Up Post-Call via Email (offer, portfolio, client contacts) + bonus tip: (Referral business offer)

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