Elegant Themes’ Design Director Kenny Sing shares with us the story of Divi and how they created, named, evolved and continue to innovate the world’s most popular and powerful WordPress Theme and Page Builder.

Kenny also shares invaluable insight from someone who’s worked for companies like Google and Apple and was very transparent about things like imposter syndrome and other struggles that even people at the top of the profession face.

In this conversation, you’ll get a peek behind the curtain to the creators and the creation of Divi, the world’s most popular WordPress Theme & Page Builder. You’ll hear about Kenny’s story, his experience with working for Elegant Themes as lead designer, then working at Google then coming back to Elegant Themes as design director. All of this contributes to the evolution and innovation of the amazing Divi theme and the community around it.

Personally, I’ve trusted Elegant Themes for years as Divi has been the ONLY and exclusive WordPress theme I’ve used in my business since 2014. It’s been a rock and is without a doubt, the most important tool in our business.

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