Josh here popping in with some big news! My podcast is officially being rebranded to “The Web Design Business Podcast with Josh Hall.”

In this episode, I share what’s behind the name change, why I feel it’s time to put the emphasis on the business side of web design and what to expect moving forward.

I also share with you what I’ve learned about focusing on a niche and the benefits it has when it comes to messaging and attracting the right audience for your business.

P.S. For you who are skimming this email (like I do) and might not be able to listen to the episode just yet, I wanted to make a special point to say that the podcast isn’t changing moving forward.

This is not an overhaul of my personal brand or the show, I just felt it’s time to clearly state what the podcast is all about, which is building a web design business that gives you freedom and a lifestyle you love.

Enjoy this casual episode and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this name change!

Head to the post at to leave a comment. I’ll be keeping an eye on them 🙂

– Josh

In this episode:

00:00 – Introduction
01:06 – Reason for pivoting
04:02 – Future changes
05:17 – Plans and goals
06:41 – Owning a niche
07:46 – Backstory to Josh Hall
11:04 – Grow your business
13:22 – Goal to be the top
15:22 – Attracting more than niche
18:47 – Something new coming
21:54 – Final thoughts

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Episode #199 Full Transcription

[00:00:00] Josh: Hello friends. Welcome to the show. Hey, if you are looking for the Josh hall web design show, don’t worry. You are at the right podcast. Today, officially marks the change of title for this show.

[00:00:14] Josh: If you’ve been a listener for a while, you probably know that this comes as no surprise, cuz we’ve been talking about it for a little while here and we are finally at the point where the show is now gonna be dubbed the web design business podcast. With yours, truly Josh hall.

[00:00:30] Josh: Uh, I, what I’m gonna do in this episode is just me with you in this one. I just wanna share some thoughts about the reason behind this name change. And I’m gonna talk a little bit about where the podcast is right now, what I’ve learned in just this slight rebrand that I’m, that I’m, uh, pulling the trigger on here. And then we’re also gonna talk about what to expect moving forward.

[00:00:49] Josh: And I’ve also got some other thoughts about what I’ve learned and really owning a niche that I wanna maybe share with you that way it might help. If you decide to make any sort of slight pivot in your business to really, you know, go fool in, on, on one certain topic or subject, but the main reason why we’re pivoting the, the podcast title and why we’re changing things ever so slightly is because over the past, probably six months to maybe even a year beyond. I’ve realized that at the core of this show, the core of this podcast is really talking about the business side of web design.

[00:01:28] Josh: Now we’ve had a lot of episodes on design SEO, some technical stuff, and we will still do those for sure. We will still talk about web design and best practices and things that are happening right now with trends as it relates to web design business.

[00:01:42] Josh: But what I’ve realized is overall. Including all of my interviews and a lot of my solo episodes we’ve really honed in on the business side of web design. And I felt like the title, which was previously the Josh hall web design show. Just didn’t really represent that as well. I just wanted to be so clear that this podcast is primarily about the business side of web design.

[00:02:06] Josh: And when it comes to helping you achieve the goal of creating freedom and a lifestyle you love that really all starts with building your web design business and building a dream web design business that suits your goals, your lifestyle, and what you have envisioned for, for you, your business, your family, whatever you want to do.

[00:02:26] Josh: So that’s really gonna be at the core of this is the business side of web design. That we’re still gonna, again, we’re gonna talk a lot about web design in general, but I just, I think for not only you as a current listener, um, to know, like we’re really gonna really hone in on, on the business side of things, but also for people who have not been exposed to the show yet, I think having a title like the Josh hall web design show, Is a little vague because it web design, you know, are, it could be anything.

[00:02:56] Josh: Are we gonna talk about like coding and HTML again? Not, not really. We may glance over it, but, um, this is not a podcast that’s like diving heavy into like code and, and the technical side of things. And I think a lot of people who are not familiar with me yet, I I’ve experienced this as a listener of podcast.

[00:03:15] Josh: If you don’t know somebody, you’re not gonna be attracted to their show, like I see a lot of these entrepreneurs out there and it’s their name and their show. But if I don’t know them, I don’t really know what the show is about. So that’s, that’s one thing I’ve learned with having a personal brand is if you do have a personal brand or a business around your name, You really do need to be clear about what you do and how you help and what your services are.

[00:03:38] Josh: So that’s kind of what I’m realizing with a personal NA a personal brand like Josh is I need to be clear about how I help people and the big thing I do and what I’ve realized I’m best at is helping you build your dream web design business. So that’s the main. Reason I wanted to, to pivot the podcast ever so slightly, as far as the title goes.

[00:04:00] Josh: Now, you’re probably wondering what kind of changes are ahead. Like what’s, what’s gonna change now. What does this look like? Moving forward? Well, the really good news is nothing’s gonna change. Uh, literally the only thing, the only big change here is that the title is shifting ever so slightly. The artwork is really similar. I, I did, uh, I had a hard man. I had a really hard time, uh, cuz I do still do a lot of the graphic design work.

[00:04:25] Josh: I love it. And, and I love doing a lot of my own artwork sometimes. And I actually really, quite frankly, and transparently had a hard time designing the artwork for this because web design, those two words do not have the same amount of letters and characters. So it’s really kind of hard to stack that around an image.

[00:04:43] Josh: And I try to bunch of different layouts, but what I decided was I want, I’m gonna keep the same, you know, my branding’s not gonna change. My website’s not gonna change everything else is the same. So kept the same vibe, kept the same feel. Uh, and hopefully that’ll help as I continue to reference older episodes too.

[00:04:58] Josh: That way people know same show, just slightly different title. But again, with moving forward, the, the focus being on the business side of things. So, um, yeah, nothing’s gonna change. Interviews are all gonna stay the same. I’m still gonna do solo episodes. Eventually I would love to, and I plan to get to the point where I do two episodes per week.

[00:05:17] Josh: I did have a season of the podcast where I did that for a while. Um, my goal is to do an interview and then a solo episode per week. That’s what my, my goal is to get to. Now, the reason I’m not instituting that quite just yet is quite frankly, personally. My family and I are still getting settled into our new home. My wife is, uh, very pregnant closing in the third trimester with our little little guy coming in the fall, which is gonna be kid number three. So, uh, personally, I just don’t have quite the bandwidth to initiate that. And at the time of releasing this episode, it’s summer 2022, I’m kind of taking, uh, a very, uh, intentional approach to kind of have a light schedule this summer, just with all the changes my family and I are going through.

[00:06:01] Josh: And quite frankly, I’ve been working hard for, for many years and I haven’t really taken an extended, uh, not a complete break, but I haven’t taken like a couple straight months where I’ve had kind of a, you know, a really, really kind of lighter schedule. And that’s what I wanna do. I feel like it’s, it’s time for me to do that for a couple months here and my good for my family too, to really spend some special time here this summer.

[00:06:22] Josh: Of course, I’m still working. I’m still showing up in my web design club. I’m just not producing as much like video tutorials or new courses or, or stuff, uh, quite yet, but, uh, come fall 2022 watch out. Cause that’s when things I think are really gonna, gonna go to a new level again, around the business side of web design.

[00:06:41] Josh: So there’s a last thing I wanna talk about here, which is what I’m finding out with kind. The power of owning a, a niche or a niche. And, and again, just a reminder, we are still gonna talk about web design. We will talk about hosting. We will talk about design. We’ll talk about copy. We’ll talk about SEO. All of those things are instrumental in growing a web design business, but I just wanted to make it so clear, especially.

[00:07:05] Josh: For new listeners, that the goal of this podcast is to help you build your dream web design business so that you can have freedom and a lifestyle you love. I just wanted to make that ever so clear. So I hope you’re excited too, as a listener. Uh, I hope this excites you because we’re really gonna, I, I, with a lot of interviews that I’ve got lined up and that are down on the pipeline here, I think the show is gonna hit a whole new level, um, with, with some of the awesome stuff coming up.

[00:07:30] Josh: I’m really excited about that. And, and again, what I’ve found out, just if I, if I can share with you, some things I’ve learned with, with really honing in on the business side of things is that I’m also going through a bit of a transition in my brand and in my business was with Josh initially. If you don’t know the full story, I started Josh as a side hustle as a passion project, just sharing tutorials on Divi and all the tools I use.

[00:07:54] Josh: And it was all just tech based stuff. It was just like technical tutorials, design tutorials. And then I got into sharing the ins and outs of my business, and I started sharing all my processes and sharing about how I built recurring income with my maintenance plan. And then eventually I launched my business course, which is still open today about to go through a revamp.

[00:08:13] Josh: And, uh, it is my, you know, Pulling the curtain back on my entire business, all my SOPs, everything. And I realized, especially when I launched that, that it kind of entered me into the business realm of, of web design. And what was really interesting, I found out more recently is that with this podcast, this show has taken me out of strictly Divi and, and the Divi realm.

[00:08:38] Josh: Now I still use Divi I’m still a part of the Divi community that is still a major part of what I do. But what I am finding now is like, now I’ve got a lot of students who use elementary, or even some of my students are using like web flow and Squarespace and their outside of, of even WordPress. I’m really finding myself branching out into new territory with, uh, with the business side of web design.

[00:09:00] Josh: And, and that’s where I’m finding that I’m helping the most is that I’m I’ve really, I felt like kind of found a sweet spot in talking with a lot of different influencers and business coaches and people outside of just WordPress. And then I’m also finding that a lot of my students are being attracted to just the I the ideas and approaches to the business side of things and it not being just based on a tool.

[00:09:22] Josh: So, um, that was a really long and roundabout way to say I still use Divi. I’m still gonna do a lot of divvy stuff. However, the focus for my brand and this, this show as a whole moving forward will be just the business side of web design. It’s not tool specific. This is not a divvy podcast, uh, which you know that from the get go.

[00:09:42] Josh: I mentioned that from episode one. So that’s what I found in that. And when it comes to the power of owning kind of a, a niche, a niche. and I always, I always say niche or niche because, uh, I’ve got like a lot of UK students now, the Brits are coming. They are taking over in my courses in my web design club, which is awesome.

[00:10:01] Josh: I love talking with British people. There’s I just let’s grab some tea and hang out. I love it. Um, one thing I noticed though, is that again, it’s, it’s the business side of things and, um, I’m realizing that I was I’ve lost where I was going with the, with the British thing. But what I realized in short is that when I started was all divvy designers and then it started expanding and my brand was all about like showing you how to build divvy sites.

[00:10:30] Josh: Whereas now the focus is really gonna be about the business side of things. Again, I’m not gonna take down my divvy resources, but you will see a lot more of my content, particularly of course, here on the podcast and on the YouTube channel. Which if you’re not subscribed yet, you can go to Josh hall dot coast slash YouTube around the business side of web design.

[00:10:49] Josh: And as far as owning a niche, uh, oh, that’s why I said that because I have a lot of British students now and UK ears and stuff. So I end up saying niche, niche or niche, cuz it’s niche over there, most of the world, but it’s niche here in the states. Uh, but what ive found is that if you have a focus on a certain category or a certain sector in business, could I have sound more corporate there, you will get much, further, much faster.

[00:11:15] Josh: And this is why so many people say, when you go niche, you will likely grow your business. And most cases, you grow your business way faster because you’re not as much of a generalist and you attract people who know exactly what they want and exactly what they need help with. So I say that to. It didn’t take me long to become one of the authorities in the divvy community, because all I did in the beginning was divvy tutorials and, and I did everything, divvy, divvy, divvy, and that really helped me, uh, get to the point where I was able to help people then start growing their business.

[00:11:47] Josh: Now I’m at the point and this goes back to a quote. That I heard a while back that I absolutely live by. And it’s that what got me here, won’t get me there. And I think you’ll find this to be true in your business as well. When you pivot or you change things slightly. What I’ve learned is that, again, not to say the same thing over and over again, but I’ve really found a sweet spot in helping with the business side of web design.

[00:12:09] Josh: It’s where my true passion is right now. And now I’m getting these, I mean, some of my students are making. Close to and upwards of a quarter million dollars per year. I mean, a lot, a lot of my students are early on. They’re making maybe 20, 30, 40, but now I’m seeing some of those students who were at $20,000 a few years ago.

[00:12:26] Josh: Now they’re making six figures plus, and it’s just, it is the most rewarding thing. I mean, I love people. I love helping people make beautiful websites, but when somebody messages me and says, dude, I just did six figures. And you’re about to hear pretty soon. One of my students, Nick Mona. Who broke six figures in 18 months of we’re gonna, we’re gonna talk about how he did it and everything he implemented, but that kind of stuff just whew.

[00:12:50] Josh: It it’s just incredible. So that’s what I realize like that is where my heart and my focus is right now. I’m moving forward. I want to help you, especially those of you who are early on. Or those of you who have a web design business, little messy, you’re ready to get to the next level. And you want freedom.

[00:13:06] Josh: You want that true, like financial freedom to be able to do what you want to do, work, win, and where you want provide for your family or travel, whatever you wanna do. That’s what my, my goal is. And that’s what my heart is. Um, I mean, it always has been, but now it’s just like a really intentional focus on that.

[00:13:22] Josh: And my goal, quite honestly, if I can speak with you just personally, uh, as a listener of this podcast, my goal is really to be the top web design business coach and the top web design business mentor moving forward. Uh, I’ll still have my, you know, toe in the divvy community and I’ll still do a lot of things with WordPress because those are the tools I use.

[00:13:43] Josh: So any resources that I publish and promote on those, they’re gonna be the tools that I use, but the business side of things is, is where. I’m really going to shift my focus to moving forward. And I’m excited for you to kind of see how that plays out. And of course I’m excited about it. And if I can turn this over to you with the idea of owning a niche, one thing I would say is we’ve talked about this recently on the show.

[00:14:06] Josh: There’s a lot of different ways to go niche without like fully going niche. And we just talked about that when my buddy Jimmy rose of content snare recently on the show, you can essentially. Create, whether it’s a personal brand or a company you can go like right into just one industry, one category, and then take all of your other offers off the table and just do one thing for, you know, one certain category.

[00:14:29] Josh: Like I’ve got students. Uh, Leo comes to mind. One of my students who is just going into building sites and marketing campaigns for just, you know, travel industry and like tourists and hospitality industry, it’s a very kinda niche store to set up, but I’ve got a lot of students who are still generalists and still help certain types of people.

[00:14:50] Josh: Um, like I think of Jamila who is in my web design club. She’s been on the show before. She is a Muslim woman who helps now. Uh, people just like her. She is found a niche in women, entrepreneurs who have a certain faith base and that’s who she helps. That’s who she’s connected with. So it’s like niche on niche, on niche, and she’s finding a lot of success in that. So no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing. If you go niche, it really will help take you, you know, really far, really quick that I’ve found. And I’ve seen this play out over and over.

[00:15:22] Josh: However, for those of you who are like me as web designers, and you don’t necessarily just wanna work with one type of category of people, just remember and I learned this from Amy Porterfield when I had her on the, the podcast back in episode 185, she said this, and it really resonated with me. And that is you can have one distinct message to one ICA. This is what Amy talks about, which is an ideal customer avatar. You can talk to them and there will be outliers.

[00:15:49] Josh: There will be people who still. Or maybe not their perfect, like your exact type of customer, but they will still be attracted to you. They will still buy your services and buy your stuff. And you can still work with them too. Like, I have a lot of students who maybe work with a lot of different types of clients and categories, but they’ll still work with like, if you just work with, um, like startups or entrepreneurs, but you know, an automotive client reaches out to you. You can still work with them. It’s really, really common.

[00:16:19] Josh: A lot of my students work with certain small businesses, local businesses, but if in a bigger place wants to work with them once an e-commerce shop, if that’s something they do, they’ll still work with them. So you can absolutely still do that. And you can essentially side note it. This is one thing I talked about with, uh, Jimmy rose on that episode, uh, for, for going niche without fully going niche, you can always create landing pages for certain types of people that are in like, you know, whether it’s industry based or whether where they are in their journey.

[00:16:47] Josh: That’s actually something that I’m gonna be doing moving forward, because I recognize with web design business, I have to be really clear about like, okay, here’s how I help people with their web design business, but not everyone is at the same starting point. This is one thing that’s really tricky with offering courses, especially because with a service based business, you get a feel for where your clients are.

[00:17:09] Josh: And I know this very well as a web designer. I remember if I was working with a, a company that was a startup that was brand new, that’s a whole nother set of expectations and deliverables because we need to create content. We’re creating everything from scratch. They probably don’t have a Google profile set up.

[00:17:26] Josh: Everything is from the ground up. Whereas when I work with some clients who already had an established brand, it was typically a matter of taking what they had in place and then revamping it and going to the next level. Instituting SEO with current copy that they had better copy new designs, you know, revamping their, their Google pre presence and their SEO, all that kind of stuff.

[00:17:47] Josh: Of course, with design and everything else. So, same thing that I’ve learned with courses, it’s like, it’s always tough to kind of create a, something that’s gonna help people get. From point a to point B if they’re at a different starting point.

[00:17:58] Josh: So what I’m gonna be doing moving forward is really on the business side of web design. My goal is to create resources and by resources. I mean, of course, podcasts and tutorials, but for premium stuff, workshops and courses, and, and more high, high tier programs. That are gonna help people where they are in business. So if you are just starting your business, I want to make sure I give you the frameworks and the programs that are gonna help you start your web design business and get to that like 20, 30, 40, $50,000 range.

[00:18:29] Josh: But then I’m gonna have some stuff that is geared towards the people who have a business and they’re ready to get to six figures and they’re ready to get to the next level. And then of course, I have a lot of students now who are at a six figure level and they’re like, I am slammed. It’s awesome. It’s a great challenge, but it is nevertheless a challenge.

[00:18:47] Josh: So quite frankly, I’m just gonna share with you that now I’m working on some resources to help people scale, which I’m really, really excited about. So that’s gonna be one of the next big either course or programs I launch here is to help people scale at a level they want to scale at you don’t have to be a huge agency.

[00:19:03] Josh: You don’t need payroll. You don’t have to have, you know, like 30 staff under you in a building downtown where you’re paying $5,000 a month of rent. That’s not what I’m talking. But I am talking about delegating and you becoming the owner of your business or doing the roles that you want to do in your business to free up time and to not be so alone in, in your business as it scales and grows.

[00:19:24] Josh: So. That is what I’ve learned is as far as the power of owning a niche, and then that’s just kind of sharing with you kind of my vision of where the show is right now, where things are headed as a business, it’s kind of where I’m headed right now as well. So I don’t have anything concrete in the way of like, here’s my next course.

[00:19:41] Josh: Here’s when it opens again, we’re in a season right now, personally, where, um, I’m kind of. Intentionally keeping a light schedule. So me and my family can get all settled into our house and enjoy these, uh, these few months. Also, my, my daughter Bria, my oldest, some of you know, she was born with a clef lip and cleft pate, uh, in July of 2022.

[00:20:01] Josh: She has another surgery planned, which, uh, we’re dreading it. It’s surgery. Number five for my poor sweetheart. Um, Oh, gosh, I can’t wait to get it over. It’s only a couple weeks away at the time of recording this. So that’s also another reason why I want to take some time off intentionally this summer. Uh, so I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

[00:20:23] Josh: You can always email me, Josh, Josh If you wanna, uh, send a, a note of, uh, thoughts for her or anything, but. Anyway, we’re getting her surgery outta the way, and then we will be outta the woods with a lot of that, hopefully moving forward. Uh, and then come the next couple months here, fall of 20, 22 is when I’m really excited to share with you some more concrete expectations, uh, with, with courses programs. And I’m also writing my first book here that I started on.

[00:20:47] Josh: So a lot of cool things in the works, but yeah, there we go, guys. I thought this was gonna be a five minute to 10 minute episode. I know we went further than that. No surprise, but that is why. The title of the podcast is changing ever so slightly. That’s what to expect. Moving forward. Nothing’s gonna change with the show, amazing guests in web design and the entrepreneurial space coming up. And I hope some of my thoughts and what I’ve learned with, you know, where I’ve come from with my side hustle and this passion project strictly from the divvy community now to expanding in the wider WordPress community.

[00:21:19] Josh: And now outside of WordPress, just in web design business, I hope, uh, Gives you some inspiration ideas for how maybe you can, can really go niche and focus on where, whatever endeavor you are in and whatever clients you wanna serve. And then of course, if your business is pivoting ever so slightly.

[00:21:36] Josh: Hopefully some of the lessons that I’m going through and, and learning and share with you kind of help you as you really kind of own a market, own a niche. Cuz if you can be that person that does that one thing and helps that certain people that’s where the money’s at and that is where your biggest impact will be as well.

[00:21:52] Josh: So there we go, friends. Thanks so much for joining. I’ll see ya. On the next episode, episode 200, which has a very, very exciting guest. I’ll just tell you right now, we’re gonna be bringing on the CEO of, uh, smart, passive income, which is Pat Flynn’s brand. This is pat flyn’s partner in the business. Uh, he is talking man, talk about the business side of things you are going to, I think, love hearing about everything that Matt Gartland who’s coming on next, the, the CEO behind smart, passive income, you’re gonna get to hear really their entire business model opened up and he shares some, some in depth thoughts about how to create a business online today, what’s working trends. Um, so we’re gonna really kick off episode 200 with the business side of web design, and we’re gonna talk business in depth and I’m super excited. So look out for that next.

[00:22:44] Josh: Thank you for joining again, guys. So appreciate hearing your thoughts and feedback on that note. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think this title, this name change is a good idea. And would it have attracted you more? If you heard the show and saw web design business versus just the Josh hall web design show, I’d love to hear your thoughts on that. You can always, uh, drop me in. Oh, actually the best thing to do would be to go to Josh 1 99.

[00:23:09] Josh: Leave a comment on the post for this podcast episode. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I do read all those comments and maybe I’ll just, uh, respond and chat with you. I would love to hear your thoughts. All right guys. See ya. Next on episode 200. We’re about to have a good time. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. See you on the next one.

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