I have a question for you;

When was the last time a company or person you considered working with sent you a “personalized video” at any point in the process?

Probably never, right? This is exactly why you have a huge opportunity RIGHT NOW to utilize creating short, personalized videos to help land more clients, grow your business and stand out from your competition.

Best part is, it doesn’t take long and can be done for free. In this podcast episode, I’ll share why personal videos are the new hidden secret to success, when/where to send them and practically how to create them.

I also have a challenge for you at the end of the episode which is this:

 👉 Send a personalized “check-in” video to your best dozen or so clients RIGHT NOW with a message of gratitude for their trust in you or a thank you video along with a soft up-sell.

I guarantee you’ll see an immediate ROI and you’ll build an even stronger relationship with your best clients.

In this episode:

01:25 – Featured Podcast Review Shoutout
04:15 – Why personalized video
10:22 – Where and when to send
19:04 – How to do video
21:19 – Josh’s challenge to you

You can also view the full transcription of this episode below.

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Episode #082 Full Transcription

Episode Transcription

Josh 0:16
Hello, everybody, welcome into the podcast. This is Episode 82. And in this one, I want to let you in on a little secret. It’s a secret to business success, no matter what stage you are in your business, or even if you’re dabbling around in different industries outside of web design. This is hugely beneficial in web design, what we’re going to talk about here, but it will work no matter what industry you’re in. And this secret to success is personalized videos. We’re going to talk about the power of personalized videos, I’m going to share with you why you might want to consider starting to do a little personalized videos where and when you can implement these, and how to do them how to practically do some some little videos that are personalized for you and your clients. And I promise, you will see a return on investment of your time immediately. And the best part is you can do this for free. So I’m going to share with you what I learned with personalized videos and how to do all this in this episode. And I’m really excited to hear how it helps you because it’s been an absolute game changer. And I mean that in full sincerity for me and my businesses over the past couple years. So super excited about this one I’m really passionate about it.

Josh 1:25
Before we dive into a couple things, I want to highlight a featured recent review, this comes from HGGFGH I know that’s jk. So HGGFGH…That’s what the name is on here. But it says very nice and helpful. While I’m a web flow user, the practical content and application of no code topics that Josh covers is very helpful. Well, hey, thanks so much for this review. I know it’s not a real name. But just as a reminder, if you do leave review, be sure to to leave your real name and then make sure to drop your website in there. I’ll make sure to mention that. And I can link it in the show notes for this episode. So either way, HGGFGH, thank you so much for leaving the review, I do really appreciate it. And it’s awesome to hear that you’re able to take from this podcast as well, because yeah, it is, you know, I’m a divvy guy. And I do love CSS, although that’s pretty much the extent of my code knowledge outside of just basic PHP. That’s the beauty about the web design industry today, I highly recommend that you do know some CSS and basic coding. But that’s it, you don’t really need to go that far into it to make a really good career in web design. So thank you so much for the review. Really appreciate seeing those guys, if you would consider leaving a review, it’d be super helpful. And I really appreciate reading those, it helps me grow the show.

Josh 2:40
Alright, so let’s talk about personalized videos. And actually real quick before I do. This episode is coming out on December 17. At the end of 2020. Here, I just want to let you know, next week, I’m going to be doing my final episode for 2020. That’s going to come out early next week. And I’m going to do kind of a recap style episode I’m going to share some things that I have in mind and some plans for 2021. So I’m really excited to do that. So just to let you know, we are going to take a short break through the end of December through Christmas time. And actually on a personal note, I have a surgery coming up on my knee, my left knee I’ve had some issues with it for a while I don’t mean to get terribly personally personal on you here. But it’s worth sharing because I will be taken that week off for sure. Right after Christmas, I do have surgery on my left knee. It’s it’s a minor surgery, but I have a rare condition called synovial condra mitosis, which is an issue with cartilage in the knee, it’s actually very rare happens to mostly dudes between the ages of 30 to 50. And I am now 34. So that I’ve been having some issues found out that was the cause. So I am going in on minor surgery on December 28. So just to keep you posted on that. That’s also another reason why I’m going to take a little break with the podcast over the next couple weeks after this. But then we’ll be coming back strong the week after and the first weekend, or the first week of January. So a lot of really cool things in store for you. So just wanted to keep you posted on all that.

1) Why a personalized video

Josh 4:02
All right now to the good stuff. Let’s talk about the power of personalized videos. And I’ve got a challenge for you too. So make sure you hang around to the end because I have a challenge for you. And I guarantee it’s going to help build your business, grow your income, and it’s going to be again an immediate ROI for you. So first off, why personalized videos, let’s talk about some reasons why you might want to consider doing this if you’re if you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, you know, this is no surprise I talk about this often. But I wanted to intentionally talk about personalized videos I did talk about how you can create short videos for your business. It’s similar topic that was Episode 38 if you want to go back and check that out, but this is diving into specifically personalized videos which are a little bit different than your average short style videos. So why personalized video? Well, first things first, it is the quickest, fastest and most cost effective and time effective way to build trust and likeability. I’m telling you guys doing personalized videos over the past About three years now two years for sure, has been absolutely remarkable for me and my brand and my business, not only here with Josh Hall, CO. But when I was doing web design full time, and before I sold my agency, I really, really took the reins on doing personalized video for clients. And we’ll talk about where and when I did those and how you can do those as well. But it was remarkable, like think about this. When is the last time if ever, somebody that you purchase something from or talk to about potentially moving forward on a service sent you an actual personalized quick video, chances are, you’ve probably never got one of those I have not, I have yet to get a personalized video from a service that I was about to purchase from, it will help your conversions through the roof.

Josh 5:49
This is kind of another point here, it will increase your conversions on top of building instant trust, and likeability immediately, because who the heck would take time out of their day to send a quick personalized video, not that many people. So if you do that, you’re going to separate yourself from your competition. Immediately.

Josh 6:06
This is point number three, I was going to say it is the best way to separate yourself from your competitors particularly think about when businesses are getting ready to do their websites, they’re often talking with a lot of different people. So you want to get edge on your competition. In a lot of people, a lot of my students and members have asked me about such a flooded market of web design. And yeah, more people are doing web design now more than ever, but here’s the good news, you can separate yourself immediately. And on top of other strategies, the biggest way I recommend doing that is with a personalized video. So those are some initial ways that there are some reasons why you might want to consider doing personal videos. And on top of all this so far, it just amazes people I’ve had so many people reach out after I send a video to say, Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you actually spent a couple of minutes out of your day to send me a personal video, the amount of times that I’ve got Wow, back as an email reply, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve got that over the past year. So particularly from students because if you’re not familiar, every time somebody purchases a new course and becomes a student, in any of my courses, I send a personal welcome video, it doesn’t take long, you know here as to how I do that, and why I do that here. But I just send a welcome video, a lot of you have got them. And it just says something to the effect of, you know, hey, person, I just want to welcome you to the course thank you so much for you know, are you know, depends on what the course is or what their order looks like. But I’ll just say hey, I want to hear more about your business. Or oftentimes, I’ll let them know that there’s a student only discount that they’re now they can now access since they’re a current student, which is a real thing. So if you buy one of my courses, you automatically get enrolled into my student loyalty discount program. But yeah, I’ll tell them about that. And a quick little one to two minute video goes such a long way, it will literally create create amazement from the people you send it to.

Josh 6:18
So a couple other reasons why you should consider personal videos, like I just talked about, it doesn’t take long, it doesn’t take long at all. And the tools I’m going to about to share with you here will help you expedite that. And if you do things in bulk, you can actually just clear out maybe a half an hour or an hour out of your day, once a week, or you know, sometimes once a week to do those personal videos, and it goes such a long way.

Josh 8:18
And then finally one of my favorite things to take it from somebody who’s been doing a lot of videos over the past few years. There’s no editing required. And I actually have a rule about this. Because I do not edit personal videos, it’s absolutely something that I have made myself not go you know too far, because a personal video is often only going to be seen once or maybe a couple times if somebody happens to watch it over or shares it with somebody else. But more than likely, it’s going to be viewed by somebody once and I have a little rule about this that I wanted to share with you. My rule for video is that if it’s a video that’s going to be viewed once, then I do not edit it, that is a harsh rule that I’ve stuck to and I’ve set for myself, so I do not edit personal videos, the rule kind of expands to if a video is going to be viewed up to maybe a dozen times 10 or 12 times I will do minor edits. Those videos are typically like maybe a proposal video that is going to be shared with a team or a group of people. And maybe there’s quite a few elements to the proposal video or the walkthrough. And we might need to just add a couple cuts or something like that. Or maybe I want to put an intro of the company logo in the beginning. I will do basic edits on that. But only basic edits. And then apart from that if I know a video like a course video, of course, I take a lot of time to edit those if a video is going to be viewed on YouTube or even if I do a client tutorial or something like that. I will edit those accordingly. But my big role personal video, no editing.

Josh 9:46
So those are some reasons to recap those reasons real quick. It builds trust and likeability like nothing else much better than an email much better than any sort of reach out and I guarantee Just wait Just try it out. See what kind of reactions you get because I guarantee If you have not got something similar, again, ask yourself, when’s the last time somebody sent me a personalized quick video probably hasn’t happened. So be that person, it’ll increase conversions immediately for you, it’s going to amaze the people who you send them to, you’re going to separate yourself from the competition. And again, it’s something that’s very time and cost effective, it’s free. And it doesn’t take long. Well, you can buy premium stuff, but you can do it for free as well.

2) Where and when to do a personalized video

Josh 10:22
So the question is, where and when to do these personal videos? Well, there’s kind of five main areas that I do them. And I have done them for clients that I want to really encourage you to do these. And now you don’t have to do all five, my encouragement for you is to do one, which kind of leads into the challenge here shortly. But there’s five main areas to do these personal videos that I tend to do them frequently. One is for proposals in quotes. So when you are doing a proposal, particularly for web designers, because it’s hard to do these at scale, but when it really matters, and let’s say you have a big $5,000 job on the line. And you really want to get this client, do a walkthrough, personalized video of the proposal of the quote, and then really make it personalized and be genuine be real, it doesn’t need to be a super long video. But if you add a personal walkthrough and personalize the video, I guarantee it’s going to do wonders for converting and again, building that trust and likeability and separating yourself from other proposals. So that’s number one, do a personal walkthrough video on a proposal or quote that you’re sending out again, you don’t have to do this for every job. But if you’re only doing one proposal or two proposals a week, there’s really no reason you couldn’t handle doing a quick personalized walkthrough. And chances are, you’d probably do it anyway, if you are talking with somebody on the phone or doing a strategy call or meeting face to face somewhere. So do a quick personalized video overview in the proposal and a quote.

Josh 11:47
Number two here, as far as when and where to do these personal videos, do them as a thank you or on any sort of onboarding or welcome videos. So again, like I just mentioned, I do these when somebody joins one of my courses. Sometimes I try to get to them within 24 to 48 hours I have been delayed recently, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and some other business stuff going on. So I was very delayed in getting back to some welcome videos. But I’m almost actually by the time this goes out, I’ll have finished doing all my welcome videos from folks who purchase courses through Black Friday and Cyber Monday time. But do them on those like welcome style, thank you videos, it will not see this is the cool thing about personal videos at this time, because you can do personal videos for sales, and then for proposals and stuff like that. But then if you really want to go above and beyond Do it, do it on a welcome standpoint or a welcome stage of the process. Because that’s when you really start to make a client for life. Because a lot of people will disappear after they get the first payment well maybe not disappear, that hopefully they don’t disappear from the project. But they won’t be as you know, warm and welcoming and communicative. After they’ve purchased or they’ve made the first payment. I’ve seen this time and time again, particularly with creatives, I don’t want you to be that person, I want you to be the person who once they sign on with you. You’re their best friend, you are extra communicative. And you send them a personal welcome video that says, Hey, I got I got the first payment. Thank you guys so much for you know this opportunity to work with you. I’m super excited about working with you. Here’s a link to the video or our getting started page with some next steps. And I’m really excited to take this journey with you and just get them pumped up. Think about if you were hiring somebody to do a 2,3,4 or 5000 job or more, a lot of my students are now doing 10 $15,000 jobs, then if you’re going to invest that much, How awesome would it be to actually get a personalized welcome video from somebody, it would be freaking awesome. So be that person go above and beyond and just watch what kind of relationship that builds. And I’ll tell you this, that will help the revision feedback and ongoing processes from there on out because they’re like, wow, Josh sent me an actual personalized video welcome me and given me some ideas on what’s going to happen next. It just makes them like you more and it will really help with all those processes. Whereas if they send a payment and they don’t hear from you for a week or two, and then they get a website design, they’re going to be much more apt to you know, show criticism or not enjoy the process as much so send a video on an onboarding or some sort of Thank You are welcome video is just a quick personalized video.

Josh 14:22
Another big important one chance and opportunity to send personalized videos are checkins. So last week, I just released a Podcast Episode Episode 80, on how to stay in the year strong and start the next year in the new year, strong as well. And one strategy I talked about and that was to send some sort of check in video with your best clients and that my friends will be a huge boost to your revenue to your income pipeline. And it’ll be a great way to stay top of mind with clients even if you’re already doing maintenance. Even if you’re already doing monthly reports. If you send a separate video, that’s just a check in this case And include an upsell, or it can have an ulterior motive. But if you really want to go above and beyond just do a check in just say, hey, it’s been awesome working with you guys this year I really about valued you and our relationship and I’m excited about, you know, continuing into the new year, I’m really excited to show you some stuff we have upcoming, you could plant what I like to call him money seed that way. Or you could just say again, just you can just thank them just show gratitude, thank them for being an amazing customer. A lot of times if somebody doesn’t, if they get a video, a personalized video, but there’s no like call to action, they’re gonna be like, holy crap, Josh actually just took time out of his day to say thank you. And, you know, how are you doing? That’s pretty dang awesome. Actually, our realtor trusted friend and was a trusted client for years of mine. She did the same thing a couple months back, she just said, Hey, I just wanted to check in with you to see how things are going. There was no like ulterior motive or anything. It was a phone call, it wasn’t a personal video, but I thought that was really cool. And if you apply that, I guarantee it’s gonna go a long way. So there may not be like a direct sale, or direct return on that. But it will again, plant a money seed and really take that relationship to a whole new level. So do some sort of check in. And then I was gonna say something else, but we’ll save it for the challenge I have for you here.

Josh 16:12
Another one is to do any sort of personalized videos as an answer to questions. So this you know, this can be time consuming, depending on how many times you would do this. But what what often happens for us as web designers, we’re getting questions from clients, we’re often sending them to tutorials, or client training videos, which are great, or were emailing back a response. But here’s my challenge. Well, an additional challenge for you is to consider do doing a personalized video with the answer in the video. Because a lot of times, they can use that video as a reference moving forward, and then it will again create that amazement in that wow factor to where it’s like, wow, this guy or this gal, you know, took two minutes out of their day to actually send me the the answer in this video. So now not only do I you know, do I see it, but I can not only do I have it in the email, but I can see it and see them do it. Because a lot of times you’ll just answer via email. And let’s be honest, sometimes typing an answer out will take way longer than just explaining it in a quick video. So there’s another opportunity to do a personalized video like that, it’ll go a long way.

Josh 17:15
And then finally, another main area that I’ve done personalized videos that I want to recommend to you are to do personalized videos as like an off boarding type of upsell. So this is similar to like a checkout or something like that. But this is really like once you get a project done, they make the final payment, you want to make sure you empower your clients in some way. And one of the best ways to cap off an amazing web design experience is to send a personalized video that just says, Hey, you know, Jim, it was great working with you on this project. Just wanted to really appreciate, just say I really appreciate you and I’m so excited about moving forward. And then you can lead it into something you could give them a link to Ideally, you should have some sort of moving forward page, which I show in my business course I’ve talked about a lot, have some sort of page that you put together that walks your clients through what to do with their website once it’s live. And then this can be the perfect opportunity to lead into a maintenance plan or any sort of upsell if they haven’t committed to something already. And it’s a personalized way to go. You can still attach like a template with the details on how to get started or what to do next. But send a quick, personalized video to outline that. It can be as simple as a one to two minute video, not even that long if you want and I promise it’ll be the perfect way to end off an amazing experience. Think about it from the client perspective. What if they got three personalized videos from you from start to finish in a project they got one during their proposal, they got one during the welcome video. And then they got one once they got done with something and then six months from now what have they got another one from you that said, Hey, you know, Jim, I just wanted to pop in to see how you’re doing with the website. Let me know if you have any questions. I really appreciate it managing your site so far and excited to continue on. Boom, there is the start to a lot of more recurring income for you. So those are some ideas as far as where and when to do personalized videos.

3) How to do a personalized video

Josh 19:04
But here’s the big question. How do I do personalized videos, there’s a there’s a nother aspect to this with you feel uncomfortable on camera. There’s a beauty about this because I highly recommend that you do record yourself and you don’t have to be in a professional environment. It doesn’t have to be with a professional microphone. If you were to get on a Zoom call with a client, it’s exactly what it’s going to be like so just do that. Get out of your comfort zone. Try doing some actual personal videos it can be done with your phone, if you want all this stuff can be done with your phone. It’s not want to not do that for a proposal but everything else can basically be done with a phone if you want. But keep it simple. Keep it real keep it genuine in there are some tools that will help with this. The main tool that I do this with and that you’ve heard me recommend all the time is Loom. This is a free extension, an app. It comes as a Chrome browser extension that you can add it’s also a whole separate app that you can have on your desktop. I have both I use both. I will say that The app version that goes on your desktop has HD, so the video quality will be better. So I recommend doing that. But use loom, there’s a free version that you can do a lot with. And then I would highly recommend doing the pro version, the premium version. It’s not very expensive. And there’s all sorts of bells and whistles that you can really load that thing up with. But if you want to get started, just do the free version that’s loom l o m, and I’ll have a link to a tutorial where I walk you through how to use loom, and I’ll have that link in the show notes for this episode. So just go to Josh all.co/082. And you’ll see that link there for you. So loom is a big one, there’s another one called Mmagnagnify, this is the tool that I use for collecting video testimonials. But magnify is actually kind of a short video personalized type of service. So you can actually do short videos through magnify that are going to be branded with your logo. And you can add all sorts of call to actions and stuff like that as well. So that’s another option as well. And then there’s a ton of other ones, I was going to give you a whole list. But honestly, I wouldn’t look past loom or magnify. There’s other ones out there that you’re welcome to check out. And if you have any questions or want other referrals on or other, you know, applications or platforms to use, just leave a comment on this podcast, and then I’ll get back to you there. But yeah, loom magnify, those are the two best options, check out loon for sure. For the free stuff to go from there.

Josh 21:19
So my challenge, I do have a challenge for you. Because I don’t want you to listen to this podcast and get all inspired but not do anything, the best way to move forward and go one step at a time in your business and to make immediate change and get an ROI is to actually do something. So my challenge for you is to create personalized videos for your best dozen or so clients. Yes, even if even if you just have three clients do for them. Do personal, I do three personalized videos that won’t take long at all. And do some sort of year end, follow up, do a check in that is just saying how much you appreciate them. How grateful you’ve been for them to be a client, even if you just got your business started, maybe you just landed a client in November, it only takes you only have to do one video right now do that video, use loom or something, send them a quick video, and whether or not you want it to just be that just be a check in and just be a thank you type video, or whether you want it to be an upsell. It could be a hard upsell meaning Hey, now we’re offering SEO services or now we’re offering content copywriting services. Now we’re doing more maintenance and hosting, maybe now we’re able to host your site, or whether it’s a soft upsell, which means like, you know, we have some really cool things that we’re going to be launching next year in January. So just you know, get ready, and then we’ll have more information or it could be something to wear. If you want more information about some of the new things. We’re up to logo design, graphic design, SEO, whatever, have them reach out reply to this email, that could be a great soft call to action. But either way, my challenge for you right now, because we’re headed, we’re already past midway December, do it the end of this week at the beginning of next week for Christmas. And if you happen to catch this late, do it right after Christmas or in the beginning of the new year. But send a personalized video and just wait to see what happens. You could do it too. You know, if you have a lot of clients just do it to like your best a clients don’t overwhelm yourself, just do that.

Josh 23:17
I do recommend doing all the things I mentioned as far as proposals, onboarding check ins, questions and offboarding. But for right now, just do a check in a thank you type of video for gratitude, and then potentially lead that into something. And then watch what happens because I guarantee it’s going to rock your world actually, more importantly, it’s going to rock your clients world. It’s going to be an immediate ROI for you. And it’s going to really set the foundation and a strong relationship foundation for you guys to make a client for life. So there you go. That’s the challenge. Do that once you get some results from that, let me know put a comment on this post. Go to Josh Hall dotco slash 082. And then drop a comment. Let me know how it goes. I want to see how this works out for you guys. More importantly, I want you to really rock your clients world and help grow your business immediately. So there it is, guys the power of personalized videos that will not let you down for all the reasons that we just went over. Hope you enjoyed this. Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you. And I’ll see you guys next week on again what will be the final episode for 2020 before we get ready to hit it hard for 2021 but I’m personally excited about to having a little break here. Spend some time with the family through Christmas and get my knee worked on so I’m all fit as a fiddle and ready to go. So appreciate your guys’s thoughts on all that and hey, see you next week. Let’s do this thing enjoy doing personalized videos.


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