Hey friends, it’s Josh here with an exciting announcement about my free Divi Web Designers Facebook group!

Back in the Fall of 2016, I started this amazing community of Divi users having no idea what it would become or how big it would get.

Six years later, it’s the second largest Divi Facebook group aside from the official Elegant Themes Divi Users group and has been arguably the most engaged community of supportive designers in Divi land, even in many cases WordPress land.

Over the past couple of years however, with supporting my courses, podcast, videos and growing student base, I have not been able to dedicate the time to continue to help the community thrive. And I want that to continue for everyone who’s a part of this incredible resource.

So I’m excited to officially pass the torch of running the day to day and help grow and support this amazing group to my friend Tim Strifler of DiviLife.com

Tim has been an admin of this group since early on, is and has been one of the most engaged members and is focusing his products and training even further into Divi exclusively so I can’t think of anyone I trust more to steer this DWD ship.

In this podcast episode, I’m sharing a brief conversation I had with Tim about what to expect if you’re a member of the group or plan to join!

P.S. I’m not going anywhere, I’m still the founder and will be in the group often as it’s my personal main source for Divi updates, support, news, referrals and more. So I’ll see you there!

If you’re a Divi user and have not yet joined the group, dive in today at https://www.facebook.com/groups/diviwebdesigners/

In this episode:

00:00 – Introduction
01:53 – Reason for change
03:16 – Is Josh leaving?
04:35 – Greeting to Tim
06:57 – Divi-centric
09:46 – Josh in the future
11:51 – Goals for Divi group

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Episode #227 Full Transcription

[00:00:00] Josh: welcome friends, into episode 227, where I wanted to take an opportunity in this episode to share some news. and quite big news quite honestly.

[00:00:10] Josh: For, for what I have going on and what’s been a massive part of my life over the last six years, I am officially turning my free Divi Web designer’s Facebook group over to a very close colleague of mine, Tim Stifler. With Dvy life, and in this episode, I wanna just share with you some personal thoughts before I let you hear a conversation that Tim and I had as to why we’re making this change and why I felt like Tim would be the best person to lead this community and foster it well moving forward.

[00:00:41] Josh: So I wanna get into that, but first off, I wanna explain just before I let you hear this conversation, kind of why I wanted to make this decision because I started, if you don’t know, I started this free Facebook group called dvy Web Designers back in the fall of 2016. And I had no idea what it, what was gonna become.

[00:00:58] Josh: I just thought it might be nice to have a little web design community that’s focused around Dvy. I also had no idea how many Dvy Facebook groups were around at the time. There were like dozens and dozens of groups. But to, to this date, it has become the second largest and most engaged divvy Facebook group outside of elegant theme’s, main divvy support group, which is incredible, and I do not take full credit to that.

[00:01:23] Josh: Yes, I worked my ass off in the beginning, and yes, I spent every day in there. Yes, I set the precedence and did a lot of work in the first few years. Over the last couple of years, it’s been completely self-sustaining and I’ve done no marketing for the group. It’s continued to grow. My team up to this point has been managing the member requests and taking care of any spam posts or anything like that, but it’s been largely just this community that has self-sustained itself and just been such an incredible forum for amazing divvy web designers all over the world.

[00:01:53] Josh: And the reason I’m making this change, yes, I, I did. The Divvy Facebook group. But, uh, I am still going to be a part of it and I’m still retaining kinda like founder status of the group. But the reason I wanted to make sure somebody else is able to, to manage it and help grow it and foster it is because I just have not had time.

[00:02:14] Josh: And like I said, I did a lot of work in the first few years with it, but as I’ve looked at it now and as I look at where my business is heading and all the other communities I’m running right now, I’m running my web design club. I support my student center and all my students. I’m working on my Mastery program, which is gonna be my signature new program.

[00:02:33] Josh: And quite frankly, I have a lot of other web designers now who are outside of Divvy that I’m, I’m helping grow their businesses as well Now. I am still a divvy guy, 100%, but I wanted to make sure that I have the time to be able to support all of my students in the Divvy web designer Facebook group. I just have not been able to have the time to devote to it. So that’s why I wanted to bring somebody who I 100% trust to be able to nurture this community well.

[00:02:59] Josh: And do some more trainings and build it and just make it more sustainable and just better, a better all around experience for, for dvy web designers. So that’s why I chose Tim Stifler and that’s why I’m excited that he chose the group, um, to, to invest in and to be a part of.

[00:03:16] Josh: Now, what you’ll find out in this conversation, I’m about to, to let you in on. Nothing’s gonna change. The name’s not gonna change. The only thing that will change is that Tim is just gonna be the one, and his team will be managing the, the member requests and stuff. But the guidelines, all the posting, everything else is gonna stay the same. You’re just gonna get way more support and a way better experience, and I’m still gonna be there.

[00:03:37] Josh: I’m not leaving the group. I just, because I just have not had the time. And I cannot make it a priority right now. I wanted to make sure somebody who is at the top of the Dvy game, which is definitely Tim Stifler, he is the Dvy man. Um, I wanted to to see if he would be interested in running it. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.

[00:03:53] Josh: Without further ado, I wanna let you in on this little conversation. Tim and I had to expand on this so you learn what to expect and when you join the Dvy Web Designer Facebook group, for those of you who use Divvy, you will see this video when you log in. For those of you who use Divvy and are not part of the group, I highly recommend joining today.

[00:04:10] Josh: Again, it’s free and you’ll get to see this and get to be a part of an amazing community. And for those of you listening who do not use Divvy, I still think it might be interesting for you to hear. What’s behind a a, a growing and thriving online community and maybe why and when. Sometimes you need to pivot to make sure you focus on the priority items for your business. So that’s what we’re gonna dive into here. Enjoy this conversation with me and my man, Tim Stifler of Dvy Life.

[00:04:35] Josh: Hello, DVY web designers. It is so good to see you. It’s been a little while. If you’re new to the group, I am Josh. I am the founder of this amazing online community, and I wanted to bring in my good friend, my close colleague, and somebody who is gonna be a lot more prevalent.

[00:04:54] Josh: For the d web designers Facebook group, because I wanted to let you guys know and, and give you some awareness about just some, not even changes, but just some, uh, difference in who’s gonna be kind of steering the ship here with the group moving forward. I wanted to make an official announcement that, I am officially retaining kind of founder status of the group, and I’m bringing in Tim to run the group as far as the day-to-day goes.

[00:05:18] Josh: And the reason I wanted to do this is, and we’ll bring Tim in here and get some thoughts and just share with you guys kinda what we have envisioned is I’m running so many different communities right now. I just feel like in full transparency, I just have not been able to dedicate time to the Dvy web designer’s Facebook group, and I think that’s a dang shame.

[00:05:37] Josh: So I was thinking who could do a good job running this and building this effectively? And there is no one I could think of better than the man behind Divvy life, tim Stifler. So Tim, welcome man. Thank you so much for. Doing what you do, and I’m so excited about the future. I, I’m sure everyone’s really curious to, to hear about what’s planned and what we, what we’re thinking about.

[00:05:58] Tim: Yeah, absolutely. Thanks Josh. Appreciate it. And thanks for, uh, thinking of me and, and, uh, wanting me to, uh, take over the group. Um, so yeah, as Josh mentioned, I’m gonna be taking over the group and, um, so my company, DVY Life will be running the group. But first thing I have to say right off the bat is the group is not changing.

[00:06:16] Tim: It’s gonna continue to be. D web designers, it’s gonna feel the same, look, the same. The culture and community that Josh has cultivated over the last, what, seven years , once the group was founded,

[00:06:29] Josh: let’s see, I, I started it in September of 2016. So at the time of recording this, six years. Six years. Six years.

[00:06:36] Tim: Six plus, yeah. So none of the, the culture in the community’s gonna change at all. It’s not gonna be a Dvy life user group or like a product pitch fest or anything like that. So everything’s gonna stay the same. Um, the only thing is we might add in some, uh, some live, uh, calls and, and maybe bring in some people and try to, uh, increase some engagement with the group.

[00:06:57] Tim: But overall, the group’s not changing. So no need to, to fear. It’s not gonna become, uh, anything different than what. Signed up for essentially. And so, um, so yeah, I’ve been a, a part of the group for, um, basically since the beginning and I’ve been, uh, an admin of the group four or five years now. So I’ve been behind the scenes and so I’m very familiar with the group, familiar with the, the culture and, and the rules and everything that, that Josh has established.

[00:07:26] Tim: And so we’re not gonna be, uh, making any drastic changes or anything. So, um, yeah, it’s gonna be essentially business as usual. So just wanna make that clear. Um, but yeah, Josh had an announcement to, yeah, sorry. Go.

[00:07:38] Josh: I was just gonna say, and I’m not going anywhere, like I’m still gonna be an admin of the group. It’s not like I’m piece out everybody. I’m a Dvy guy for life. Um, DVY life with Tim. So like, again, I just couldn’t think of anyone better to run the day to day of this group. And quite frankly, in a full transparency, like I mentioned earlier, I just feel like I haven’t had the time recently with my courses and a membership and I’m offering some new programs here soon, and my thought was, I care about this group so much.

[00:08:08] Josh: I love Divvy. I love the community. One thing I’ve personally found is that a lot of my students now coming into a lot of my different programs are using other themes. Now, I still use Divvy, and I did have a thought a couple years back that maybe since I’m getting into the business realm and people are using other themes, maybe I should just make this a general web design group.

[00:08:29] Josh: But I quickly stopped that because I realized the power of being a specific divvy facebook group because when people post here the questions, the answer is the community. It’s under Dvy. So my thought was to hand this off and to be able to have it in good hands, I just wanted to make sure it was somebody who was divvy centric.

[00:08:46] Josh: And I think Tim, you, you’re really going all in on Divvy and all your resources moving forward or even more centric to Divvy, which I just, yeah, I’m super excited about just your vision coming to life. And again, nothing’s gonna change. It’s just, it’s just gonna be better, is better attention. Better support, better everything, more trainings, more live calls, better communities.

[00:09:06] Josh: So, you know, I would love, I would love to do it. I just, I’ve got so many irons in the fire right now. I, I’m running other communities. This has just been something I haven’t been able to, to nurture. And it needs to be wa the grass needs to be watered and divvy. Web designers land.

[00:09:22] Tim: Yeah, absolutely. And so, yeah, just again, everything’s gonna remain the same Business as usual, still gonna be dvy web designers. It’s not gonna become dvy life. Support group or anything like that, Josh is still gonna be around. And then Josh, for those who want to hear more about your programs and you have some really new exciting stuff coming up, how do they find you and get in touch?

[00:09:46] Josh: Yeah, the big thing that I’m working on for, for next year, 2023 as the time of this video goes out is I am creating a mastery program, a web design business mastery program. One thing I’ve learned. Over the past couple years is I’ve kind of dipped my toe into the business side of web design, and that’s where my passion is, has really led to, I mean, I started with my divvy tutorials, which I think a lot of folks here have probably seen, and I still plan to do more divvy, divvy related stuff, but the, the core of what I’m doing is, is helping people grow their business.

[00:10:18] Josh: I’ve I feel like that’s my niche right now, and I, I’ve been fortunate to help so many people go full time and build six figure businesses. That that is really my, what I’m honing in on. So yeah, I’ve got this new PA mastery program that’s in the works. Um, right now I don’t have anything concrete as far as when it’s gonna launch, but if you would like to just know more about it and get on the wait list to see what it’s all about, you can go to josh hall.co/mastery.

[00:10:43] Josh: And there’s no obligation that doesn’t lock you in or tie you into anything. It’s simply, I’m just gonna share the, the ins and outs of exactly what the program is gonna be and when it’s gonna launch. So that’s at josh hall dot slash mastery if you want to just get on that wait list and check that out.

[00:10:58] Josh: Um, but yeah, that’s what I’m really, really excited about. O other than that, same on my end business as usual. Between my courses and everything, I’m just really excited about really going all in on this new program. And the really cool thing is now that divvy web designers is gonna be supported and growing better, uh, than it has been.

[00:11:15] Josh: This is still gonna be my channel for all my divvy stuff. So like, Anytime I have dvy resources or anytime I have students who use dvy, this is gonna be the place that they go. So that’s why I’m excited to see it thrive, uh, instead of just survive as it kind of has been right now, I feel like. But that’s my, that’s, that’s my problem.

[00:11:33] Josh: Uh, that that’s my, you know, that was my struggle is I wanted to do so much with it, but I just haven’t had the bandwidth. So, yeah, that’s kind of. That’s the down low of my, my end of things and, and yeah, I’m excited to, I don’t know if you wanna share any thoughts, Tim, about maybe some cool things you have planned or envisioned. Any visions you have for

[00:11:51] Tim: Yeah, absolutely. So just to reiterate, wanna continue following Josh? Get on his email ish. Josh hall.co/mastery. If you, uh, wanna learn more about his mastery program, that’s gonna be coming out soon. And then for, uh, general Dvy courses and technical and then marketing courses, you can go to divvy life.com/courses, uh, for that.

[00:12:14] Tim: And then as far as the group goes, As I mentioned, business as usual, but then we are gonna be adding in some additional things, um, like doing some periodic, uh, live streams and bringing in special guests. Josh will most likely be our first special guest because he’s Josh Hall and he created the group.

[00:12:31] Tim: And, uh, yeah, so basically all the things that Josh has cultivated with the, the culture and community over the years. We’re gonna continue that and just, uh, emphasize it further with some additional, uh, kind of free community building trainings and, and stuff like that. Maybe some AMAs ask me anythings, uh, type of things.

[00:12:50] Tim: So, uh, q and a as it’s called. So, um, yeah, that’s basically it. Uh, thanks for watching this video. And you’ll see both of us around in the group and outside of the group and everywhere.

[00:13:03] Josh: Tim, thanks again man. I just want to publicly say thank you for stepping in and again, I just can’t wait to see, you know, the group has been incredible To this point, I, the only larger divvy Facebook group is the official Elegant Themes group, and I think that’s a testament to this community and how.

[00:13:20] Josh: Tighten knit it’s been, and how self-sustaining it’s been. So to just see a little bit of extra support and training and education on your end of what you’re gonna do, this is just gonna be even more powerful. So I, I honestly could not be more excited. I mean that, and I’m so excited to, to see what it becomes and what you do, man.

[00:13:37] Josh: So yeah, I’m so excited about this and I’m excited to kind of just be a participant in the group again too. So, yeah, just to hop in the forums and have some.

[00:13:47] Tim: A absolutely and, uh, excuse my wife who just ran in the background of this recording. Uh, that’s all right.

[00:13:53] Josh: I feel like cats. Babies, dogs, wives, they’re all gonna end up in the background as family, men like ourselves. Uh, I feel like that’s pretty common nowadays. Right. So

[00:14:04] Tim: Yeah, absolutely.

[00:14:06] Josh: All right everyone. Thanks so much and uh, take care. Bye-bye. Thanks.

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