As I was reflecting on 2021, I realized that I nearly doubled my student base, from just over 700 to now almost 1,200 students, in just one year.

While there are a lot of factors to this, I’ve realized that there are 3 main things that have contributed to this growth.

  1. Warming potential customers up
  2. Creating an amazing first impression
  3. Keeping them engaged and wanting more

In this episode, I’ll share exactly what I do in these 3 steps and I’m issuing a challenge for you to implement the same 3 tactics in your business to get more clients and keep them coming back.

You can take what’s worked for me, adjust it to your business and apply it to your business immediately to help you grow both client base, revenue, profit and stability!

P.S. You can download the challenge blueprint at the post to print off and fill in your plan.

In this episode:

00:00 – Introduction
02:46 – Phase 1 – Warm them up
04:10 – How to bring the value
08:07 – Do what works
09:14 – Phase 2 – First impressions
10:40 – Create likability
14:53 – Thorough follow up
18:07 – Phase 3 – Engaging
18:58 – Remember the Platinum rule
19:20 – A domino effect
22:19 – A tool for you from Josh
23:00 – Ideas to try
28:43 – Separating yourself out

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Episode #166 Full Transcription

Josh 0:14
Hello, friends, welcome in to Episode 166. And this one is just me with you, I want to do something a little bit different. In this episode, we’re going to talk about some practical ways on how to get clients but more importantly, keep them. But I want to take this a step further, I don’t want to just have you leave inspired and thinking about this, I actually want to challenge you to apply this and actually implement this into your business right now. And this all started recently I was I was kind of looking back for and reflecting on last year in 2021. And I realized something interesting. And that was that I have nearly doubled the amount of students who have gone through my courses just in one year,

Josh 0:58
It wasn’t quite 100% increase, but it was I think it’s about 80% or so I essentially went from just over 700 students to almost 1200 right now at the time of recording this. And I realized it really all boils down to three main things that I’ve done in three separate phases. And this is what I want to issue to you as a challenge to apply to your business. Those three phases before we dive into them, are phase one, warming them up. Phase two, giving them an amazing first impression. And then phase three, keeping them engaged and wanting more. Those are the three phases that I want to issue and challenge to you for your clients again, on how to warm them up, how to make an amazing impression and experience, and then how to keep them engaged and how to keep them coming back for more.

Josh 1:49
So what I want to do here is I’m going to take you through these three phases on the actual practical things that I’ve done in my business to make this happen and to help almost double my student base. And then what we’re going to do after that is we’re going to go through these and talk through how you can do this for your business. So I’m going to share what I’ve done in these three phases. And as I do that, I want you to think about, you know, hopefully that triggers some ideas and inspiration, and then we’re going to turn it over to you. And I want you to think about this.

Josh 2:17
Now, even if you are driving in a car right now or mowing the lawn or taking a walk or whatever and you don’t you’re not in front of your computer, that’s okay, you can come back this episode. And you can just look at the the the Episode notes, it’s going to be at Josh 166. And then you can actually sit down and kind of write this out and maybe jot down some ideas. But let’s dive into phase one, before somebody is, in my case, a student or in your case, a customer or client, you’ve got to warm them up.

Phase 1 – Warm Them Up

Josh 2:46
So phase one is how are you going to warm them up? How are you going to build some trust authority and likability for folks who are not quite your clients yet, but maybe they’re close, maybe they’re a hot lead. Maybe in your case, it’s a referral from when this was a big one for me was I wanted to try to get warm leads and referrals, which is why I never did any cold calling or cold type of outbound marketing, it was all organic base and referrals. So you want to try to warm them up.

Josh 3:13
But we’re gonna take it a step further. And that is to offer some value it really in order to warm somebody up to purchase from you. You’ve got to give some value especially now we are in a knowledge based economy that the old sales tactics from decades ago just do not apply nowadays, it there’s nothing fancy about sales. Luckily, I actually love that. I love that about sales. Because now if you can out educate and out help and out serve your competition, your direct competition, you’re gonna stand out and you don’t need to be an expert.

Josh 3:46
I’ve heard it recently on the podcast when I had Troy Dean on if you haven’t listened to episode, I highly recommend going back I think it was 159 on that one, where he said you don’t need to be the best web designer period, you just need to be the best web designer in your clients sphere. And it was awesome. And it applies to how you’re going to warm clients up by offering some free value. Now, the next question is Alright, that sounds great, Josh. But what is this free value?

Josh 4:10
Well, for me, the free value that I put out is what you’re hearing right now in the form of a free podcast. This is there’s no charge for this. You’re welcome to listen to all of my podcasts if you want. I also if you don’t know I have a YouTube channel that has now hundreds of videos, a lot of them are video, video tutorials on the tools I use and recommend tutorials on Web Design, best practices, anything visual that I can’t really get across as a podcast and maybe I want to do in a five to 10 or 15, 20 minute video. I’m going to put that on YouTube.

Josh 4:43
So by the way, if you haven’t already, make sure to go to Josh all that CO slash YouTube and subscribe over there if you want all my videos. But those are my two main forms of free short form and long form content. That’s you I think you as a podcast listener particularly If you are a student of mine or a member of my web design club, it’s likely that you heard my podcast first or saw my tutorials. We hopefully you built some likeability and trust from me. And then you then go into a course or then to the premium stuff. And that’s what we’ll get into. But that’s the main thing I do in phase one to warm people up.

Josh 5:19
But there’s a couple other things I’ve done more recently, over the past year or so that I think well I know, contributed greatly to nearly doubling my client base, my students, and that was to offer free trainings. So these are in the form of free masterclasses or free webinars that are like a live presentation with a q&a and then an offer for a course that corresponds with I did one webinar last year, I’m gonna do a few more of those this year, at least. And as some of you know, I’ve been doing more free master classes that are on demand they are you can sign up for them anytime, you can actually go to my website now. And you’ll find those under free training, I do have a few master classes that you can watch at any point.

Josh 6:02
And these are 45 to one hour, 45 minutes to one hour free trainings, and it goes in depth on it and really scratched the surface on one topic. And then that is a lead generator for moving into one of my courses. Now, webinars are similar, a lot of times you can almost take the same presentation. But there’s a different aspect to webinars. Because in my case and what I’ve seen work and being a recipient of a lot of webinars, what I’ve seen is that you sign up for it. And it is a live event somebody is doing the webinar live, you can ask questions, and then there’s usually some urgency to move forward with whatever product they you have an offer for whatever.

Josh 6:41
So there’s a little bit of difference between a an on demand training like a masterclass and a live webinar. But when we get to this next point here of turning around to you, I want you to seriously consider doing this for your clients because it’s super, super powerful. Look, tutorials, podcasts, they’re great, obviously, I love them. And my personal favorite medium is right here in an audio form of a podcast because I can chat for a long, long time and no one gets mad about it. Whereas on YouTube, if I don’t keep a video under 20 minutes, a lot of times people are like, Oh, it’s a long.

Josh 7:12
But I say that to say videos and tutorial tutorials or in podcasts, they’re kind of the first layer, they’re breadcrumbs there, they’re not the full meal. Master classes and webinars are kind of like appetizers, you’ll get a little more information. But it’s not the full meal, the full meal is the actual course or in your in your case, your web design services, your maintenance plan, whatever it is. But those are the other aspects of phase one when I’m warming people up.

Josh 7:38
And then finally, there’s one more thing in this first phase that I’ve done more recently, that takes a definitely some more effort. And some gear depending on how far you would want to take this. But for me live streams, I’ve been experimenting with live streams on YouTube channel. I’ve been going live for my web design club every week for well over a year. Now. I do monthly q&a is for my students, which we’ll talk about. So that’s helped make me feel more confident and comfortable with live streams. But now I’ve been doing them publicly.

Josh 8:07
And I will tell you this guy, some of you maybe have even seen one of my live q&a s and you’ve joined the course from it. But I actually more recently ended up selling more courses through a couple live streams that I did in a couple sales periods for I don’t do sales often and promo periods. But I ended up making more off of one live q&a than one sales email strategy. So it was really interesting. And it really got me understanding the power of being live and just answering questions, all kinds of questions. And it really I mean, talk about building trust and authority. If you go live for your clients, oh, my gosh, it is awesome.

Josh 8:45
Now again, I know some of you might be like, Oh, I don’t know if I’m ready to go live. And that’s okay. There’s different versions of how to do this, but it is something you might consider. We’ll talk about that next. But those are the three main things and phase one, warming people up for me that have helped dramatically grow my student base. And now my revenue doing this free tutorials and podcasts. Then the next level is free master classes and webinars and then live stream q&a is which I’m usually doing about once a month or once every couple months.

Phase 2 – Good First Impressions

Josh 9:14
Now let’s go over to phase two. And again, I’m just showing you and explaining what I’m doing to hopefully trigger some ideas. And now we’re going to turn it over to you shortly. I’m going to kind of guide you through some thoughts on this. But phase two is create creating an amazing first impression and an awesome experience. Now the awesome experience of a web design project is going to go for a while. But I want to hone in on that initial first impression because you you should really, hopefully from start to finish be guiding your clients and providing an awesome experience from start to finish that way. Once you’re done with their project, they are just fired up and they have loved working with you that they can’t wait to come back which will be phase three.

Josh 9:54
But it really starts with a first impression and here is what I’ve found in web design. A lot of people, myself included early on, are really amped up about getting clients and doing really good work. But there’s not that much emphasis on actually, you know, an amazing first impression. And some of this will come down to onboarding, like, how do you prepare and empower clients when they sign up with you. But there’s a few things that have really made a world of difference in my business that I’m going to share here that I want you to think about as well.

Josh 10:26
Number one, is a personal welcome video. Now, luckily, sending a personal video as a web designer is way less time consuming, because you’re not going to land new clients every day, you don’t need to as a web designer, that’s what’s awesome. My type of business, it’s a little more time consuming to send personal welcome videos to new students, but I do it. In fact, I’m recording this on a Friday morning. And after I record this podcast episode, I’ve got I think, 12 new students that signed up over the past few days here, and I’m going to send them all a personal welcome video.

Josh 11:01
These are not long, these are usually a minute less. And I have a little email template that I just switched out their name and the correct details with and then I send out usually, if I do 10 to 20 videos, which I usually only do them on Fridays, now, it takes me well, less than an hour a week, sometimes it only takes me less than a half an hour to bust. I think I here’s what I’ll do, I will time this, I will time it after this episode. And I have to let you know because I don’t think these 12 videos will take more than a half an hour for me. And it sounds time consuming. But I’m telling you what, guys, when you send a personal video, once somebody signs up with you, there is so much power and that it is the I can’t overstate the feeling that you will give to your customers. When you do that. And some of you who have signed up to My Courses, you’ve likely got a video for me.

Josh 11:52
Now I don’t do videos for every core sale, I only do them with new students. So for you, you could have the same approach to clients. Although I definitely recommend you know your current clients saying good touch with them. But if you get one new client a week or even two clients a month, then you have plenty of time to be able to send them a personal video welcoming me welcoming them in and just saying how excited you are to start the project.

Josh 12:15
Now this could be in conjunction or separate from your onboarding sequence. So once somebody signs up with you, if you’ve been listening to me for a while, you know that I recommend having a Getting Started page that they will go to which just fills them in on the next steps and what to be prepared for. This is a perfect opportunity to send a personalized welcome video, and I’m not talking about a welcome video that’s on that page. It’s just nice to have to but this is actually personal. This is like, Hey, Jim, I just wanted to thank you for signing up, or you know, moving forward, I’m so excited to work with you. I’m excited to bring your website to life and building an online presence that people are going to be excited to go to it’s going to help grow your business. So the next steps are coming. But I just wanted to say I’m so excited to work with you, I can’t wait to see what we do. And now you’ll be redirected to my Getting Started page where I fill you in on on the next step. So I’ll see you over there. Now.

Josh 13:08
It could be as simple as that. And that was a little bit of a rough version. But you could do something well under 30 seconds or a minute. I recommend using loom. But whatever video platform you want to use is fine. So send a welcome video to new clients. I’m telling you guys that will create a level of trust likeability and a client, that seed of a client for life, like no other measure will. So do that. And here’s the good thing for move on. No one else is doing this. There are not many companies at all that are going to take the time to do this. So you will separate yourself immediately. And this is what I keep telling myself.

Josh 13:45
Every time I’m like oh man, particularly after like, if I do a sale period or a launch. I’m like, Oh my gosh, like last month, I had, like 28 videos backed up. And I did 28 videos over the span of a couple days. And initially I was like, Oh man, should I stop doing these but then I reminded myself how powerful they are. And then I thought about myself, I put my myself in the shoes of my students. If I’ve signed up for a course. And the course creators sent me personal video that said, Hey, Josh, I just wanted to say welcome really excited to help you in your business, it would mean the world to me. And I’ve signed up for a lot of courses, online courses, and I have never had a personal welcome video.

Josh 14:26
So I know while I’m doing that, it is separating me from everyone else in the online course realm because nobody is going to have this the consistency and the persistence that I do in sending personal videos. It goes that far. So I want you to think about that too. No one else is doing this. But if you do it yet well aside from everyone listen to this episode. You will look awesome and it will separate you from the crowd.

Josh 14:53
Now you can follow this up with some great onboarding experiences for sure. Like I said, the Getting Started page I was gonna put together Started page in here, but kind of already talked about that. But I did want to hone in on something you might want to consider, which is, again, what I’ve found that just like Gosh, has been a huge boost for me. And that is a an automated email sequence. So when a new student signs up for a course, I have, I think five or six emails right now that will go out over the span of a week or two. And they will just give them some guidance, and some extra resources and help as they make their way through the course.

Josh 15:30
So I follow up with First off, if you didn’t know, there’s a student only perk that people get when they sign up with one of my courses, you will then have a special discount for additional courses. So there’s a little FYI, just if you’re interested, buy one course and then you’ll get a discount for others. So I talked about that in the sequence. I also have a video on my top tips for getting the most out of an online course I send that immediately, in an automation that I do through MailChimp, it’s called journeys in MailChimp, but you can set it to where like when somebody becomes a student, and has that student tag, well, then this automation kicks off and, and they’ll get these videos.

Josh 16:05
So I have that I have a link of resources, just if people don’t know I have a YouTube channel or this podcast, I let them know I’m constantly giving out free information there. So they can sign up for a subscribe for I also have a video that is actually kind of a documentary style video, it’s a behind the scenes look at creating one of my courses. So I put that in there that email automation. And then I tell them that there’s an option to upgrade to all my courses and to join my web design club in this automation.

Josh 16:36
So that sequence right there has generated a ton of additional sales because I’m following up with them in an automated format. So I start high touch in personal with that first impression with the welcome video. And then the email sequence kicks off as soon as a new student gets tagged as a new student in MailChimp for me, so that is a biggie. And again, it all goes into that amazing first impression, and really keeps them engaged.

Josh 17:01
And then the last thing is phase two, which there’s kind of three points, each one of these phases that I’m hitting on here. And that is that I make sure students know that they are supported. And if you didn’t know I have a student center for all of my students, it’s complimentary, so you don’t pay for it. It is a free support center. For all my students. I’m using circle, which is the platform that I use for my coaching community, my web design club, I loved it so much that I was like I’m going to pull all my Facebook groups down that were my core support groups, I’m going to bring them all into circle. So it’s my hub, my students center for all student support.

Josh 17:37
Everyone who is a student of mine gets access to that, you get access to the the main threads, and in whatever course you’re enrolled in, you get a support thread for that. So if you ever have a question, when you’re a student, you can drop your question in there, other students will assess, and I jump in there multiple times a week. So that’s a biggie, for again, that big first impression letting students know they are supported. So I want I will turn this over to you next here. But those are all the things I do in phase two, creating that amazing first impression and really kicking off that awesome experience.

Phase 3 – Keep Them Engaged

Josh 18:07
Now let me share with you what I do in phase three, which is keeping students engaged and wanting more, and then we’ll talk about you. First off, as I just mentioned, I have that student center. A big part of that is I’m doing live q&a As for just my students. So by joining any of my courses, you get access to me, as of right now, every month, I do a live q&a Every month, I’m debating on maybe up in that to like two times a month. But as of right now, you can join a live q&a and ask me questions live. And I do that for all my students every month right now.

Josh 18:41
So that’s a big perk that has really kept people engaged. And just like I mentioned in phase one, about going live is not only does that work for people who are not yet students, but it really works when people are current students. Because remember, the Golden Rule wasn’t a golden rule. But it’s like a, it’s a Platinum Rule let’s say. Your current clients are going to be way more likely to spend money with you and add recurring income with you because they already know like and trust you. So you don’t need to sell to them, you just need to offer something to them. And that’s what I’ve learned to do with these monthly q&a Is I answer questions. And then this often ends up organically leading to more core sales.

Josh 19:20
Because I may have a student for example, in my, let’s say, web design course. So they’re learning about conversion design. And then we’re talking in the q&a, and somebody is asking questions about SEO. And then we talked about recurring income strategies with SEO and then that students like oh my gosh, I need to learn SEO. I don’t even know I don’t know anything about SEO and then I end up talking about the course and then that segues into the core sale for that student. So that’s exactly how that’s worked for me.

Josh 19:46
And and that leads us to the next point here and phase three, which is that special student discount that is going to be with them as long as they’re students so and well as long when you’re a student. It’s forever because I have lifetime access. on all my courses right now, but that’s a biggie, it helps keep people engaged in wanting more when they know, I’m taking this one course by Josh, and this month. And if I really like it, and I’m getting some results, then I might be interested in that SEO course, or maybe I’m going to be interested, I’m learning web design right now. And then I’m going to be interested in starting my business, and then getting my maintenance plan going. Well, they know they have their student discount code to use when they’re ready for that.

Josh 20:26
And then I do have an offer to upgrade to my bundle, which is all of my web design courses. So I make that known as well. That’s another email in my email sequence ultimate automation. That’s one of the last ones, it’s just like heads up. If you didn’t know, if you end up wanting more courses, if you get more than usually three courses is worthwhile just getting all of them in the bundle, which is already heavily discounted, and then I offer to send a special discount to the students that is going to be it’s the coupon for them will be depending on what courses they already have access to off of the bundle. So those guys have been key as far as keeping my students engaged and wanting more of those Q and A’s. And in that special student discount.

Josh 21:06
And then the last thing here, before we turn it over to you is now that I have my web design Club, which is my coaching community, this is the opportunity for all of my students, what you actually you don’t have to be a student to join my club. But this is the opportunity for direct coaching. So I make sure they know, if you want to chat with me regularly. And you want to ask me questions directly, the best place to do that is my coaching community, my web design club, so I let them know that’s there for them. And that has kept them engaged even more for the folks who do sign up. And actually one of my recent members shout out to Megan was on a student q&a, and I mentioned it. And then she signed up for my web design club, because she wanted some direct support from me. And that’s it.

Josh 21:49
That’s it, I’m sharing this because this is the example. This is actually what I’m doing right now in these three phases to really grow my income and help support so many people all over the world. And that’s how I have almost doubled my students in one year. All these things together. So that’s what I do phase one, phase two, phase three, you warm them up, you got to create an amazing first impression. And then keep them engaged and want more and more importantly, you want to have an upsell, you want to have something to offer them.

Josh 22:19
So now let’s turn it over to you. I’ve shared with you exactly what I’m doing in these three phases. So phase one for you, this will go pretty quick, because I’m just gonna offer some ideas and thoughts for you. And again, you can go to the post at Josh 166, to look at the outline for this. And then I’ll tell you what I’ll do, here’s what I’ll do, I will make a little one page PDF that you can download, it’ll be empty, but it’ll be a framework that you can print off if you want. And you can use this. So go to Josh 166 to print that off. It’ll be you don’t have to sign up for anything, you can just open it up and print it. And and that’ll be your guide. That’ll be your framework that you can fill in kind of like your little cheat sheet.

Josh 23:00
But we’re gonna start off with phase one, warm them up. So I’ve already talked about what I did, what do you want to do? What can you do to warm your potential clients up? You don’t have to be an influencer. And you don’t have to have a massive YouTube channel and even a podcast. But what I would say is what resource either one or many that you could offer that is going to help clients get to know like and trust you and build your authority. It could be an e book, although eBooks are a little bit dated now, I would personally do like a masterclass or free training, I would I if I were you, as a beginning web designer or somebody early on, and I did not have any sort of lead gen, I would do a free training. And I’d started to do some of these later on in my career as a web designer, I wish I would have done them sooner.

Josh 23:43
Even if you don’t know that much. You can make a half an hour training, talk about a few points, show it off visually. And you will know way more than your clients and they can sign up for they can get on your email list. And then that and they can have an offer to join your program or one of your packages for web design, it’d be a great way to warm them up. So think about that. What’s one topic that you might want to speak on that you know pretty well,

Josh 24:07
Even if you’ve been through one of my courses, for example, you go through my design course, you learn all about conversions. Guess what you can do, you can create a free half an hour training on say five tips for better conversions all based off of what you learned in my course. So don’t be afraid to do that. I’m not gonna be offended if you take what I teach you, and relay that back to your clients and make people sign up for it. So just don’t you know, don’t plagiarize my course but make it your own.

Josh 24:33
So what can you offer a free training, maybe a webinar, especially if it’s live, if you feel comfortable, even if you just go live on Zoom? Even if you keep it seem simple, even if there’s just three people that show up. If those three people are really qualified leads, you may land three clients right then and there just based off of this live webinar that you do. And then if you are going to go live I would definitely consider answering questions live whether you do this through Instagram depending on your market or link In or Facebook, or YouTube, if you do have a YouTube channel, you can promote this and have people sign up for it. Or you can just go live and start answering questions. I highly recommend that you do that.

Josh 25:10
Because you will get awesome questions, you’ll look like an authority. And as kind of an aside, when you go live, you find out what your main, the main challenges are from your client base. So I highly recommend that. So my challenge to you in phase one, what is something free that you can put in front there, a very thing to warm them up, to get them to sign up, build your email list, and be able to market to them moving forward, I would just start with one thing right now then you can add more moving forward.

Josh 25:37
Phase two, let’s talk about your first impression that needs to be amazing. First off, I would my challenge for you is for sure. To send a new client and welcome video use loom you don’t need to have a big mic, you don’t need to have a studio, you can even do it on your phone, if you want. You could be walking you go to a park, whatever you could be in your kitchen, as long as the dishes are done, send a personal video to your clients welcoming them in doesn’t need to be huge, doesn’t need to be long could be under a minute, just say how excited you are to work with them. And you’re really excited to move forward and let them know. Next up, here comes the next steps.

Josh 26:13
And then I would highly recommend you consider either if you haven’t already putting a Getting Started page in place sharing what the next steps will be when they start a project. Or consider an email sequence. Consider an email sequence that might follow up with them for the next week, maybe every day or every other day over the span of a week or two, just to give them some more resources, particularly if you do have free resources. And then I would honestly make sure they know how they’re going to be supported. Let them know you’re going to support them. And then this we’ll get into more onboarding, but they should probably know where you know how, what support looks like, can they text you probably no, you want to make sure they email you or go into Basecamp or Asana, whatever you’re using. But make that first impression amazing. Get them fired up.

Josh 27:00
Because just remember, clients are going to be overwhelmed when they sign up with you. There’s a lot going on. They’re busy business owners, they’re going to be often overwhelmed about getting content to you and stuff. So that first impression and just an exciting personal video from you can go such a long way. So I highly recommend doing that.

Josh 27:19
And then phase three, how are you going to keep them engaged? Once they’re done with their projects. The problem with most web design agencies and packages is that they disappear. Hopefully, you’ve got your maintenance plan going. So you’re hosting and maintaining them and building that recurring income. But that still, even with monthly reporting, it’s not going to keep them super engaged, and wanting more unless it’s intentional.

Josh 27:41
So as you heard, I do monthly q&a is for all my students, that has been a game changer for me, I recommend you do the same, I recommend that every month you do questions for your current clients, and then they can meet each other in that sense to you can do it through zoom, I do recommend if you’re going to do that. And then you can just use your zoom link and have everyone show up as like a meeting. If you are really going to take it seriously, I would invest in the webinar feature. If you’re going to use Zoom or something else that way, you can essentially just answer their questions like that.

Josh 28:12
But at the start just having a meeting with you know, a couple people or a few different or a dozen people, whatever it is, is really fine too. But consider that I look how many web designers do you know, that are offering a monthly support call for all their clients? I don’t know of any. I don’t know of any that are doing that. I know a lot who are doing like one on one consultations and support but I don’t know anyone doing like a live jumping, if you have any questions type call. And they can hear from other clients and network with people. I don’t know anyone doing that.

Josh 28:43
So again, you want to talk about separating yourself from the competition. Because there is competition in web design. There’s a lot of web designers now. But these few things you could do, oh my gosh, no one will touch you, no one will come close to you in your market if you do this. So recommend doing that. Let them know too. And I would recommend that you have some sort of perk or offer for your current clients. And remind them about that remind them that they have a discount for additional services or an upgrade to something and definitely have an upsell type of product have, whether it’s a 10x like big time product they could upsell or upgrade to or if it’s just something like they’re doing a website, but maybe they want e commerce as some additional upsell or maybe you offer like strategy sessions for like a certain amount of time once a month or once every week for a certain amount have something to upgrade to and let them know there’s more.

Josh 29:37
There’s more where that came from. You want to keep them engaged. And you want to make sure they want more from you because just remember to reiterate it. Your current clients are going to be way more apt to spend money with you. It’s way cheaper for you to keep your current clients and get them to buy from you. Then try to sign up new clients.

Josh 29:54
So that’s really it. Those are those are the that’s the challenge for you. Watch Your clients create that amazing first impression, keep them engaged. If you want the little structure for this that you can print out and fill in, go to the post for this podcast episode, Josh 166, you can just click that, download it, no email necessary, none of that. And then again, I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’m doing hearing about what I’ve done to really almost double my, my student base. And literally, I mean, I just share with you exactly what I’m doing.

Josh 30:29
So, again, it’s a little bit different. And it’s actually a lot of this is easier for you as web designers, because you’re not dealing with clients at scale. So you can do stuff one at a time and refine it over time. It’s, again, the personal wealth videos, for me, are a little more time consuming. But if you’re just doing one of those once a week, or once every couple weeks, you can handle that. And again, I just I, the students who have come back to me and people who have listened to the show and said, I did that and my client was like beside themselves that I sent a personal video, I get I’d say I get more responses about that than anything that I talked about. It really is the the quickest and most easiest thing to implement right now in your business that will go such a long way. So if you do anything from what I just said, Send a personal welcome video.

Josh 31:18
And there you go, guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this, I’m really excited to hear what you have in store in your business and how you’re going to apply to this. Now, if you would like some personal help with this and you have your like inspired but you’re not quite sure what you’d want to do as far as creating a lead gen or what your automation email sequence would look like. I would personally like to help you with this. And if you would like to pick my brain about that, I will coach you, we can actually do that through my coaching community, which is my web design club, this is the kind of thing I do in there, you get access to this amazing community to support you. But you also get access to me. And we can actually go through and create this stuff together.

Josh 31:57
So if you’d like to try it out, even if you just want to try the club out, go to Josh, there’ll be a special offer for you for listening to this. And then I would love to hear what you have in store. And I would love to help you arrange what you need to in these phases, and guide you directly and coach you and your business. That way you can start getting some awesome results, better income, more profit, all the good things in web design and business. So I would love to personally give you some guidance and hear what you have in store and coach you directly. So just go to Josh Now, well, Josh, I just recently launched that page. And it’ll be there’ll be an offer for you to join and then I can’t wait to meet you and help you with your business.

Josh 32:38
So until the next episode, I’ll see you over there. And then the next episode coming up is a prime example of somebody who is doing just this about warming their students up or excuse me warming their customers up and really providing a lot of value. We’re going to talk about actually confidence in sales in the next episode. So get ready, is 167 is going to be an awesome one. I’ll see you on that episode here soon. And I hope to see right now, in my coaching community. We could talk about this together.



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