Going from graphic design to web design can be a tricky transition. While many basic design principles can carry over from print design, logo design, branding, etc, there are a lot of complexities in web design that often deter graphic designers from joining the club. Things like hosting, domains, website tools, responsive design, browser compatibility, etc are all things that print designers aren’t accustomed to worrying about but are none-the-less, essential in web design.

Luckily, me and my guest Emma Kate of EmmaKate.co (web dev mentor to graphic designers) have both transitioned from graphic design to web successfully and did this episode to help prepare those of you in that journey as well! In this chat, we cover a proven 9-step process to help you successfully transition from graphic design to web design.

Emma’s 9-Step Proven Path:

00:14:26 – 1. The Goals
00:22:40 – 2. The Goods
00:29:35 – 3. The Style
00:39:14 – 4. The Foundation
00:50:59 – 5. The Tools
00:55:44 – 6. The Secret Weapon
01:01:20 – 7. The Build
01:07:05 – 8. The Fitout
01:10:12 – 9. The Tune-Up

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