It’s been over a year now since I finally decided to start my Instagram. Looking back, in many ways, it’s helped my business. But in some ways, it’s set me back.

In this episode, I’ll share a few important lessons I’ve learned in building my Instagram channel and how I’m better managing the dark side of social media (distraction, comparison, etc) in hopes to help you, especially if you’re finally ready to commit to a social media channel OR managing multiple at the same time.

P.S. Now with systems in place, I’m committing even more to Instagram, just in a smarter way. Follow and connect with me at

In this episode:

00:00 – Outline
02:29 – Starting with the pros
02:48 – Student connections
03:55 – Tagging
07:31 – Top Tier presence
10:25 – Nice overall UX
11:46 – Some of the cons
12:44 – Lost in tinkering
13:37 – Time away from biz
14:19 – Slower growth
16:25 – Imposter syndrome
20:09 – Balancing social time
21:44 – Management tool
23:11 – Hiring it out
25:15 – Focus on education
27:01 – Things to add
28:30 – Recap

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Episode #221 Full Transcription

[00:00:00] Josh: Hello friends. Welcome in to the podcast. This is episode 221, so it’s just me with you in this one. This is a solo episode and I wanted to take some time to chat with you about Instagram.

[00:00:12] Josh: So for those of you who may not know, I am more recent to Instagram. In fact, at the time of recording this, I’ve been on Instagram for just over a year and I’ve been reflecting on my time over this past year plus on how Instagram has helped my business, but also, I tried to get really real about how it’s hindered my business in some ways, and I wanted to do this episode to share with you the lessons that I’ve learned and how it’s helped my business and the things I’ve done, but also some things I’ve done not so well on how I’ve potentially let it kind of take away from, from my business in some ways.

[00:00:46] Josh: And I hope that this helps you. For those of you who are not only just considering Instagram, but any other social media platform or any avenue where you wanna connect with your clients or your following or your audience, but also grow your business because there’s so many outlets and opportunities for us now to decide where we wanna spend our time and how we wanna connect with people and how we wanna market our business.

[00:01:11] Josh: What I’ve learned is that you have to do it tactfully. So my hope in this episode is this is kind of just a, a postmortem looking back at a year on Instagram and how it’s helped my business and how it’s hindered my business in some ways. Um, now all that to say right off the bat, I am not leaving Instagram by any means.

[00:01:30] Josh: In fact, I’m gonna be doubling down on my Instagram efforts, but moving forward, I’m gonna be doing it and what I think is gonna be a much more smart and effective way for my business. Again, I hope it helps you, whether you decide to roll with Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, wherever you wanna go into YouTube, whatever channel you want, you want to dive into.

[00:01:49] Josh: Or for those of you who don’t even wanna dive into social media, a lot of these things will. For those of you who are in the non social media end of marketing your business, which is totally fine too. I did that many eight years. But anyway, what’s kind of interesting about that too is because I did not use social media to grow my business as a web designer, I have used it to help grow my business with my

[00:02:11] Josh: But it does take just a completely different approach that needs to be hyper focused and hyper aware of how it can also hinder your business before run too far down that track. These are some things that I’ve learned, uh, that I hope are gonna translate to you as well. Now, I do wanna start off with the pros.

[00:02:29] Josh: I wanna start off with how it’s helped my business. Instagram definitely has helped me with, in, in the case of my business with connecting with my students, particularly some of my students who I’ve found that have, are just absolutely killing it with their businesses. Now I’m still active on Facebook and I still like my time there as well.

[00:02:48] Josh: I have a lot of incredible students who are just on Facebook. It seems to me, and one, one, um, thing that I’ve noticed over the past probably two years, maybe even three years, is that, uh, the majority of my students are more active on Instagram than they are on Facebook. And I probably don’t need to explain why there’s been a shift in the social media attention economy between Facebook and Instagram and others.

[00:03:12] Josh: I, I’ve found that just Instagram is just a, a nicer place to be, which is a point that I have written down here that we’ll get to. Uh, I have found that a lot of my students are more active on Instagram, so for me as a course grader, as a coach, this has allowed me to connect with my students. It has allowed me to see what they’re up to, see what’s working as their marketing, their business is.

[00:03:32] Josh: It’s allowed me to, uh, connect with my students if I ever mention them on a podcast or on a YouTube video or something, and they’re tagging me, which is really cool as well. Like the beauty about being on social media. I mean, some of this is 1 0 1 like duh, but it bears repeating just because it’s easy to overlook this stuff is your brand can very much get exposed to people when you are shared and tagged.

[00:03:55] Josh: And for the podcast in particular, I found Instagram to be one of the best channels for promoting the podcast because in the, in the case of like having guests and things like. I’m tagging guests, they’re tagging me, they’re sharing an episode. It has allowed me to expand my network and for people to enter my brand and in the case of my students, it’s definitely allowed me to connect with them in ways that was a little bit different even on Facebook.

[00:04:22] Josh: I mean, if Facebook, it was similar if somebody were to like share one of my resources or if I saw what they were up to. But one thing I have found is, I think the algorithms are different when it comes to being a page on Facebook versus being a page on Instagram. Like unless I was a personal friend, uh, with somebody on Facebook, I’m generally not gonna see too much of their stuff.

[00:04:45] Josh: Whereas on Instagram, logged in as my page, I tend to see a lot of my students and what they’re up to, uh, even if I’m not following them, even if they just follow me. I don’t know the research or the metrics behind that, but that’s definitely one thing I’ve noticed is it just seems to be a lot easier to connect with people via Instagram and it’s not quite as convoluted with all the other things that are in with Facebook, whether it’s brands, ads, political stuff, family stuff, whatever.

[00:05:10] Josh: So I think that’s one reason that Instagram is, is kind of taken over in some ways as far as the majority of the attention. However, that’s just from my experience. This is what I’ve seen. Now, as I mentioned, as somebody with a podcast and, and more resources like this, that has been a massive benefit. The podcast in particular has been exposed to so many more people because of Instagram, because people are tagging me.

[00:05:35] Josh: Um, I’m getting notifications now when people are sharing like their Top Listen podcast, which is so cool. I don’t think I’ve ever got that on Facebook, and I’m not on any other social media. Facebook and Instagram are the only ones. Um, but I definitely don’t see any of that on Facebook like I do on Instagram. So that’s been really cool. And then the other big thing I’ve noticed more recently too is that whenever I’m a part of a summit or any type of uh, event, Instagram seems to be where a lot of the tags come from and the shares come from as well.

[00:06:09] Josh: That said, I was just a part recently of the Designer Boss Summit, which is one of my favorite summits, uh, virtual summits online, one of my favorites to be a part of. And they still have a Facebook group for that summit. So I still utilize Facebook a lot. But it does seem to be just a different animal when it comes to like the shareability and stories reels. All those things factor into how people are marketing summits and other things where like some of the speakers on the recent designer Boss Summit tagged me and I had never heard of them before.

[00:06:39] Josh: And then boom, we just connected. Like I actually just got connected with a couple different speakers from that. Via them seeing my tag on Instagram and uh, or my, uh, my, at my, my username on Instagram and there we go. They found out I’m a summit speaker as well. And that’s how those connections got started.

[00:06:55] Josh: So these things can happen on other social media, but it just seems like Instagram is where the majority of that has happened. So that’s another way that is that Instagram has helped my business. I’m not saying anything about this to, to make you feel like you’re not gonna be able to utilize these methods as well.

[00:07:12] Josh: They will 100% work for you as well if you’re active on Instagram and if you choose to, to really take it seriously. Um, but yeah, the, the tagging, the shareability were, were big for me recently that I’ve looked back on. A couple other really important points on how it’s helped me. Before I tell you some of the things that I’ve learned on how it’s hindered my business in some.

[00:07:31] Josh: The other big thing is connection with some more top tier entrepreneurs. So one thing I have noticed as I’ve been able to have some more guests on my podcast, particularly notable guests, like just recently, I had Pat Flynn on the podcast who came on again. A little while back on episode 180 5, I had Amy Porterfield.

[00:07:50] Josh: These two are online entrepreneurial legends by every sense of the word, and what I’ve found is they’re not on their email, so they may have access to their email, but I’m not gonna email Pat Flynn and I’m not gonna email Amy Porterfield and get a response. I talk to their assistants and I’m, I think it’s probably cool that I share when I booked them on the podcast, I did not talk to them directly on setting up a date and stuff I talked to their media assistant typically.

[00:08:20] Josh: And like in the case of Amy Porterfield with her. I just reached out to the team and asked about her coming outta the show. I submitted a personal video, a little like three minute video via Loom, and that got through to their first wave. And then I talked with a few different people and then I finally got up to the the direct assistant of Amy, and that’s who I talked to about scheduling. So I actually didn’t talk to Amy Porterfield until we were on our podcast chat together. Afterwards, guess where she followed me? And guess where we had a little bit of dialogue the few weeks after our podcast conversation? Instagram.

[00:08:58] Josh: So Pat a and Amy are extremely active on Instagram, not as much on Facebook, maybe a little bit on TikTok, but I just have zero interest right now and diving into the TikTok world. Excuse me, the TikTok world. But anyway, I say that to. The times that I’ve chatted with Pat Flynn and Amy Porterfield personally have been via Instagram.

[00:09:16] Josh: It’s it’s been via dms. Now, with any sort of successful entrepreneur, business owner, they’re likely gonna get a lot of dms. So it doesn’t mean that they’re gonna respond to everybody. But for example, with Amy Porterfield, once she got to know me, when I interviewed her for this podcast, she told me when we ended that call, she was like, I’m gonna follow you on Instagram.

[00:09:37] Josh: I love what you’re up to. And that’s exactly how it went. Amy and I actually DMed the few weeks after that because I think I was top of mine for her. And I shared when her episode went live, and again, I didn’t email her and get a response, I messaged her through Instagram. So some of these top tier entrepreneurs are doing personal, you know, connection on Instagram, and I think that’s really common with a lot of people who are at the, at the top of their industry.

[00:10:04] Josh: It’s a little different via email because email’s a different ball game to manage. So that’s been one really cool thing on Instagram. So if you have a podcast yourself, or if you’re gonna do a show or any sort of YouTube thing where you would like to talk with other folks who are maybe ahead in the game or whatever these type of channels are, where you’re likely gonna have an opportunity to connect with them directly.

[00:10:25] Josh: Um, so yeah, that’s been a personal difference with Instagram versus Facebook and other mediums. And then, like I said earlier, overall, I’ve just found Instagram to be a better place to hang out. This could be because literally the reactions are different. Like you can’t give a sad face or an angry face like you can on Facebook.

[00:10:44] Josh: It’s just the love button. Um, it’s picture based. It’s not like text or political based. I, I, I think that has a lot to do. Um, I probably don’t need to go into the metrics of, of why you might think Instagram is better than Facebook or vice versa, but overall, just in my experience of finally diving into Instagram and spending over a year on it, it is just a much nicer experience overall.

[00:11:05] Josh: So those are the ways it’s helped my business, but. As I’ve looked back on this year of really taking Instagram more seriously and enjoying it, learning it, I mean, I’m basically still like 85 years old when I’m trying to figure out reels and all the things you can do with those. I found myself spending way too much time on that, which is a point I have here on how it’s hindered my business in some ways.

[00:11:26] Josh: But again, just like that, I have had to look at my time with it and be very self-aware about what I’m good at, what I enjoy doing, and what I just should not be tinkering around. So we’ll just dive into that.

[00:11:40] Josh: I have definitely spent way too much time digging into the little things with Instagram, particularly when it comes to posting reels and figuring, I didn’t even know what the difference was between a post, a story, and a reel and how they all worked together until recently. I literally, I mean, I’m a pretty savvy guy. I’ve been a web developer for years, but for whatever reason it did not come supernatural to me. And I’m 35 now. Maybe there is something to that, I don’t know how other, you know, mid thirties feel, but it, Instagram did not feel supernatural to me when I was getting into posting reels and stories.

[00:12:16] Josh: I had to like, I feel like I really had to work hard at that, Should have gone through an Instagram course, is what I should have done, but, I found myself spending way too much time doing that. So I’m gonna give you some tips on what I’m learning to do moving forward on all this. But I do wanna share some of the other ways that I’ve just found Instagram maybe hindering myself because in hindering my business, because as I’m spending time tinkering around with reels and things like that on Instagram, guess what I’m not doing?

[00:12:44] Josh: I’m not learning. I’m not leveling up myself. I’m not coaching to my best abilities. If I’m tin, like should I really be tinkering around with reels or should I be helping my students build multi six-figure web design businesses? I should be spending more time with the ladder. And I found myself almost flip flopping that recently I founding myself like, or I’m finding myself spinning a little way too much time scrolling and doing two months on Instagram and not enough time in my web design club and my coaching and working on my programs, which I’m actually.

[00:13:13] Josh: Doing some new programs right now that I’m working on, so that’s where the attention and my, the majority of my focus needs to be. That all kind of gets back to another point. Where I’ve learned that I have been taking away time and attention from my bigger impact items. So the high impact items, your main product, your main service, whatever you’re doing that is going to quote unquote move the needle forward.

[00:13:37] Josh: That is what you need to focus on. And I’m saying this in the third person to myself because even though I’ve enjoyed my time on Instagram and I, I sometimes I have fun trying to figure out reels and adding captions and graphics and all that stuff. It is so much more important I work on, in my case, Web Design Business Mastery, which is the new program I’m working on right now.

[00:13:57] Josh: It is so much more that I spend time working on that than more time digging into reels and stuff like that. So that is something that I’ve learned big time. I think that’s also contributed to something else I’ve found with Instagram is, and one thing I’ve learned is that I think because it doesn’t come so natural to me, and I was never a follower on Instagram for other people.

[00:14:19] Josh: I’ve seen much slower growth than other channels. So for example, when I was becoming a web designer, I looked on YouTube a lot, and even though I don’t consider myself a YouTube master by any means, I did grow my, my brand with YouTube and timely. I just had a conversation recently with Pat Flynn on, on how to use YouTube to grow your design business.

[00:14:41] Josh: I say that to say I was much more familiar with YouTube because I used it. I never used Instagram and still until starting it last year, I mean, I had an Instagram account, Occasionally I would check it, but my personal Instagram was basically just a clone copy of Facebook. Like I found myself diving into Instagram and I was like, Well, I pretty much already saw all these things on Facebook.

[00:15:01] Josh: It’s the same people I follow typically. Although I’ve seen that change over the past couple years as well. I’ve definitely seen a lot more people migrate to, I. Um, but it’s definitely grown a lot slower at the time of recording this. I’m up to 700 followers on Instagram. Not terrible, but as I look at a lot of my colleagues and, and friends and stuff like that, it’s, it’s much slower than a lot of the other channels that I see and that I’m used to.

[00:15:28] Josh: And, and quite frankly, like I started getting way more subscribers on YouTube and even Facebook than I have on Instagram. But I think that’s because I haven’t. I haven’t really done things that great on Instagram. Uh, I’ve tried to keep it personal. It’s been a channel for me to have like a personal outlet, which by the way, if you haven’t subscribed or followed me on Instagram, definitely head over there.

[00:15:48] Josh: You can just go to josh Uh, I love to connect with you there. And see what you’re up to as well. Um, but I think in short, because I wasn’t used to like what people expect on Instagram, it, it did be, it was a channel that took like way more time to grow to this point. I mean, I thought I was gonna hit probably a couple thousand subscribers by a year end, but that certainly has not been the case.

[00:16:11] Josh: But that’s no one’s fault. But my own, I just haven’t really, I haven’t really done the things that are gonna attract subscribers on Instagram yet, but we’ll talk about that here short. So that, I think that’s why it’s led to like slower growth.

[00:16:25] Josh: the last thing I’ll mention here as far as in a way that it’s kind of led to, uh, or it’s kind of hindered my business in some ways, is that I have found that it’s led to a little bit of jealousy and I preach how to combat imposter syndrome, how to not compare yourself to others. I’ve had a lot of talks on this podcast about that. I have a lot of tips that I’ve taught on and, and I know what to do, but I’ve still, I think it’s one of those things where like, even if you teach a subject, you still have to, to struggle with it sometimes.

[00:16:58] Josh: I have still found myself, particularly more recently, feeling a little bit jealous when I see a lot of my colleagues just killing it and I’m in a season of life where, I’ve just had a wild year between moving into our house. My wife is pregnant. Um, by the time this comes out, my third baby, my little boy will likely have already been born. So we’re just in a chaotic season of life. I just have not been able to, uh, really grow my business like I have over the past years leading up to this. So, While my numbers are stable, that’s it.

[00:17:29] Josh: Uh, my business isn’t like growing wildly in this current season, so it’s easy for me to look at a lot of my colleagues and friends who their business is just on the rise and the gas pedal is on and it is so easy to feel jealous. And I’ve had to catch myself with this. And what’s interesting is I never really felt like this over the past few years leading up to this, but I think because my business, quite frankly, and, and full transparency is just kind of at a like stable point, like it’s not, it’s not going backward, but it’s not going forward a number wise right now.

[00:18:01] Josh: I think when you’re in those times, this is a really important point. I think when you’re in those times, it’s really easy to feel jealousy and it’s easy to feel like an imposter or like you’re losing your spark a little bit or like it’s so easy to compare yourself with others when business and your thing isn’t growing super fast. And that’s exactly what I’ve found. Um, now I have not let that take me down too far by any means, but I’m just saying I have caught those feelings and I have really had to remind myself, first of all, With social media, what do we see? We typically see the highlight reel, so we see everything that’s going on well.

[00:18:40] Josh: Sometimes even though somebody’s numbers are doing really good, we have no idea what effect that’s having on their personal life. Maybe they are working 80 or 90 hours a week, Maybe they’re actually not enjoying it that much. Maybe they’re growing so fast that now they have a bunch of other issues that are popping up.

[00:18:54] Josh: When it comes to hiring and scaling, those are, that’s a really, really common thing when people’s businesses are thriving. I say all that to say, I’m reminding myself of that just because somebody’s business is growing and, and I’m honestly happy for all my colleagues and, and students and, and everyone else who’s doing awesome.

[00:19:11] Josh: But I still, even though I’ve been in this se, I’ve been a seasoned entrepreneur for a while now, I still feel those feelings. So I don’t know. I wanted to share that because that’s honestly 100% how I felt. And if you feel those feelings as well, those feelings of comparing yourself and jealousy, Uh, you’re not alone.

[00:19:28] Josh: I think it’s very really natural, particularly in the season of life that you’re in. So those are all the way, the ways that I’ve kind of looked at Instagram over the past year and how it’s, uh, you know, really kind of hindered my, my business in some ways. Now, I hasn’t been detrimental by any means. I don’t regret diving into Instagram, and again, I’m doubling down on Instagram.

[00:19:47] Josh: You’re actually gonna see more of my content and posting on Instagram, however, It’s gonna change a little bit and it’s gonna change in a lot of ways because I’m finally setting up systems on this. I’m, and I’m sharing this with you, to hopefully help you give you kind of a roadmap of what you can do on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever you’re doing, whatever social media you’re utilizing.

[00:20:09] Josh: But I am getting much more serious about setting up systems to where I’m not actually doing all of the work myself, and I’m. Being really careful of my time when it comes to being on Instagram. So a few quick points on what I’m doing to Eli’s Instagram moving forward that I hope help you as well. First off, I’m limiting my scrolling time.

[00:20:29] Josh: I’ve found myself falling. You know, the danger that we all go through with social media, you can scroll endlessly and before you know it, you just killed a half an hour and you didn’t actually do anything. You don’t even remember what you just saw and nothing really stuck with you. That was a half an hour that just went by.

[00:20:44] Josh: Now I’m not never gonna jump on Instagram and scroll, but I’m just gonna be very, very, Cautious and I guess, uh, tactful about my scrolling time itself and make sure it is limited to quick scroll or to check up on things and, and go from there. So that is one thing that I’m doing that is gonna help. And by the way, scrolling I’ve found in, in the world of reels and stories now. It’s not only scrolling down, but scrolling sideways. That’s like the new, like Do you feel those of you on Instagram, do you feel like stories don’t count as like scrolling down?

[00:21:16] Josh: Because that’s, I think, can actually be more dangerous when you get into this, the story scroll, which that’s what it’s built for. They want your attention. Um, and I don’t feel social media is bad per se. What’s gonna keep a social media platform going, You being on it. So it’s, it’s all about getting your attention as much as possible. So I have found you’ve got to be very serious and very intentional about limiting your scrolling time both down and sideways. So that’s the biggie.

[00:21:44] Josh: The other big thing I’ve learned that’s helped me is because Facebook and Instagram are owned by meta. They work together and the really cool thing and the reason that I’m cool with managing two social media platforms, which I usually don’t recommend, especially if you’re starting out, like just do one thing and do it well before you add more tools to the toolbox, is they work together and you can use them together in the creator suite like the the, the Facebook business dashboard.

[00:22:11] Josh: That’s helped a lot because I’m able to see comments from both Facebook, Instagram, and all of our posting and planning, uh, in the dashboard. So that’s been a huge, huge help because I don’t feel like I need to log into Instagram and do a certain type of post and then go to Facebook and do a different type of post.

[00:22:30] Josh: It’s the same post. It’s going to both places. And we actually post them through the, the, the dashboard, the creator suite that is used by both it’s the meta dashboard suite. What is it? What is it officially called? Let me look real quick. Probably should have had this ready to go before I talk with you about this.

[00:22:47] Josh: But, um, cuz there’s like the creator studio, which is in bis, the business side of Facebook. But there’s also, it’s the meta business suite. I just logged in. Okay. The meta business. Is where I have access to everything. And you can do posts separately to Facebook or Instagram or together. You can adjust the details. You can look at your planner, you can look at any ads or anything you’re doing in there all together. So that has helped dramatically.

[00:23:11] Josh: Now, You heard me say we. Who is we? Josh? It is not just me anymore. I’m really, really excited about hiring a lot of the actual posting and distribution out to help free me up to create the content to engage on the platform, but not do all of the work. Again, like I mentioned earlier, I should not be fiddling around with reel when I’ve got my web design business mastery program to keep on cooking on, and I’ve got coaching to do and I’ve got courses to revise and all the things I’m doing and podcast to do.

[00:23:44] Josh: So, and videos to make, I still wanna get back into YouTube more so. I’ve realized that’s a biggie. In order to help me with that, I knew I needed to bring some someone on to help. So I’m really excited to bring on actually somebody who is one of my students, Kevin Palmer with NVM Marketing will link his, uh, his website in the show notes. But Kevin’s an awesome guy. He’s helped me out with ads in the past, and, uh, he’s coming on board now to help with a lot of the posting and distribution, and he’s helping me plan out my content, and he gave me like a schedule.

[00:24:16] Josh: Broke down all my posts by category and everything. And heaven, if you’re listening, I can’t tell you how helpful that was for me because I didn’t feel alone in doing this. And it was so helpful for me to see like what has been done so far, what type of posts I wanna do moving forward, and to give me like some, some limitations and constraints on what I want to get done per month.

[00:24:36] Josh: So that was a huge, huge help. So anyway, that’s the big thing that’s helped me. So I would recommend that you, once you get to that point, do something similar. If you do everything yourself, you’re gonna be stretched very thin. So as soon as you feel like you’ve, you know, maybe not mastered a pro, a platform, but you’re gotten, you’re getting pretty familiar with it.

[00:24:54] Josh: As soon as you get to a place where you can delegate to free yourself up for the most high impact items, do that, my friends, That’s, that’s a biggie. Now, in regards to the actual posting itself, the other thing I’m, I’m gonna be doing, and I think this translates to my slow growth of subscriber or followers for the channel is I’m gonna be posting a lot more education type resources.

[00:25:15] Josh: What I’ve looked at is my Instagram for me has primarily been, um, personal type things like sharing. What I’m doing a little like peak inside of my life with my family and stuff, and in my office you’ll see a lot of that. But I’ve also been posting mainly about the podcast just because like I mentioned earlier, it’s where I’ve connected with a lot of my guests. It’s where I’m getting tagged a lot. So those have been like the primary categories of my posting. I’ve really not done anything in the way of like educating or hosting something that’s worthwhile being shared by somebody. So that’s coming down the road for sure.

[00:25:50] Josh: I’m also gonna be sharing a lot more student success. I’ve looked back and I’m like, My gosh, I’ve so many incredible testimonials and students who are killing it, and I feel like I’ve done everyone a disservice, if not like putting a showcase light on some of these people who are doing such amazing work and inspirational work that I want you to know about as well.

[00:26:08] Josh: So you’ll see a lot more of that. And uh, one thing I’m definitely gonna start doing is dancing. Um, You will not see. No, you absolutely not see me dance because I think we would see the followers go the other way if Josh starts dancing. So do not expect dancing, but you can expect education and some, some fun stuff that is gonna be high impact.

[00:26:35] Josh: And I’ve also thinking about dishing out some of these quotes that I’ve been racking up that have just made a huge impact on my. I used to hate quotes, but now I find myself mentioning like every day. So maybe even some quotes you’ll see on Instagram. So anyway, those are things that I’m gonna be doing moving forward. And one thing I have realized that my last point on this as we wrap this up is you gotta be you. You have to be yourself.

[00:27:01] Josh: I not that I was ever seriously contemplating doing like pointing videos or dancing kind of stuff because that is so not my style. Um, but the thought did dawn on me like, maybe I should do something a little bit like that. But I didn’t even finish that thought before. I was like, No, no, no. That’s just not my thing I have to do me. And however I come across, that’s me. I would encourage that for you as well. Do, do you like, if something just feels unnatural and weird, don’t do it. Just be you.

[00:27:31] Josh: it’s the way I built my YouTube channel. It’s how I built my courses, It’s how I do my podcasts. Like I, I try not to show up and have a quote unquote radio voice. Like, Welcome to the Josh Hall, what show we’re gonna talk about getting clients in this episode. No, it’s, this is how, like if you and I were getting coffee and we were chatting, that’s how I’m gonna talk on my podcast.

[00:27:53] Josh: And if I’m gonna show up on media, I’m not gonna be any other person than myself. This is exactly how I am at home and in business and everything else. That’s how I’m gonna be so, I don’t know. I just wanted to say that as an encouragement to those of you who feel like you need to be somebody who you’re not.

[00:28:09] Josh: Just be you. You are unique and that is what’s gonna get you clients, and that’s how you’re gonna make an impact in the world. So there we go. That is how Instagram has helped me. That is how Instagram has hindered my business over the past year. More importantly, those are the things I’m doing to combat some of this stuff and do a better job moving forward.

[00:28:30] Josh: Let me just recap what I’m gonna be doing moving forward, limiting my scrolling time. I’m gonna continue to use the meta business dashboard for managing Facebook and Instagram together, which kind of kills two birds with one stone. I’m hiring. My posting and distribution and planning, and that’s gonna also include like reels and things like that, that I don’t need to tinker around with myself.

[00:28:53] Josh: I’m gonna be focusing much more on educational type posts and things that are more shareworthy and more like value driven. And I’m not gonna dance and I’m not gonna do pointing videos. I’m just gonna show up as me. That is not my style. So I hope you enjoy. So there you go. I hope this episode has helped guys again.

[00:29:11] Josh: Probably no shocker. Come hang with me on Instagram. If you are on Instagram, you can go to josh Give me a follow there. Maybe I’ll even give you a follow back. Send me a dm. Let me know. This episode has helped you out and I would love to see what you’re up to with your Instagram, particularly if you found a lot of benefits and uh, you’ve done some things that have helped your business.

[00:29:32] Josh: Actually, on that note, if you have found Instagram to be a big help for your business and you got some tips you’d like to share, you can definitely DM me, but why not make in public and help some people? You can go to josh Hall co slash 2 21 and leave a comment. On this podcast post, I’d love to see how, uh, your Instagram game has helped grow your business and that’ll help others as well. So thanks for joining everybody. See you on the next episode, and I hope to see you over on Instagram.

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