One understated and often unappreciated way you can get more leads and clients is by simply not burning your bridges and keeping your referral sources open. In this episode, I’m dishing out 5 scenarios (based on my real world experience) on how not burning bridges has led to continued new projects and clients.

Before we get to those, remember in any situation (in business or personal life) you can either take the high road or low road.

  • High Road (OAR) – ownership, accountability, responsibility
  • Low Road (BED) – blame, excuses, denial

Here’s the picture I mention in the episode after my meeting with Creative Mobile Interiors where I sat in the same spot I got laid off in back in 2009!!!

Josh Hall at Creative Mobile Interiors

Josh at Creative Mobile Interiors after our website meeting.

Here are 5 situations where you want to be sure NOT to burn your bridges:

  1. Personal or professional associates who you never know might want to hire you
  2. Clients who pass on your services but might come back to become A or B clients
  3. Clients who pass on your services but might still be a good referral source
  4. Clients who move on for whatever reason but might still come back OR be a good referral source
  5. Clients who don’t work out well for whatever reason that you won’t likely get back (or want back) but could still be a good referral source

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