One of the best aspects of web design is the ability to build recurring income through a variety of services. In this episode, we’ll cover 15 practical ways you can build recurring income. 10 that are generalized income strategies, not specific to certain themes or tools and 5 additionally that are specific to “Divi” web design designers.

You don’t have to implement ALL these strategies, but I just want to show you what’s possible and what you might consider depending on your area of specialty and expertise. And these aren’t all the recurring options out there for web designers; these are just one’s that I’ve employed myself of know colleagues who have had success with them.

Here are 15 Recurring Income Strategies for Web Designers:

  1. Hosting
  2. Website Maintenance Plan
  3. Hosting + Website Maintenance Plan
  4. Ongoing Hourly Retainers (on going updates & revamps)
  5. SEO Plans (one time and ongoing)
  6. Content and copywriting (onsite ongoing edits or blog posts)
  7. Secondary design services (graphic design/logo branding, print design, video, photography, etc)
  8. Social media or digital marketing
  9. Website strategy service consulting
  10. Ongoing tech support (for e-commerce, domains, emails, etc)
  11. Divi white label work
  12. Child Themes & Layouts
  13. Plugins
  14. Divi training/consulting
  15. Courses

I didn’t mention this in the list but another GREAT avenue for recurring income is affiliate marketing which I’ll be doing a separate episode on soon. Be sure to become an affiliate for your favorite Divi tools, hosting, etc and promote those links tastefully when and where possible!

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