Are you curious, confused or just plain terrified by website legalities like ADA Compliance, GDPR, Privacy Policies, Customer Data Laws, Website Cookies and Tracking, etc? If so, that’s ok.

In this podcast episode, I’ve brought in Hans Skillrud, co-founder of Termageddon (the auto-policy generator tool that me and my web design agency use) to help explain the basics to us and give us a good overview on how to protect our sites, our clients sites and our customer data to remain compliant and protect ourselves from potential lawsuits.

In this talk, we cover:

  • Basic policies and disclosures EVERY website should have
  • What to have in place if you collect customer data in 3rd party apps
  • What ADA Compliance is
  • What GDPR is and how to account for it
  • Differences between privacy policies and customer protection laws between states and countries
  • Website cookies and tracking
  • Websites with free resources and templates
  • How to protect you and your clients with auto-updating policies

And much more!

If you’re interested in using Termageddon (like I do) for you and your clients auto-updating policies, use code JOSHHALL for 10% OFF!

If you’re an agency, mention JOSHHALL to get 2 free licenses!


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