Have you ever thought about or seriously considered bringing your spouse into your web design business?

Whether it’s a small role or a full fledged business partnership, there are a LOT of things to consider, plan out and be prepared for if it’s going to be successful.

In this episode, Lisa Williams, owner of husband and wife team web design business JoLiDesignSolutions.com, shares her top lessons learned and experiences with how they run their “spouse and business partner” web design business.

Not only are they spouses and business partners who work from home together, but they also share the same home office! I had loads of questions on how they run their business working from home and how they turn it off going from “spouse to business partner mode.”

It was truly a fascinating conversation and while I’m sure you can think of every joke imaginable when it comes to spouses working together, I do want to encourage you who are thinking about this to take this seriously because it can actually be awesome, as you’ll uncover in this chat.

For Lisa, to be able to have a spouse who understands the work and entrepreneurial struggles and challenges, who understands the clients and the work and to have someone to be able to work, travel and do life with, is awesome. And you’ll hear how they’ve made it work in this interview 🙂

Enjoy this one…I sure did!

In this episode:

00:00 – Introduction
04:54 – Greeting to Lisa
06:30 – The business story
16:36 – The car crash catalyst
20:34 – Client relationships
26:26 – Benefits of an IT spouse
32:10 – Managing the 24/7 partner
40:32 – The set-up
44:36 – Have intentional time together
54:05 – Strength in two
1:02:41 – Seeing the value of the story
1:09:08 – Having processes in place
1:13:31 – Taking time away from work
1:22:52 – 2022 plans
1:24:47 – Mutual appreciation

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Episode #164 Full Transcription

Josh 0:14
Welcome friends in Episode 164, who I am pumped to say the least about this episode of the podcast because we are going to dive into we’re gonna take a deep dive into a topic that I find fascinating. And I have a little bit of experience in which you’ll hear about, and that is being a husband and wife, partnership in a web design business. And if you have ever thought about bringing your spouse into your business, whether it’s your wife, or your husband, or whatever it looks like in any capacity, you can imagine, there are some things to iron out and to figure out and to make sure you are prepared for if it’s going to end successfully. And if it’s going to be a fruitful, successful relationship.

Josh 1:01
My guest in this episode has done an incredible job at managing her business growing her business. And as you’ll hear bringing her husband and not only in a part time role, but full time into the business. This is one of my awesome students, Lisa Williams. She’s also a founding member in my coaching community, which is my web design club. So I’ve got to know Lisa in there firsthand, and I’ve got to see her business grow. And I actually what’s funny is she just she joined the web design club. And then she brought her husband shortly thereafter in full time to her business. So I’ve watched this progress. And she has done just an incredible job at managing both being a web design business owner, but also managing having a spouse involved with as well, this conversation, we dive into how she’s done it and how he’s done it successfully.

Josh 1:48
Now, as I mentioned, I have a little bit of experience in this. For those who don’t know, my wife, Emily was a part of my web design business for a little while she was in more of a just not a sub contracting role. But I brought her in on some admin work and she used to send out monthly reports for all of our clients. So she never had interest. And we both realized that she was just going to help out with the business, she was never going to be a you know, true business partner. And when we started having kids, she became a full time mom, and it ended up really well ended up being great that I just was able to have her assist.

Josh 2:21
Now, if I were to bring her in full time in my business, it would have taken a whole different strategy, a whole different approach. And Lisa, again, has done such a good job with this. So for those of you who are interested either right now, or maybe in the future, with having your spouse be a part of your web design business, you are going to love every second of this episode. Because we dive into tactics, strategies, weave, we talk really in depth about life and work balance, particularly when you work from your home. And can you imagine if you work in the same office, which is what Lisa and her husband Steve do. And I mean, I’m sure your your brain is just like my thinking, how did they do it? How to how do they do this? How do they turn it off? How do they work well together? How do you have a marital fight and then you know, put your work pants on for a little while there’s so many questions I had, that we dive into this episode and I know are going to empower you. If you’re interested in having a spouse in your business.

Josh 3:17
And I do want to say I was you know, I’m kind of making some jokes in here stuff. But in all honesty, it’s awesome to have your spouse be a part of your business. There’s nothing like being able to do things together. And as you’ll hear in this episode for Lisa to have somebody who understands what she goes through and who understands the clients, there’s a lot of reasons you might want to consider this. So that’s one reason I’m extra excited for you in this episode.

Josh 3:39
Now, one thing that’s really interesting before we dive in is that Lisa and Steve, their business model is really largely focused around hosting and maintenance. And if you have not started building recurring income and making clients for life through hosting and maintenance, I want to encourage you to do that. Now, obviously yesterday would be great, but now is the next best time and if you don’t have a maintenance plan set up for your business. I want to help you guide you through building setting up and launching and selling your maintenance plan.

Josh 4:09
You can do that with my MIPS my website maintenance plan course it’s available right now for you. So if you have not yet started your maintenance plan or if you’re ready to take yours to the next level and help it actually be a really good recurring income source for your business. Join that today. It’s open and I am so excited to get to know you and help you launch your own maintenance plan. Just like my guest in this episode Lisa has done to great success. And without further ado, here is Lisa. We’re going to talk about what’s behind a husband and wife web design business. My gosh, get ready, pop some popcorn. If you’re going for a walk, take it with you enjoy because this one was awesome. Here we go.

Josh 4:50
Lisa, welcome to the podcast. Thanks for coming on. And thanks for spending some time with us here today.

Lisa 4:54
I’m stoked. I’m stoked

Josh 4:57
You you’re awesome. Lisa, it’s been really, really cool to have you, first of all on my web design club, because that’s given me the opportunity to be able to oversee you and your business and get to know you better. And to see what you and your husband are doing together in your business, which is I know is the topic of today we’re going to talk about how to do work in balance that with a spouse, whether they are you know, whether you’re full time into the business, or whether it’s just a part time kind of thing, or we have your spouse help out. So it’s been awesome. Seeing what you’ve done with your business, I’m really, really excited to dive into this.

Josh 5:31
Before we dive in, I do want to say thank you, by the way, too, because I still have the little gift that you sent me. We’re recording this in the new year right after Christmas. And for those watching. Lisa is a Friends fan, you’ll see that because she’s wearing a friend sweatshirt, my wife and I watch Friends pretty much, you know, almost every night it’s on at some point. So she sent me a Central Perk sign, I’m going to put this in my new office for sure. For right now. I just

Lisa 5:57
Love it.

Josh 5:57
I’m gonna put it behind us just for everybody watching this interview on you.

Lisa 6:02
Right up just a little bit, I got my There we go.

Josh 6:07
We each have a Central Perk sign. So we know this is gonna be good. I literally just kicked my family picture off while I put that on there. So Alright, so now that we’re that we’ve got our Central Perk signs on, why don’t we start off Lisa, when we’re first off where you’re based out of? And I’m curious if people ask you what you do. Do you tell them that your husband is well involved in the business? Or how do you go about that?

Lisa 6:30
Yes, full transparency. Sometimes I do forget, because I’m still so you know, it’s it’s me. He’s so much in the backend kind of that sometimes when I’m just kind of talking, but I have gotten more used to saying my husband and I or Yes, I do this. My husband does this. So yeah, we’re based out of San Antonio. My husband’s name is Steve. And we I started the business in 2019, after my mom, but so our name Joli comes from a combination of my mom’s name, which is Joanne in my name. So four or five years ago, my mom and I were going to do an Etsy creation shop. And like she was going to do some crafts, and I was going to try to do some crafts, and we had to come up with a cute name. And so we’re going to name it Joli creations.

Lisa 7:29
Well, that never got off the ground. My mom passed in January of 2019. So I was coming up on three years. And so I after all of the dust settled, and I was like, Okay, I have to figure out what I want to do. Because what I was doing wasn’t really working for me, I was more of a life coach, I was a practicing hypnotist and that and so once I figured out that I wanted to do kind of more technology. I’ve always been into technology. And so I’ve wanted to do, I wanted to do that. But I didn’t know exactly how. So I started out as a virtual assistant. That’s what I was going to do.

Josh 8:11
I didn’t know that.

Lisa 8:12
Yeah, I started out just doing like, oh, I can set up your email marketing, I can I can do your website, I can do this, I can do that. I can kind of put all the pieces together. But I was just going to assist other people in doing that. But coming up with the name. That’s where it landed. My best friend actually came up with it. And so that’s where it came from. And I first was JoLi virtual solutions, because the whole VA type thing quickly changed it to design quickly realize that no, I don’t want to be delving into everybody else’s tools and stuff. Because, you know, so anyways, that’s kind of where it originated from.

Lisa 8:56
But yeah, my husband wasn’t a part of it. In the very beginning. He was doing his own thing and working. And I started it and just actually started designing with Squarespace because that’s what I knew, and quickly switched out it out when a client still with us today, came to us and said, came to me and asked me if I would work on her website. She has some things, whatever and it was WordPress and I was like trying with all my mind to get her to come to Squarespace with me. And she no and once I got in there and started working on her site. It was on Elementor but still and I knew WordPress enough to know that there was a learning curve there for me, but I wanted to help her out and so that’s really was the catalyst after I worked on her site. I was like oh my gosh, I have to switch right now. I have to go WordPress I have to because I was so limited with Squarespace So,

Josh 10:00

Lisa 10:01
I still thank her for being the catalyst for me. And then was the whole like, Well, how am I gonna do this? When I don’t have a place to build the website?

Josh 10:11
Yeah. So So you started billboards, which I didn’t realize the business wasn’t that, oh, it’s only two years at this point at the time. They start..

Lisa 10:18
Three in April.

Josh 10:19
Or I’m sorry, yeah, three, because we’re in 2022. Yeah. So wow, that’s awesome. Lisa. So getting into WordPress. Now, I’m curious. Were you with your husband, Steve. Because in the beginning, like said, you’re kind of learning tools, you’re experimenting with what you’re going to do with your services, which is really common. That’s the thing about web design, and you are really what I would label a webpreneur. Because you’re not just a web designer. I know you have a mind for strategy and branding, and copy and all the things that make us a little more than just a web designer. And a lot of folks in the web design club, like yourself, are webpreneurs. I think everyone in there is pretty much I mean, it’s kind of cool. Actually.

Josh 10:59
No actually give credit to our one of our newest members, James, shout out to James who has his profile labeled as a web printer. And I was like, huh, I like that. Because I was gonna say web entrepreneur. But that’s a long, that’s a mouthful. So what printer? There it is, we’re gonna call that one if it’s not out. But you are that Lisa, you are a web printer. So you’re you’re refining all these services? When did the idea come into play that you would bring in Steve? And what I forget how long have you guys been married? Because I’m curious about how that all started?

Lisa 11:31
Well, 22, we just celebrated our 22nd anniversary.

Josh 11:35
Okay, so you guys been married for a while. So it wasn’t like you were newly married each other trying to figure each other out and then bring it in. So I brought my wife into the business in our first year of marriage. Although like I said she was more of a she just kind of handled some administrative stuff. It wasn’t like a business partnership kind of thing, which is completely different. And well, I’m sure we’ll talk about the difference between somebody being heavily like a partner in the business versus just somebody who you kind of have as a almost like a husband or a spouse, subcontractor, which is kind of interesting in itself. So that’s right. So take take me back to the first time you thought like, maybe Steve could help out with this. Was it your idea? Was it his idea? Tell us about that.

Lisa 12:20
Yeah, it was well, so when I started switched to WordPress, and then I was trying to figure out like, Okay, well, I’ve got I knew enough. And I, I knew enough about websites in the whole kind of digital space, because I’ve been in it for so long. Even as a former teacher, I or even as a teacher, I’m a former teacher. I did a lot of technology in my classroom with my kids and elementary school. So I always kind of had that knack. But I thought I need a place to have this website. So I went online, I was like coasting WordPress websites, well, you just didn’t go down a rabbit hole. We know that.

Lisa 12:56
And so I settled on flywheel. So I started, you know, I was like, Okay, this is great. You know, all that comes in with that I can do the hosting and the, in the maintenance, keeping their site up, I can design it, I can do all these things. And so I started doing that. But then I grew to a point where I thought, I mean, it wasn’t astronomical, but I thought Steve could do this piece, like get into flywheel and like update the plugins and maintain, which was very basic, given that it was flywheel, because they managed to do a lot for you. Right. So I thought, let’s do that. So he was still working part time.

Josh 13:41
And what was his background prior to this?

Lisa 13:44
Well, he has quite the background. He’s a family business that he came from a family cheese business. We’re, I don’t think I said where did I say we’re in San Antonio. But we’ve been here 11 years, almost 12 years, but we were both born and raised in Michigan. So okay, go blue.

Josh 14:02
I was wondering, I know you I know. I saw you said Go Blue recently. I was wondering where that came from?

Lisa 14:06
Yeah, so we are that’s where his family business is still is but that’s where he worked there as he was into the technology was into did a lot of IT work. So I knew that he could do a lot of that more technical stuff. And I got to a point where I was like, not that I can’t do it, especially the flywheel and we’ll get to where we are now and in a minute but especially with libel, I could do it but I thought I could do more of this stuff. And then he can take care of that where I can not only get to more clients and design more but to learn more about the design and strategy and conversion and all of that that goes into that.

Josh 14:51
That Lisa is so crucial what what I like profound mindset you had there I don’t know if that was a mindset shift or if it was just something you would you know, learn about or where that came in for you. But that is a really, really important thing to go through when you realize I can do this. But my talents and the business needs me elsewhere. So hats off to you. That’s a really like, what have you I delayed that for like three years, where would the business be if you would have just kept your your head down and just done all the things that maybe you can do? But you shouldn’t do?

Lisa 15:25
Yeah, yeah. And it will thank you. I didn’t think I it was a natural shift for me, because I was so into the designing. And I saw there was so much need for a good design and a good strategy with the website, not just a website. So I wanted to learn more. And it was right about that time. I’m trying to remember when I took your business course, that was my first course. The big everything business course. Yeah, that was the first one. And I, I can’t remember if he was already doing or if I was kind of in the middle of the course. And then he came in I can’t I can’t remember exactly that timeline. But it was going through that coupled with, I want to learn more to give my clients more and future clients more.

Josh 16:20
That’s awesome.

Lisa 16:20
So it’s it was in September, we’ve been talking about him coming full time. With quitting the part time he was delivering pizzas for Papa John’s.

Josh 16:31
So it was in 2019? Or was this 20?

Lisa 16:36
He will he was working there. 2019. But it was 2020 when we in September when he quit October ish when he went yeah, so we started talking about it because I was still doing so it was about a year that I was with Flywheel I was doing this stuff. And I was to that. gotten a couple good clients and I thought I really want to kind of split off from this like techy stuff. And like I said with Flywheel it wasn’t that difficult. But I still wanted it off my plate. And so he started dabbling around a little bit. But we think the lady that hidden broadsided him in the parking lot is he was leaving because a lady like HP was pulling out of a drive thru. It wasn’t fast or wasn’t an injury, but like crash the passenger side door, and the car was an older car and you know, pizza delivery. Just beat your car up.

Josh 17:36
Sure. Yeah.

And we’re like, No, this is our sign. Let’s just do it. So we did it. – Lisa

Lisa 17:38
And so we’re like, do we fix that? Do you got it? You know? And we’re like, No, this is our sign. Let’s just do it. So we did it. So he didn’t go back. Just for a couple of weeks to finish out put his two weeks in he’s my car, which is our car. But I had a newer car, you know,

Josh 17:57
So him getting into was the impetus. Yes. him joining the business. That’s wild.

Lisa 18:04
Yes. Because we like, do we do it? You know that how you go through that decision? And just like, you know, we live with my best friend. We’ve been best friends for since high school over 30 years now. And, and we live with her, and were

Josh 18:24
The risk wasn’t as he didn’t have as much risk to build make that happen.

Lisa 18:31
Well, that’s a big part of why they can kind of move and shake and kind of do these things. Because you know, that that comfortable. I mean, we, you know, we help her and all that. But it’s not as you know, we don’t have a mortgage and things like that right now.

Josh 18:46
Yeah. And that is a biggie when it comes to any sort of spouse or angel with business is you have to evaluate the risk. And it’s gonna be different for everybody. Not everybody is going to have to go through a car wreck to decide like, this is the sign that we’re going to do this. But thankfully, Steve is all right, and all that. So that’s really interesting. I didn’t know all that. But now it’s all coming back to me, Lisa, because you were let’s see, I launched the web design club. I did like the soft launch in October 2020. You were I think one of the first I think you were maybe the third or fourth member. So that’s awesome. And I do remember now that I’m thinking back I remember you saying that your husband? I think it just joined or was like in the process. Yeah. Well,

Lisa 19:30
It was November 2020. November. Yeah. And so he had just quit and we were just like laying things out and like okay, like, how’s this gonna work? And so yeah, it was around that time.

Josh 19:45
So take us through those those first few months because this is fascinating for me because again, my experience with working alongside a spouse in businesses, my wife family, I had her join basically as a virtual not a virtual assistant, but just admin assistant she did All of our manage WP updates for our monthly plan all of our client reporting and admin stuff. And she was babysitting part time and stuff as well. So it’s more again, kind of a subcontractor role. So the cool thing about that though, is she knew client names, and she knew about projects that were going on. And I loved that. Before we talked about these first few months, do you like that as well? Like, is it nice to have a spouse who knows a little bit about what’s going on that way? You don’t just say

Lisa 20:25
By name. Yeah. Because I mean,

Josh 20:29
There’s nothing worse than wanting to chat with your spouse. And they’re just like, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Lisa 20:34
Yeah, exactly. It was in not to go too far into this. But but being that client relationship that we both have. We recently, well, in October, one of our eight clients tragically passed away tragically was right. Yeah, I passed away and A client’s I refer to what you call ABC, you know that. But you know, we enjoy all our clients. But this she was very, very special to us. And we did her and I did a lot of work together. And so it was very much Steve and I were able to process that together and go through that. And we were both affected by it. It wasn’t he was trying to comfort me, or vice versa. It was we were both affected by that. So yeah, it’s a

Josh 21:25
Good point. IDN. I remember because it was so recent that that happened. And I think that happened just after one of my agencies, A client’s passed away this, this one coach that I worked with, and my wife knew him a little bit, I think she had been maybe once, but I told her when I found that out, he was an older gentleman, but he was recently retired to me it wasn’t that old and he died of a very quick bout with cancer. And I heard the news. And I was like, Hey, did you see that Bill Wadley died, and she was like, No way like, so I kind of felt that as well, she was able able to kind of, you know, we were able to talk about that together because she knew a little bit about him. And so that is an interesting, I don’t want to, you know, take us on that path too far. But that is a really good point that when you work with your spouse, you get to share some of those other feelings that come along with business, because business is people and you develop relationships with your clients.

Lisa 22:14
We’re very close. I mean, some of our clients are a little bit more just because of the nature of what they’re doing. And they just they’re set. And you know, they’ll, but quite a few, I mean, we’re very, very close and very involved in, what they’re doing, what they have going on what they have coming up all that so like, we can share that. And even though Steve is more, on the back side of things, you know, he’s still, you know, he sees what they’re doing, because he’s in their sights all the time. So Right.

Josh 22:44
And I want to find out what he’s doing now, for sure. But I would love to hear about the first let’s maybe go back to those first few months. How did you know what will kind of change gears here? How did you know? Or how did you integrate him? In the business? Did you just have him kind of just do the dev stuff and the backend stuff and not talk to clients? And then gradually bring him in? What did those first few months look like for you?

Lisa 23:10
Yeah, so it was very, we’re very fortunate and that, within this, this relationship, but the business, like what our skills are, and what our what our where our knowledge and our experiences, we’re very fortunate that it’s very distinct. So there’s a there’s a breaking point and and so are there’s a clean break. So he has all this IT experience, very technically can go in to the nitty gritty of things and figure out like what’s going on or what needs and if he knows exactly what to, you know, go to Google for a search or whatever, to figure things out. Where me I got a little bit I can kind of go a little bit that way, but it stops very quickly.

Lisa 23:59
And I go okay, you know, I can figure more of the technology out with you know, connecting different platforms and figuring things out design wise within the site and all that kind of stuff. So that was easy for us to say okay, you so getting him into flywheel was was crucial. And so he logged in we talked to flywheel he got his own login and all of that stuff. And so he got in there looking around going insights. And at that time we were using I was using managed WP and I learned that I was in this bubble of really absorbing and learning all I could about doing the business part of designing a website for a client like

Josh 24:48
Yeah, because as well you should have been at that point. Somebody’s got to run the business and

Lisa 24:56
I just wanted Steve to just just do this you Get in here and learn as much as you can about WordPress, he’s never really gotten into in, in the WordPress dashboard and looked at

Josh 25:06

Lisa 25:07
In plugins and, and, you know, he doesn’t really get too much into Divi, you know, it’s just enough to kind of like maybe troubleshoot a little bit. But other than that he just focused on that. And then I just continued what what I was doing with that off my plate.

Josh 25:24
Yeah, now we’re you guys committed which by the way, that’s awesome when you talk about complementary strengths, that’s a biggie that is awesome, whether it’s a marriage and you work together, or whether it is just a business partner or team, you definitely want to surround yourself with people who are either better at you than other things, or they have the desire to do this.

Lisa 25:44
And I think that’s what makes it really work for one of the things that makes it why we’ve been married for so long. You know, I mean, we know we kind of know when to leave each other alone. And we know like, kinda that’s a whole nother you know.

Josh 25:58
I want to get to that. I’m fascinated by that. I want to get to that one. Yeah. So let’s maybe get let’s get to their here next. So the so you kind of integrate him the first few months? Does he? Has he kind of not leveled up? But does he talk to clients now? And does he have a bit of a different role? Like, did his role kind of expand as he got more used to WordPress and the tech side of things and managed WP? What did that look like? The kind of the next phase of

Lisa 26:26
The next phase was that as he was getting more familiar with the tech side of the websites, and just the managing that piece and within flywheel, we found that we were very dependent on flywheel or a lot of things

Josh 26:49
Limited, maybe limited. Yeah, really. Okay,

Lisa 26:52
We kept having to read now I’m not knocking them at all. But we kept having to reach out and like, can you adjust this this site is there’s a bug here, there’s a and it was all because of the resources not to get too technical. Because that’s this is where my breaking my limit is, but because of the resources that you’re allowed for each website on a server that we’re on, we kept having to in so we started, I asked him, could you manage your own server? And because I had been doing a little research on the side, and I said, Can you manage your own server art? Can you manage a server that we have? Yeah. And he without hesitation said, Yeah, let’s do it. So

Josh 27:40
Which I probably would never have felt comfortable to do that on your own. Right. That’s where like,

Lisa 27:45
The technical and the with the knowledge and the skills that he has, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable and I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own. Absolutely. So he said, Yeah, let’s go for it. So we went to Liquid web in, I would say February, beginning middle of February. And 2021. Yep. Yep. So not quite here. And we’ve got our own dedicated cloud server. It’s like a gated community.

Josh 28:20
That’s awesome.

Lisa 28:20
We flippin love it.

Josh 28:22

Lisa 28:22
We absolutely love it. And this is where Steve has leveled up like came really through because it was a not an easy feat, moving our clients from flywheel to liquidweb. I mean, as of Sure, and we had to let them know and let them know why. And the benefits because, you know, it’s a big move, but like,

Josh 28:50
He does he jump in? I’m sorry, Lisa, does he jump in with support or question like tech questions with clients? Or are you still the primary contact for things.

Lisa 28:59
Primary contact, there’s not a lot of technical questions or support in that respect. A lot of our clients, they don’t want any part of it, they just want to know that their site’s good like everything’s working you know, everything’s cool. Updates are done like most of our clients don’t even get into their website. So it’s great so there’s not a lot of he will often send emails in email to clients. We send a lot of emails like you know if there’s a virus coming out or we just recently just over Christmas actually Christmas Eve realize that we had this this spam this something was hitting our websites and taking them down and we have uptime robot. So see was getting all of these notifications like it’s down it’s up and then a couple hours later websites in there they were all it wasn’t just one all down all back up. It was very like What the heck?

Josh 30:01
Perfect timing that stuff always happens on like Christmas. Yeah.

Lisa 30:05
Oh, so it was over Christmas Day. And then a couple days after that he was figuring out what’s going on in to say that we manage our own server, like liquid web is great support. But you have a lot to, you know, he had to go in, and

Josh 30:26
It was a little more responsibility, and

Lisa 30:28
Exactly, but it’s so empowering at the same time, because, you know, you don’t have to worry about someone else do Yeah. And then waiting and all of that, like, you know.

Josh 30:40
Yeah, if you’re an IT guy or it gal, and you’re comfortable with that, there’s nothing worse than like waiting to hear back from support. Or if they’re like, Thank you for submitting a ticket, you are fifth in the queue. It’s like, oh, so there is a lot of benefit to that.

Lisa 30:53
And so benefit that we give our clients like we’re like, we have the means to do at a moment’s notice what you need.

Josh 31:01
What How nice for you, Lisa, that Steve was there alongside you with this, because there’s nothing worse than when you go through technical issues, and it’s all on you like to have somebody else, even just sharing the load with somebody, even if it actually doesn’t, you know, save you any actual time, there’s something about somebody else sharing the load that just, you know, frees up your head a little bit more. So that’s really cool. That’s awesome. So you guys did this point, you’ve refined your services, you’ve refined what you do with hosting, which is I know a big part of your business.

Josh 31:33
We do hit an on a hinted on it a little bit ago with, you know, the the personality aspect of this and the moods and living together. I have a lot of questions on this. Let’s just dive into it. While we’re here. You guys know each other pretty well. So you go through tech stuff, everyone has good days and bad days. How do you guys manage that? Do you know when the you know what, what buttons just hit him off? And you’re not going to touch him? For you? Like, how does that work? How does that work? Because when you’re running a business, there are stresses that come into play. And yeah, how do you it’s kind of an open ended question. But how have you found to manage that with with Steve and for him for you as well?

Just kind of knowing that we have these two pillars of the business. – Lisa

Lisa 32:10
Yeah, so it’s definitely been a ride, it’s been I mean, there’s never been a point where like, oh, wish I wouldn’t have done this, you know, or, Oh, I could do this, you know, this isn’t work, or there’s never been that. It’s been really how, and this is part of of me, kind of, I don’t wanna say giving up control. But like, just kind of knowing that we have these two pillars of the business, which is, you know, I’m more of the face, the front end, which is client and, you know, social and getting in and talking and all of that. And then you know, which they’re both so important. And so it’s been this just under really understanding what the roles that we play in the business. And so there are times when one thing that helps us slips back out, one thing that helps us is that we kind of he’s more a night owl, and I’m more a morning person.

Josh 33:13

Lisa 33:14
It really does. It’s in we’re empty nesters. We’re both in our early 50s. And we’re it’s just us and our two cats, you know, and we’re looking forward to getting a dog and we get our nice little house and we want to travel and our RV and work from everywhere. That’s what, that’s our goal.

Josh 33:35

Lisa 33:35

Josh 33:36
And on your way to Lisa, to talk numbers, but you guys over doubled your income, your revenue last year. So

Lisa 33:44
It’s all it’s all because we’ve been able to, to split up this to really know our roles and each other’s roles because I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. I mean, I spent time learning I’m diving into I’m obsessed with Pinterest right now. And I’m really marketing and blogging and getting I wouldn’t be able to do that if he wasn’t really picking up his piece. And we’ve got no spots. So it’s really respecting each other’s space. And there has been some moments where I’ve had to really open up and say look when I’m really into a design because I’ve kind of follow your with design time, like deep work time. And I found that that’s been really helpful for me is especially when I’m designing whether it be a landing page that a client needs or whether it’s a real it’s a full website project that we haven’t launched yet. So whatever it is, I need to be in it, you know, and get the feeling and be.

Josh 34:49
Well you enter that flow state when you’re when your creativity is going. Yeah, that needs to be protected. Yeah,

Lisa 34:55
So you can’t tell like I’m the witness but the door is in front Hear, okay, well, his computer is right on the other side of mine. So right. Okay,

Josh 35:07
I didn’t, I didn’t think you guys shared an office I thought he was in a different room or something, are

Lisa 35:12
We on the other side we share an office. The same of the table we’ve got like these, this, we’ve got like two folding tables pushed together with some, like, apply wood a pretty plywood on top of it with like our stuff, you know, so that because we’re in like a bedroom like a spare room. So he’s computers on the other side of mine. So I’ve got my 27 inch Mac, so I can’t see behind me, which is great. Yeah, yeah, no way that we could work side by side.

Josh 35:43
So that’s, that’s a good point. I could see that being very distracting. Yeah, side by side situation. Yeah.

Lisa 35:50
Oh, you’re how we work together. Now it might be different for another couple of other hot. And this is specifically for husband and wife. Right? Because like if I got a business partner, we’re we may come we may work during the day and then go our separate ways in the evening or something. But like, exactly 24 4 7. Like,

Josh 36:10
Yeah, right. Right. Well, and that’s where like wood you guys having made it so you you said a little bit ago, Lisa, you’re more of a morning person. He’s more of a night owl. So I imagine you’re not sitting across from each other eight hours a day work. Imagine it’s maybe a few hours. It sounds like where you’re

Lisa 36:26
where it does overlap. Like maybe he’s you know, he’s doing he’s in there. He’s checking a lot of things because like, once a month, he’ll go in we use main WP now. And, and with liquid web, and he’s had especially in the beginning, it was a like a good four month period from like, February till this past February, through February, March, April, May June through a good four months that he was just in office day and night, basically, because it was like sure, cold learning River. It was like making sure settings in PHP and all of this stuff, you know, gotcha.

Josh 37:09
So you probably hear him he is probably across view grumbling and cussing.

Lisa 37:16
He would work to the wee hours of the morning, you know, so

Josh 37:20
But I’m sure all the struggles that you face with server stuff. You’re like, Oh, I know that grant. I know that grant.

Lisa 37:26
Exactly. But that really set that platform for us to, for him to really get into this groove. And so there are days when we’re in the office for a few hours together, but we’re often you know, getting up and just taking a break or whatever. Or he does a lot of server work and updates and Main and stuff at night, where I’m already in bed. So that’s yeah, I’m an early. I’m an early bed person, usually, by 1030 or so I’m in bed.

Josh 38:02
So it’s almost like having a business partner who is in Europe or something. They’re working, you know, nighttime, you’re in bed and they’re working early in the morning or something. Yeah, so

Lisa 38:11
I get you know, I have my morning time I read and meditate and I do you know, I’m kind of just get my day started. But I get a lot done in the morning. And before he’s even ready to come sit in the office and do something. It’s like noon or one for him.

Josh 38:28
Do you do a lot of your like creative and deep work before he comes in the office, your office often?

Lisa 38:34
No, sometimes, I’ll just have to tell him just even if he does come in, it’s like just don’t, because there were times when he would, you know, come in and want to ask me something or whatever. And he’d stand next to me, this is kind of funny, but we had to work through this because he’d stand there and I’m doing and I go Yes.

Josh 38:57
Don’t bother me.

Lisa 38:58
What can you tell from? Okay, like, you know, like so we really had to establish that and now I just let him know Look, I’m gonna be into so and so’s website for a few hours. Just let me turn on my music.

Josh 39:14
You can’t do Lisa you can have like a literally a sign or something that’s like, I’m in deep work mode. Don’t talk to me, like I thought about putting well so I don’t really tell Emily. I tell her like before this I was like, Alright, I’ve got a podcast at 11 girlies you know, try to my wife’s gonna have the girls in a different part of the house. Luckily, we’re in the new build that we’re building right now. It’d be a lot easier to manage that because it’s a little more space. The girls that are my daughter’s nursery is just on the other side of this current office.

Josh 39:43
So they’re always running out there, but I told her podcast time, which means try to get to keep the girlies away for at least an hour or so. Yeah, although in your case you have somebody like in the room. I would have like a little sign or a little you know, flashing red light or something that’s like the signal on I don’t know Steve I feel about that. But what’s interesting about this Lisa is you guys are essentially dealing with what a lot of corporate professionals have to deal with. And that’s why they made cubicles, because they they’re sectioned off. That’s why a lot of open concept people I know, I’m sure some people love them concept, I don’t know if I would like it that much. Because I don’t want somebody open monitor right here, I don’t want that I kind of like having my own little in a weird way, I never thought I would enjoy a cubicle. But I would almost prefer that over just a bunch of monitors that are all open right there. So you guys are kind of

Lisa 40:32
Side by side, like I couldn’t do that, that would be too distracting. And so like this is when we, we would like our smaller house, but we do want at some point, a separate office like the she shed or the you know, the sheds that you know, redo into offices, you see him all the time. But we do want something like that, where we can have a separate space from our living, because it can get a little dicey sometimes where you know, I have to really make myself go out of the room and things. You know, but we it’s fine. We love what we do. So people go, Oh, do you take the weekends off? Not really, you know, because we just kind of take off during the week when we feel like it. You know,

Josh 41:18
What about? I want to get to that real quickly. So what I’m curious about calls, like, Is he is he on the other side of your monitor right now? Or did you tell him, I’ve got this massively popular podcast I’m going to be on with.

Lisa 41:32
For this, I shut the door. I said don’t open the door. Don’t bother me until I’m done. You know, I said you could put your ear to the door if you want I don’t care about don’t, you know, come in. So which now I’m thinking it wouldn’t have been a big deal. He could open the door and like, I’d be fine. But, um, but during like when I have client calls? You know, it doesn’t it doesn’t really bother me. It’s so natural. Now. That I mean, it may some people may if they’re on a client call, I mean, we don’t I don’t have like intense, you know, proposal sales calls like corporate IT. So it’s very down to earth low key. So he can Yeah, we were often in the same room together.

Josh 42:22
Gotcha. And I do you were hitting on, you know, how do you clock out from this? I want to talk about that. Next. I’m curious. Real quick, though. You so you have your Mac he has this computer? Do you guys have laptops? Or do you have to go in your office to work because this is a biggie, when when, when it comes to working from home and working with your spouse?

Lisa 42:39
Yeah, I have my desktop, my Mac desktop that I do 99% of my eye. So I come in here to do 99% of stuff, I do have a laptop, I don’t use it that much. Because I don’t really feel unless it’s just something that I’m kind of working on a little bit or whatever. I don’t like to sit on a couch and like work or sit somewhere else and work. You know, I will often go to a coffee shop well, not lately, but we’ll go to a coffee shop and kind of just get out. But I really enjoy my space right here. I feel really good in my space. His laptop, he has a laptop, and it’s connected, hooked up to like a TV like a monitor. So a little bit smaller monitor than mine. So that’s what he uses. Okay, neither one of us really work outside of this office at the time.

Josh 43:34
Great. That’s the reason I asked that is because with a husband and wife who work together, if you both are on your laptops constantly throughout the house, suddenly, your entire life can be business, it can be email, tech support, creativity, it’s like it can be really scattered. I mean, that’s one thing I’m actually getting a little more, I’ve got a little bit lacks over the past couple years with taking my laptop around the house and doing work elsewhere. Just because it kind of depends on what’s going on with the girls. And if they’re you know, if I’ve got them for a little while and I can bust out half an hour work while we’re all hanging out together, I might do that. I’m I’m learning though it’s better for me just to come into my office to do the work and just save it or go to a coffee shop. Because as we all know, when you’re distracted, and when you’re managing quite a few things. You could work on something for a half an hour out in the living room that would take you five minutes in your office. So yeah, me I was just kind of curious how that works for you. And I am curious, how do you guys turn it off? Because that’s got to be that’s probably the question for this podcast.

Josh 43:34
Good question because I was just thinking about it kind of tell him like things that we do to kind of get out of this, this spinny businessy it’s, there are seasons there are moments where you know, periods of time where we’re just like I said when we first switched to liquid where we were both like because I was talking to clients and you know, it was like Aha, so when we finally you I kind of got into a groove but we live in like say we live in San Antonio now and we’re very close to if anyone listening knows San Antonio, we’re on the northwest side. So Santos huge. And so we’re on the northwest side. And we’re very close to the hill country here in.

Josh 45:21
San Antonio in Texas. I actually don’t know exactly

Lisa 45:24
Deep in the heart of Texas. Okay. Look at a friend of Austin. If you if you just go Austin, San Antonio, you know, they go down to downtown, it’s about an hour, but Austin’s like an hour and a half from us. So because we’re way on the west side of San Antonio.

Josh 45:41

Lisa 45:42
Yeah, we’re near SeaWorld,

Josh 45:46
Bet you guys have some really good tacos there.

Lisa 45:48
We do. Do good. We have to do you know limiters there’s everywhere you turn there’s somewhere to eat. So anyway, so we live so if you go if you’re looking at San Antonio on a map or the northwest side, and if you go up to the northwest more, there’s more of a hill country up Bernie is the Cowboy Capital of the World, I think they say but it’s very we are the reason why I say that we often will take off for a couple hours, just go for a drive. Because we can go out, you know, within, you know, a 50 mile you know, one way and kind of go all driving and it feels like you’re in a whole different part of this. You don’t feel so close to San Antonio, that’s awesome to just go out for a drive.

Josh 46:38
And you do that during the day like.

Lisa 46:42
So hey, what you know, or what do you like, like today’s Tuesday, we might go well, what do we have going on tomorrow? Do you have any calls tomorrow? Do you got any? You know, are you anything really major going on? No. Let’s go for a drive so like that’s why we don’t necessarily take weekends off per se. Yeah.

Josh 46:59
So it’s different because your guys’s you know, you’re working it sounds like a little more on the mornings and throughout the afternoon and then he’s marking more I’d assume maybe afternoon evenings there’s some overlap but I’m sure you guys are kind of doing those work segments right, it’s not an eight hour day segment here segment here

Lisa 47:19
now and we take our time in the evening to this as part of the turnoff time I’m out of here unless I’m really working late unless I really have to. I’m out of here by 536 o’clock out of my like I turned my computer I put it to sleep which I want to be more in the habit of turning it off because I tend to put it to sleep because I have so many tabs and windows and things like oh I don’t

Josh 47:47
I am not an expert on this so I want to be a little bit dis full disclaimer but I think it’s harder on a computer to actually shut it off every night I’ve heard it’s actually better to go to sleep so it might be worth checking out and if anyone knows leave a comment on this podcast episode because I would like to know for sure when the research I’ve done because I used to do that and then I actually have heard it’s like when you’re booting up from you know from a shut off mode it’s harder on a computer rather than just letting it go to sleep and then shutting off like once every couple weeks or a few weeks so

Lisa 48:22
Yeah that’s pretty much what I what I do like if we go out of town for some reason you go away for a few days I will shut it down completely but yeah, so I’m out and we we watch we like our like animal shows who I just do shows we watch animal veterinary shows where Dr. Pimple Popper fan like so we watch some reality TV I call reality TV, but we’re not like the bachelor reality.

Josh 48:52
Shows that you’re watching hanging out in between,

Lisa 48:54
Like what Samsonite last Irwin’s you know the crack the Erwins, from from down under. And so, like, we watched those kinds of things. And so we’ll watch a show in the evening time, and then I’m winding down. And oftentimes, he’ll be coming back in the office to do if it’s update time, or if there’s something going on, and you already needs to adjust something on the server or whatever. So that’s when he’s coming in to do that.

Josh 49:21
Now, I’m curious, Lisa, how do you go from and I know this is it’s enter, you guys have a work life integration. How do you go from coworker and business partner to husband? Like, do you do you guys talk about business when you go on dates? And when you do these trips? Do you guys talk business at all? Or do you try to make it kind of clear like let’s just no business talk like do you set boundaries like that?

Lisa 49:46
We do for the most part one we like we really enjoy going on a drive and sometimes we’ll see a new little place or we’ll drive by we’ll take there’s all these little side roads and we’ll drive down a I say side roads, but they’re like country roads, but they’re in their, its land and houses. Because that’s, so we often will talk about our future in what we what we’re striving for, like, oh, we’d love to live there, that house is cute, or I wonder how much that land is or that we see on drives. And so that’s really the only we don’t get into the nitty gritty of business. And that’s unless that’s specifically what we’re leaving for. Because sometimes we do want to talk about things, but outside of the office, because we’re in here so much. So we’ll go to a coffee shop, or we’ll go, you know, on our drives, and maybe we’ll just find a park and we’ll just sit there something and we’ll chat about stuff. But we, we are very good about turning it off. And especially evening times, I don’t check my email when we’re watching things and, or at nighttime, really. I’m not checking my emails, or I’m not talking work stuff. And neither is he. So

Josh 50:58
That’s cool. Yeah. And he just said, I think sometimes those drives and getting out of your office and out of your house, that’s where some of the best vision type of ideas can come into play is because you’re out of your element. You’re personally I don’t like to write in this office. I don’t generally like I do. Creative work in here as far as design and a lot of like, you know, interviews and editing and graphics and stuff. But if I’m writing, I like to get out, I like to go to a coffee shop or something. So that’s definitely and when it comes to like vision and thinking about your business, I feel like your own office is the worst place to do that. It’s always on a walk or a drive or something where the best ideas come from,

Lisa 51:37
We went to after. Oh my gosh, Chris is training in the group. Why can’t I think was last name.

Josh 51:44
Chris Badgett and lifterLMS.

Lisa 51:47
After that. And then about the business planning and the you know, and we took a I took a lot of that. And we actually sat down last week, we went to breakfast. And we started just kind of laying out. And this is something as business owners for us that is new territory. So like we’re really this year is it is a goal for both of us to almost say business minded in that sense. But thinking of this more as I don’t even want to say thinking of it more as a business because we already do but kind of having a pathway or just kind of a more of an extended vision and just stead of just spinning the wheels and churning along.

Josh 52:33
From what I’ve seen. And obviously with you being this is why I love having the coaching community, the web design club because I get to chat with everyone on the regular. I’ve seen you I’ve seen you go from working in the business to working on the business. And I think 2021 Was your year to work on the business bring Steven get all your systems in place. Now, you’re gonna like run and grow the business, which is really exciting. I’ve seen that transition. And you Lisa, which is really cool. You’re like, you’re becoming the business owner. And now I mean, like I said earlier, you guys over doubled your income from the previous year. And I know we talked about your goal of doubling again,

Lisa 53:11
We’re gonna keep on doubling,

Keep on doubling so now is your chance to focus and now that you’ve got a lot of this stuff in place, now you can really grow and expand. – Josh

Josh 53:13
Keep on doubling so now is your chance to focus and now that you’ve got a lot of this stuff in place, now you can really grow and expand. You’ve gone through a lot of trainings, you’ve gone through a lot of my courses, you’ve gone through a lot of growth with bringing Steve in and then the you know the service stuff you guys have refined your services. We haven’t even talked about your brand other than the name which is so cool actually feature. I think you know, I think I told you I feature you in the new maintenance plan course because your guys’s brand is a lot around coffee and your maintenance plans are tiered like latte cappuccino.

Lisa 53:47
So expresso

Josh 53:48
Yeah, the top ones I love that you guys have such a cool brand. So now it’s time to go. Like you’ve got the place and stuff now. Now you’re you’re you’re going for it now. Is Steve essentially full time or is it more of a or do you guys even really look at it as like part time?

Lisa 54:05
Yeah, we don’t really look at full time like yeah, this is what we both do. For building our vision building this business and I just bought earlier this morning. I was like okay, let me get into this Josh groove here. And I listened to your podcast this morning with Troy Dean.

Josh 54:23
Oh man, wasn’t that good? Oh my gosh, she was fabulous. I was like, Oh my gosh, if anyone has not gone back and listened to Episode 159 with Troy Dean, every question I had for him was followed by like a gold snippet. Oh, yeah.

Lisa 54:38
Huge. Yeah, it was it was your most recent one. It was just

Josh 54:42
Yeah at the time at the time of recording this it just released so I think this one will probably come out sometime in February of 2022. So yeah, yeah, this

Lisa 54:50
Was the third January 3. Yeah, this was your first one of the new year because you were like kicking off the new year with a released podcast. So anyways, yeah. And I listen to that or just just this morning. And but it was even a shift for me now because it’s been I’ve always said, We don’t want to be an agency, we don’t want to grow to have other team members, other people were working with us. So however, with that being said, I can see us having I do want, this year, I do want some help for myself with pumping out helping me put out content, I write the content, helping me schedule helping me. And that’s a schedule is a Pinterest thing, but to really to help me more. And I can see us bringing in somebody specifically for a project here and there.

Lisa 55:47
But that’s the way we want to be, you know, 100 200 300 clients, right? We want a nice group of clients, clientele, clients, I say clients, but they’re like our family. And that’s what I try to get across on our website, and that our messaging and everything is like you’re a family, when you come in and work with, you know, when we help you and we’re doing this together.

Josh 56:15
So you position yourself to be like that to just simply with your hosting, and with your server setup, because it’s like you guys handle everything for them. So it’s much more than like, Yeah, we’re gonna build your website and you know, you can choose a GoDaddy plan and hope hope things go well like you guys are your control your your, you know, I know you give them access, but you are helping them through and through month muscle. That’s great. Like, that’s what’s so cool about this. And let’s just be honest with this, Lisa, there is a lot of power and a husband and wife duo for a business. Like that’s really cool a lot. I don’t know if you thought about this, but a lot of small business owners love to support any sort of spouse teams, like that’s just really cool when they get it.

Lisa 56:56
So we’d say like, we’re like a mom and pop but we’re not gonna go huge on you and forget about you. You know, like that’s so that’s the kind of feel and the vibe that we

Josh 57:08
The mom and pop web design agency. Oh, see now where am I have to talk about rebranding? Because that is really cool. You know, something I would do? Can I put my coaching shoes on? Give you a suggestion. All right, they’re laced up. Here we go. So you’ve got your about page that has some picture of you and Steve and there’s a WIA section, I personally would really advertise that that might be something I recommend you think about implementing and q1 here for this year is to maybe even on the front page, just have a little snippet. That’s the very clear husband and wife team here. Like you know, we have an extended network and expanded network. But we are here to you know, Lisa, is your primary contact Steve does the the scary, you know, development stuff. We work together to bring your business life, whatever you want to say. But I would really highlight that because that is that is cool. I don’t know.

Lisa 58:02
You know me better than you think I do. And I think you do and you’ve got this nail on the head. Because we’re doing our first ever branding shoot a week we’ve got the date set. Hopefully the weather cooperates with us because it’s begin a little chilly, but it’s boat, we’re both both of us. We’re doing a branding shoot for us coffee shop there, relax the whole bit. So awesome. You will see that that’s so crazy that you said that because that’s our that’s our goal. I want to get us both on there. Steve’s always said the one picture that we have on our about page right now together is like we’re at like this coffee shop.

Lisa 58:44
Ironically, a couple years, two or three years ago for our anniversary, we went and stayed in Airbnb and we were in this little coffee shop Coffee Tea kind of girl shop. And that’s that picture so it’s just like you know and then it’s just me and a couple other my mom and I do I really want to elaborate a little bit more on our on the story there. Yeah, because she’s you know, been a catalyst for a lot of this in pointed has pointed me in this direction. And both of us as is you know, I get a little woowoo she made the car hit the hit Steve so that we would make this go and make this decision already, you know, this kind of thing. So I want to highlight that stuff. So I’m looking forward to the shoe. And you know, I’ve not had professional photography like that we both and so we’re looking forward to it.

Josh 59:38
I can’t wait to see those. Yeah, definitely. So yeah, I didn’t even need to say because you’re already on I should have assumed Lisa.

Lisa 59:45
Confirmation. I’m glad he did. Yes. We are mom and pop and we want to stay that way. Do we? You know, are we reaching six figures you know, and a little beyond? Yeah, but we’re not reaching for a million, you know, and there’s nothing wrong with that. laying,

Josh 1:00:00
Right, right. And that’s the episode you just reference with Troy Dean, I thought for sure that he was going to talk about Leah, let’s get all your people making seven figures. But he straight up said like, you have to decide whether it’s right for you to scale. And the beauty about web design now is like you guys are doing. You refine your services, refine what you do in house and then you can create the business you want to create. Like, if you guys know what you need to have a comfortable living with what your goals are with having you know, your your I think your little home right is what you would call it. What?

Lisa 1:00:31
A tiny home. Tiny Yeah, it’s

Josh 1:00:34
Like, yeah, it’s a small, maybe smaller home. It’s not the tiny, tiny, but it’s the smaller Yeah. So you want that you figure out how much you’re going to need to support that support some travel, support your lifestyle, if you guys want to give or whatever you want to do, you know, like who you want to support. And then there’s your there’s your bottom in there. That’s what you need to hit. And now you figure Okay, how much profit do we want to have in the business, we want to do any sort of hiring elsewhere to bring some people to help out? Do you want to have more room for ads or anything like that, and you can figure out your marketing efforts. And there you go. That’s, that’s the basis of the business plan, which I know you guys are doing. So it’s awesome.

Lisa 1:01:09
It’s just so it’s just been a godsend, it’s just been a saving, grabbing, I’ve met so many great people that, you know, we talk outside of, you know, just on our own, and so it’s just so amazing. And just the support, like the people that you know, that you can count on. For that little bit of support, I need help with this little piece or something. And it’s not like you’ve got to go out and search and hire somebody that you don’t know, for help.

Josh 1:01:37
Or asking a Facebook group of 24,000 people are like, what am I gonna get here?

Lisa 1:01:43
I don’t know in Facebook much anymore. But yeah, so. So yeah, it’s but it’s really settling into being comfortable with it. And we both have this this vision. And it’s, it’s really right in this navigating this, how we’re going to best support each other to get there. And I’m encouraging Steve to write more for our blog on the technical piece, because that’s a piece that it we want to educate. We want to help you know, you make the decision whether if you read something about hosting or something your email and hosting, you know, keep them separate, just something whatever. If you’re reading something about that you don’t choose us, that’s fine. But if it helps you to grow your business then Okay, great.

Josh 1:02:32
Now, what have you seen in Steve, what what changes? Have you seen in him since he joined the business and now he’s integrated in this with you?

Lisa 1:02:41
More, say more confidence. That’s the first thing that came to mind more confidence in not what he knows, like, not the technical what but just being able to, to see it through and more confidence in himself that yeah, we you know, I’ve got this. And yeah, I’ve got my use, because I in the beginning was specially when we switched to after we were all said and done with liquidweb. I was, you know, so probably four or five months ago, I was like, when exactly do you do updates? You know, when exactly are you managing that? What wasn’t? Are you doing like because, you know, there was no like, every Wednesday I’m doing this. He’s like, I have my schedule in every Wednesday. I’m not because updates aren’t they kind of come in waves. And you know, you’re updating plugins, and we’re pressing and the theme, and when you’re managing stuff, you got to kind of do it when there’s a need. And so I mean, he explained it all, but it’s more confidence in doing what he’s doing. And it’s it’s given me confidence to go forth and do what I can do.

Josh 1:03:50
Yeah, oh, I look, let’s just be honest, they say you guys could not have doubled your income and 2021 Had you not been freed up to do what you do and to learn and to grow and to expand your network?

Lisa 1:04:03
Right, yeah, I’ve been able to spend some more time learning and just focusing on the particular aspect of what I want to help because in and helping clients and not just learning myself, but the clients that we already have, helping them and serving them more. Yeah, so that’s been a big, big piece for me, too.

Josh 1:04:27
So you guys have such a cool story. Like, I don’t think you know how cool this is. I mean, I’m sure you recognize that it’s pretty cool. But it is really cool. I mean, before we went live, we were talking I know there’s a couple other folks in the club, who if their spouse isn’t working full time with them like you guys are, they’re somewhat integrated in the business. Obviously, our good dev friend Christian who’s been on the podcast, his wife is not in the business, but they actually do work beside each other, which is kind of interesting because he’s on a remote position. So we’ve heard her in the background and some of his chats which is classic. She’s got Her Brazilian accent and stuff.

Josh 1:05:01
But I say that to say there’s all these different, you know, avenues for working with your spouse or your significant other, and you can really make it what you want, which you guys have done. I’m seeing Lisa, I’m kind of half joking when I say this, because you guys could do like a promo piece for a local newspaper or local, you know, video, I don’t know, TV station or something. Once you get your new pictures, that’s like, a couple and early 50s. You know, start web design business together and travel and you know, I don’t know, that could be really cool. Like, it could be a really cool feature piece. To see how you guys work together and what you’ve done. I think it’s awesome.

Lisa 1:05:38
That sounds wow, that’s really cool. Thank you very much for that, because sometimes we don’t see what’s right in front of us, you know,

Josh 1:05:46
How many how many married couples in their early 50s go into business together and then start planning their new life of traveling and smaller home, whatever they want to do. You know, that’s, that’s not very common. I mean, that’s more like you get, you know, you retire at 67, or whatever it is. And then yeah, you

Lisa 1:06:02
You know, I mean, we plan to do I mean, there’s no like, No, we’re gonna do this for 10 more years. And then cidara. Like, no, you know, I mean, there’s no chant. We’re just, we love what I mean, it may shift. I mean, it’s, I mean, in the three years, almost three years, we haven’t really shifted a lot this year, the year, like, as far as what we serve, you know, we’re more we’re just web design and marketing, in the health and wellness space. Yeah. And I say marketing, because with our clients only, we have some additional services that that I really help them with. And so, yeah, but yourself doing it for for a while,

Josh 1:06:47
For the long haul. Yeah, that’s the big thing, too. I know, you guys aren’t creating a business to sell in five years and hope that, you know, carries you ever to retirement, it’s like, you got what you’re doing right now, which is really cool. As you’re laying the foundation for something to build for years, maybe decades. And then in 10 years, if you want to scale things down, or just focus on the clients you have or just refine your services to where it’s a very more easygoing and chill type of, you know, small team, that’s what you can do. You can I mean, I’m excited for release it because now it’s like, the sky is the limit with how whatever you want to do, you can make this thing as complex or as simple as you want. And I know your area.

Josh 1:07:26
I think most people listening to this podcast, err on the side of a balanced, non hustle style. Yeah, we’re and there are seasons I whenever I talk about not hustling, I’m, I don’t mean like every day is just a chill entrepreneur day, there are days and there are seasons where you’re working really hard, like you guys did, when you switch to liquid web, you have some oopsie days on Christmas Eve, I have times where I’m like, heavy into building a course and I’m working a lot. But then there are like, December was a super soft month for me to where I was working maybe 20 hours a week at most. So, you know, you can kind of craft what you want to do moving forward, which is super exciting.

Lisa 1:08:05
Yeah, it’s so put some of that, I mean, for me, because I’m more I’m in the business, I’m more talking to clients reaching out emailing and things, you know, we have gotten back into I have a little bit more of email marketing, and, you know, just kind of really niching down and just just that kind of thing. And so I have some of that in place where I try to do certain things on certain days. And I do have some, like, I don’t take client calls on Monday and Friday. So

Josh 1:08:36

Lisa 1:08:37
Those kind of things. And they know that, you know, they may I may email them back on the weekend. But I may not, you know, it just they know that if they email at certain times that you don’t ask me something or whatever, that I may or may not, it just depends on what I’m doing. So I don’t have a hard and fast cut off times and things like that. So

Josh 1:08:59
I’m going to ask when it comes to sales and calls and stuff did you bring Steve on for any of that, like are there any times where he needs to be included or visible you?

Lisa 1:09:08
We do have in the process now about this whole 2021 getting everything set, we do have that when a when I do bring out a client I’m Ahmed I’m doing all the beginning things there is a we use notion that’s a whole nother topic, but it’s a for our share like to dues and things like that tasks. And I do put in there like send so and so an introductory email, gosh, oh, he sends an email introduce what he does and just you know, so they know I mean they know and talking to me. Yeah, what he does,

Josh 1:09:42
But they know Steve’s there, which again is the whole the spouse thing is just really cool because they know Lisa’s primary contact but Steve’s there too. And that is so powerful for clients to support a husband and wife team like even when I just had Emily doing just basics In sending reports, she would sign off with her name. And people would know like, oh, this report came from Josh’s wife who’s helping out with the business as well, it just adds a different dynamic, which is, I think that breeds more loyalty, it instills a little more trust, because now there are two people who are husband and wife together in this. So there’s a lot of really cool things about this, I just yeah.

Lisa 1:10:19
Really cool because they know that if they can, if they email me, or I don’t really get any text at all very few times, you know, unless it’s like a legit emergency, like, you know, texting me something, but they know that if they reach out to me, and that it’ll get to Steve, if it needs to, or they’ll just email both of us, they’ll just, you know, both of us will be on the email and so Hey, Lisa, Steve, whichever one of you wants to, you know, can do this or whatever. So it really is a nice, a nice mesh relationship with our clients. Yeah, yeah. And we ultimately want to we have a daughter, she’ll be 25 in a couple of weeks. And we we want to have like land in our house and that to leave her and that’s part of our part of our pusher our driver is that we we want something that that she can grab ahold of you know, and

Josh 1:11:22
That’s see now we’re getting into some really cool territory with like thinking about goals as a family and with Steve in the business that like he understands probably like what you guys need to do he may be more understanding of your like creative time and your deep work segments and you know, there’s times where you’re hustling but he wants to hang out he probably recognizes Well, if she’s in there burning the midnight oil right now there’s a reason for it. So that’s what’s really cool.

Lisa 1:11:48
Yeah, with him he is very understanding of if I because there are I would say more times that I need or I don’t need like I’m into something then I don’t say more times, but it’s just different and he is very understanding on you know, I need this time like he said, you know, if I’m mid burning the midnight oil, there are some times where I’m in here till 10 or 11. And he’ll go or come in here. Are you okay? Like he said, Yes, I’m just I’m so obsessed with this right now. Like this whole Pinterest marketing thing is just got me just like this is our ticket because I’m an introvert. Like, I just it’s a search engine and I’m like SEO Google Pinterest,

Josh 1:12:34
You guys aren’t doing any, like networking together anything like that?

Lisa 1:12:38
No, we don’t really have a local presence. And that is something that I’m I’m interested in maybe reaching out to some health and wellness, more brick and mortar locally.

Josh 1:12:49
But I would I would definitely do that.

Lisa 1:12:52
So huge. Maybe the the branding shoot of course is the is a young lady that is here in San Antonio that we met on Instagram. So that was really cool. But um, yeah, so there’s a lot of lot of paths we can kind of take and go but we’re very understanding of each other’s time. And, and also reminding each other that we need to take some time away to

Josh 1:13:21
Right, I was the I was wondering about that, you know, particularly with with this kind of setup, it probably is really difficult to take a full week off or go on vacation or

Lisa 1:13:31
It is and like we went away for our anniversary and we went away on Thanksgiving week for a few days, we had a voucher to a casino that we were able to go there for literally gas money and stay in Oklahoma. So it was really cool. It was just a fun trip. But we went away for our anniversary. And of course I let clients know and you know, they know that we’re going but even though I’m not on and doing any design work, they know that we have their back with their web like Steve is still getting alerts if your website goes down, like yeah, go just kind of checks everything out. So some people may say, Well, that’s not really time away. And I go well, it is for us, because we enjoy it.

Josh 1:14:12
Yeah. And also that I think a lot of people who aren’t in this world or who are maybe in a nine to five corporate position that they just hate. It’s like they that week off is the best week of the year and I love vacation. But we have crafted you and I and our different businesses have crafted of life that we don’t I feel like need a total break from which is awesome. Like, sometimes I over Christmas break. I was like itching to get back. I was like okay, I love my babies. I’m a I love being a dad, but I also love doing this kind of stuff. And it doesn’t stress me out, dad. I mean there are stressful things every once in a while, but you know you guys are in that process right now where you’re refining and creating a life that you don’t need a huge break from which is awesome.

Lisa 1:14:56
Right and there we go maybe a day where we might have a backup day Hey, can you get it? Can you manage our server and sites while we’re gone for a few days, there may be a time, you know, for that they we can kind of, you know, get somebody to, to help us like that in those times. But yeah, for the most part, it’s, it’s really keep keeping each other in check as far as making sure that we have our together husband, wife time, and then knowing and understanding and respecting that time where maybe I have to be in this or he has to be in the, you know, something. So,

Josh 1:15:37
I had to ask about this before wrap this up here. So I meant to ask this earlier, we both talked about two of our clients who had passed away. Hey, I don’t want to end off on this. Nobody means but I mean, the question, then the question becomes, okay, if it’s a husband and wife duo, you guys are in a car together and something happens, what happens to the business weapons to the clients? Are you guys working through any sort of like, you know, worst case scenario kind of thing, if something like that happens, have you ever thought about.

Lisa 1:16:04
That, really, that events pretty much set us and what I had, what not what I had to what I wanted to and what I got to help the family with, during that time made us really think about our own and who has access to things, I mean, you when you really sit down and think how many passwords you have, and how many tools that you use and how many things it’s like holy crap, if somebody so um, you know, thankfully, you know, our daughter can can manage, do a lot of that techie savvy can do a lot of it, but we don’t have someone but it really made us think because this particular client was very well known in the hypnosis space, and had a lot of things.

Lisa 1:16:52
But I had access to 90% of the things that she had going on as far as that we needed to wrap up and tie up and then cancel and move. And I was really able to, and I was so grateful that they didn’t have because they didn’t have any of it. So I was just like, wow, you know, this is really important. So we are thinking about how we can condense things together and do that because it is it is something to think about, but especially their login, they have their wordpress login, it is worth, you know, giving it to them, again, making sure that they have everything that they need. But and they know who were hosted, you know who where our server is, and that they can you know, so they have that particular access already. So yeah,

Josh 1:17:44
Gotcha. Yeah, I just bring that up. Because it’s important in all businesses, even with my personal brand, especially with a spouse kind of arrangement that is something to definitely have in place. I mean, and it can be as simple as a, you know, some sort of protected Google Doc or something that just has all the main passwords and a spreadsheet with all the logins, the main tools, and then you can use LastPass, or was it one password or one password, one password? Yeah. So you could use that to keep track of all your client logins. And that way, God forbid something happened.

Lisa 1:18:15
Someone somebody workspace, you have my Google workspace, you know, and that pretty much gives you access to all kinds of things. So, yeah,

Josh 1:18:23
yeah, yeah.

Lisa 1:18:25
Yeah, something to think about, like, we really enjoy, just to kind of right away, we just enjoy working together. And, you know, there’s some bumps in there some, you know, nuances that you just, you just work through, and, and I guess you know what I think though, I guess if I could say anything about our working relationship is it stems from our marriage. I mean, if you’ve got, you know, if you got shit going on your marriage, you’re probably not gonna be able to be as successful or work as well together. So, like, I they both work together, and, you know, we, we’re not all, you know, everything’s not all peachy and espresso coffee. You know,

Josh 1:19:11
That’s a big thing. Like if you’re in a big marital fight, and then, you know, some some people get to go to the office, and they can worry about that when they go home at six. But when you’re integrated and work from home, it’s like, he’s right there, you’re right there there. I’m sure there has to be their level of like, we got to turn this off. We can go back to this later. We got to turn this off now.

Lisa 1:19:30
Or it’s like, okay, let’s just go for a drive. Let’s just figure this out if that time is available, so whatever, but yeah, you just gotta you just work work through it. And so it’s the personal it’s the business and, and making that all work. It’s a beautiful thing, though. Like we truly, truly enjoy and it’s what we had really thought about years ago, but we didn’t just didn’t know how it would work that we didn’t know how it’s gonna Come Together we, you know, years ago, so

Josh 1:20:04
Well have one final question for you, Lisa. Where would you like everyone to go to check it out though? Do you want everyone listen to just check out the website? Or is there a

Lisa 1:20:11
Website Jolie design? solutions.com? Yeah, it’s, it’s gone through a lot of iterations. But finally now is it’s good. I mean, there’s minor little tweaks and things that I make to it, because I, you know, I’m just finding that sweet spot. But

Josh 1:20:28
Yeah, web designers website is never done. A website is never done. And definitely a

Lisa 1:20:33
Website is never done right. Redesign in a client’s now because she shifted and so we’re like, re doing things. But anyways, yeah, that’s in. Yeah, just everything is there. We have a menu of services that

Josh 1:20:50
So and obviously everyone in my main is planning course, you’ll see Lisa’s maintenance plan care page. Yes.

Lisa 1:20:59
That’s the only course one of the only courses that I haven’t taken of yours, because

Josh 1:21:04
I thought you were in that one. No kidding. No, at the time, I already have

Lisa 1:21:09
it set like it just hasn’t worked. Like in the, in the trajectory of the business. Like it just hasn’t been a player. And so yeah, so I haven’t seen our little

Josh 1:21:21
Well, I see in particular probably love the update. stuff, you know, the update kind of stuff I go through and, and all that stuff. I mean, you guys have a great hold on your plan. But definitely would love to help you guys even more events at any point this year.

Lisa 1:21:37
I’m sure there’s little nuggets in there that that we haven’t thought about.

Josh 1:21:42
There’s chicken thighs in there. There’s a brand if I had a website brand, it would be based around chicken wings, probably. I would have like, you know, wing fi or something on there.

Lisa 1:21:55
Yeah, I really, I really enjoy our, our site and what we’re doing where we’re putting more on the blog, and we’re going to add, I reached out to one of our club members, Adela and she’s gonna do a guest post for us on digital strategy. And so we’re just I’m just kind of like reaching out that way. And Steve’s gonna write more. So yeah, it’s, it’s, well,

Josh 1:22:23
It’s at least it’s been really awesome getting to know you better and seeing your journey progress even just in the time since you were a founding member of the club just over a year now. So to see what you guys are up to is awesome. And I can’t wait for to see what you guys do in 2022. There’s the rhyme for the day. My last question for you is where do you see yourself at the end of 2022? As far as your Do you think you’ll have your your home by then?

Lisa 1:22:52
Our home, whether it’s on land, or we may be in an RV in an RV park temporarily like an RV park where you can stay length a long term, you know, yeah, we may just decide to do a larger RV, park it and live in that for a while. But we’ll be we’ll be in something. By the end of the year.

Josh 1:23:16
Let’s make it clear. At least this dream is not a trailer park. No, no RV park. Lisa, yeah.

Lisa 1:23:24
It’s our own RV and you know, one that may need a little sprucing up because we do but yeah,

Josh 1:23:33
Like, well Suzanne, who was in the club for a while she is a remote traveler and her little sprinter. There’s David Blackman of Divi space. He is a big RV guy and Cory his partner RV guys and just like you know, travel and

Lisa 1:23:46
Going places to see here in the US. A lot of places we have seen but we haven’t been to the northwest and, you know, the Northwest or northeast, really we haven’t been to so like we really want to just travel and have our space. So we’ll have something by the end of this year and just some you know, really comfortable clients space and helping helping you know, our smaller to medium businesses and helping them grow. You know, they.

Josh 1:24:17
Love that.

Lisa 1:24:17

Josh 1:24:18
super awesome. Lisa. Well, if you come to the Columbus Coffee on me for both of you guys.

Lisa 1:24:22
Absolutely. One of the first place we have a we have a real great client lives up in Wisconsin and Door County. North Greenbay never like well, you won’t see me during these months, but I’ll come right.

Josh 1:24:35
Yeah. Yeah. So you come to Columbus now we don’t have any snow right now. But Thompson that’s all different.

Lisa 1:24:42
Michigan born and bred, so I know. Yeah.

Josh 1:24:45
You know, yeah.

Lisa 1:24:47
Yeah, I just thank you so much for everything. And this is this has been on my bucket list, honestly, is to and I just threw it out there in a casual email like a month or so ago and you’re like, Hey, have Wait a second. But yeah, so I just appreciate the time and the effort and the generosity you have in the club and just you and I just I love it.

Josh 1:25:10
So thank you, Lisa. I really appreciate that. And yeah, when you mentioned, I forget how you phrased it just that you API we ever wanted to talk about, you know, your guyses set up as a spouse business. I was like, Absolutely. I would love to chat about that. You really haven’t on the podcast at this point. So yeah, thank you for sharing insight on it. It was great. Yeah, a lot of great stuff in there about you know, how to tell it, manage your your workflows and integrate a spouse in and then figuring out those tasks, figuring out those roles, work life balance, getting out of the house, butter in the same room, how you position your office is really interesting, how you how you get through those, you know, seasons, you know, things are going well in the marriage, and maybe you’re in a fight and you got to just, you know, put that on oversight. There’s a lot of interesting stuff.

Lisa 1:25:56
Yeah, and I’m really happy to talk to people to or even to glean some insight on their situation like first anyone, you know, just contact me through the website, guys, you know, and

Josh 1:26:09
There’s a call to action for everybody. If you are interested in having a spouse arrangement your business hit up, Lisa, and you go Joey design solutions.com And

Lisa 1:26:21
My emails Lisa at chill. It’s not that and so you just even an email, but yeah, I look at where people that that are doing what we’re doing. So yeah,

Josh 1:26:31
Well, there’s your to mean.

Lisa 1:26:34
But like, it’s not you don’t hear it. Like we’re really literally just starting here. And we’re

Josh 1:26:39
Well, I could see you you even in particular almost having like your own little circle community of, you know, spouse, business workers together. So that can be pretty cool. I know. You have a lot of passion for that. So

Lisa 1:26:53
I’m open. So like, Awesome. Cool. Maybe Cool. Thanks. Yeah. I was ecstatic because this is really fun.

Josh 1:27:02
Well, we’re doing our the club q&a here in a couple hours.

Lisa 1:27:06
Yes, I’ll be around for that one. Yeah. Okay. Well, I’m

Josh 1:27:08
I bring you on, we can chat about this. So thanks for joining me.

Lisa 1:27:12
I’m still I’m sorry. Together.

Josh 1:27:14
Yeah, I’ll bring I’ll bring you on for a hot seat in the club while you’re here. Oh, justice. Lisa, thank you for your time on this and what I’ll see in a couple hours.

Lisa 1:27:23
Awesome. Yeah. Thanks, Josh.


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