​Today, I’m going to take you behind the scenes of the recent rebrand of my Web Design Membership Community.

What was previously dubbed “The Web Design Club” is now “Web Designer Pro™”…but it’s much more than just a new name and fresh coat of paint; in fact, it was several months of hard work, strategy & planning and a culmination of several people’s insight and minds to assist me in making this big change to an existing, strong community.

So in this podcast episode, I’m sharing all the nitty gritty details and pulling out the lessons learned to help you if you get to a point where you need to pivot, change or rebrand one of your products or services.

I truly hope it helps give you some confidence to make a change if you need to.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes of recent times:

“What got you here, won’t get you there.”

We all need to often evolve and make sure our offerings are getting RESULTS for our customers!

In this episode:

00:00 – Introduction
01:36 – The 3 reasons
02:43 – 1) Why the change
09:20 – 2) Original Plan
13:27 – 3) Rebranding
15:16 – How to trademark
19:00 – The 3 big C’s
21:58 – Direct coaching
23:44 – Pro pricing and why
25:44 – Forward thoughts
27:59 – Pro help

Web Designer Pro

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Episode #248 Full Transcription

[00:00:00] Josh: hello, friend. Great to have you here in this episode where I’m gonna give you a peek behind the curtain, if you will. I’m gonna give you a behind the scenes look at the recent rebrand of what was formally called my Web Design club and is now called Web Designer.

[00:00:15] Josh: I’m gonna share some lessons with you that I’ve learned in this massive process with taking an existing membership program and not only just rebranding it cuz it was much more than just a new logo and a new name. This is a, not a different program, but it is a completely revamped and refined program.

[00:00:35] Josh: And the reason I wanna share this with you is if you’re curious, number one, as to why I made the change and, and what it’s like now. I’ll give you the details on that, but also, I imagine, well, I know all business owners and all entrepreneurs get to a point where you have a service or a program or a product, or if it’s like a membership site or something.

[00:00:54] Josh: Definitely where something needs to just change for whatever reason, and you may not want to just blow the whole thing up and start from scratch. That’s certainly not what I wanted to do because I had an existing awesome online community and I didn’t. Just stop it or have to start over. But I saw some things in this that I’m gonna share that led to the reason why I wanted to change this up.

[00:01:14] Josh: And you may be in the same boat, but when you get to a point where you need to make a change, I know how daunting that feels. And number one, you don’t wanna stop your income, especially if it’s recurring. You don’t wanna screw over your current. Client base and you wanna make sure you do something that’s proven and that’s gonna work ideally.

[00:01:29] Josh: So I’ve learned a lot through this, this process that I wanna share with you. What I have laid out here are five main points that we’re gonna dive into. Number one, I’m gonna share a little bit about why I made the change from my business, again to see if maybe you’re in a similar position. Um, just to give you some context as to, you know, maybe you are at a point where you see some things that need to be changed, ideally for the results of your customers or even your profitability or your business as.

[00:01:54] Josh: Number two, I’m gonna share some about what I’ve learned about planning because I had an original plan last year in 2022 that is completely different from what I actually did. Uh, I’m gonna share a little bit about the actual rebranding process. Uh, as we know as web designers, when you rebrand a website or something like this, it’s not just a new logo, it is a new url.

[00:02:15] Josh: It is a new domain. It is new automations. A lot of things go into rebranding something like this. I’ll share a little bit about what Web Designer Pro is now. So if you’re not yet a member, this will give you a little more of an in-depth look as to what’s in there, to see if it’s a good fit for you. And then finally, I’ll give you some things about what to expect moving forward.

[00:02:34] Josh: I think this will really, uh, shed some light for those of you who are current students of mine in your current courses, and you’re wondering what’s gonna happen moving forward. So we’ll hit that at the end here.

[00:02:43] Josh: So let’s start out with number one, why the change? For me there’s an aspect of like my business and the personal side of why I wanted to make this change. And then more importantly, there’s the aspects of my students and those of you who have been through my courses and have been in my web design club, my my web design membership.

[00:03:04] Josh: it’s mostly, that’s honestly a higher percentage as to why I made this change is about the results for students, and this is what I mean, what I’ve found with my previous setup, if you, if you’re new to the podcast and you’re new to my brand, if you didn’t know my previous setup, Was such that I had standalone courses and still do@joshhall.co.

[00:03:22] Josh: And by the way, we’ll talk about this later, but nothing has changed with those. Those are all still completely live and you get all, you get lifetime access and all the usual benefits when you join one of my standalone courses@joshhall.co. So I had my courses there, and then I had my web design membership, which was my web design club, and that was for coaching and community.

[00:03:40] Josh: So originally that was where you could have a DM line with me for coaching, uh, like a private message line with. That was where I did weekly calls and then there was all the community aspects and I would bring in a guest speaker every month. Um, so that was the membership portion of things, and here’s what I realized.

[00:03:56] Josh: As, because I started that at the end of 2020, I was looking at the students of mine who were getting really good results and I was trying to figure out like what are they doing and what have they done over the past few years? It’s helping them, whereas other people may be in a position where they’re still struggling and it, of course, it was a lot of variables to this, but one commonality I did see with a lot of my students who were making 50 to 75,006 figures plus was that they went all of my courses, and they then went into the web design club, my previous membership for coaching and community.

[00:04:33] Josh: So they got the training, they got the know-how, and then they got direct coaching with me, which my big goal with that and what I found myself doing more often than not is helping people prioritize what they need to do and just helping them.

[00:04:45] Josh: Clear up some action steps and focus so they can get going and get the quickest results. And in the community, people needed to have a need to have, you need to have, if you don’t already, You need to have a support system behind you. You cannot do this alone. Entrepreneurial life is very lonely, and if you don’t have a solid community of web design specific entrepreneurs behind you, it’s, it’s going to be very, very challenging for you.

[00:05:09] Josh: So I found the students that got the best results had all of those. So that was one that was one of the main impetus for, for putting all of this together, which I’ll share what is inside a web designer pro here shortly. That was a big one. Additionally, one thing I found when I was doing weekly calls, uh, and when I was coaching and stuff in the web design club previously is that I didn’t know, or I couldn’t remember often who had what course.

[00:05:36] Josh: So some of the members in web designer, or excuse me, web Design Club, I’m guarantee I’m gonna mix those up in this chat. Uh, some of them would ask me questions and I’m. Oh, this is already covered in my maintenance plan course. And I’m like, are you in the chorus? I can’t remember. And yes, that did sometimes lead to one-off sales.

[00:05:56] Josh: And I say this because if you are in a situation or maybe you have a client that is a membership that’s apart from courses, it can work. Uh, I’m not, and I don’t regret having that set up for as long as I did. Um, but why I, one of the reasons why I decided to put this all together is because I, it was really tricky for me, and I, it was a disservice for.

[00:06:16] Josh: When I was giving them coaching advice that was already in a course, and then I would say, well, now you have to go buy this course to, in order to, to really get the, the full deal on that. And for me personally, I can’t stand repeating myself if I’ve already got a resource on it. So in some cases if somebody in the case of maintenance plan ask me some questions, I’m like I mean, that’s why I had the coaching. I’m happy to share, but I don’t want to have to go over to my course and copy and paste an entire lesson and bring it back over to coaching. So I would often say I would recommend going through the course and then coming back with this.

[00:06:48] Josh: So that’s one reason I wanted to add in courses eventually, is because I, it’s hard to coach when you don’t know what information and training somebody has. I guess that’s the moral of the story. Uh, so it was a big personal thing for. So on that note of adding courses, one reason I decided to do this too was that Circle, which is the platform that I run Web Designer Pro on, finally added courses. So they’ve been working on a course feature. I checked out the beta version and.

[00:07:16] Josh: Pretty soon after I went ahead and added it to what is now Web Designer Pro and we got the courses added. So, uh, I said that very quickly, but that was a huge process. Um, but we got the courses added, so that made a big change too, because previous to that, there really wasn’t a way to add in courses. I didn’t want to do those as like posts inside of Web Designer Pro.

[00:07:34] Josh: So, Hats off to circle for really taking care of their members. If you wanna check out Circle, by the way, for any sort of lms, learning management system, community and coaching, you can go to josh hall.co/circle. Uh, I would recommend checking it out. I absolutely love the program. My favorite tools right now, our WordPress and Divvy, I’ve been a divvy user since 2014 and don’t plan to change. And then I love Circle for the things you just heard, coaching community and courses.

[00:08:02] Josh: And then the last piece as to why I decided to make this change before we get into the planning aspect of it is I never liked the term club. And maybe you might agree with me, I don’t know. I don’t know if you, I’m sure you haven’t thought about it as hard as I have because it’s my baby it’s my program.

[00:08:19] Josh: I just couldn’t figure out what the heck to call it in 2020 when I made it. I, I just, I didn’t know I went through so many different names and similar to this podcast, it’s called the Web Design Business Podcast now, it was formally the Josh Hall Web Design Show. So names can chains, and I just didn’t know what to call it.

[00:08:36] Josh: Back then, I, I didn’t want to have like a separate brand for it. At the time, I really wasn’t sure quite what it was gonna be yet. It was quite experimental, so I just called it the, the Josh Hall Web Design Club, and then eventually just called it the web design club to try to take my personal name out of it.

[00:08:50] Josh: That way it wasn’t like a weird, you know, personal club of mine. Uh, it’s a community of web designers, so yeah, I, I always felt like the club, the term club was a bit. Kind of, you know, like Lions Clubs and Chamber of Congresses where there’s like little clubs where you feel like an outsider unless you’re in with the club.

[00:09:07] Josh: That’s what I wanted to avoid, but again, I just really couldn’t think of a better name. So club it was, but that led me to eventually rebranding it to Web Designer Pro, which we’re gonna get to before we get to that though, in the rebrand.

[00:09:20] Josh: Number two, here was the original plan that was basically scrapped, not scrapped, just delayed. I’ll put it that way. So my original plan last year, and you may be, you may have heard me talk about this, was to launch Web Design Business Mastery, a mastery type program that is more intensive and kind of higher level stuff, especially for those of you who are business owners, like true web design business owners who are scaling, and you’re in places where you’re team building, you’re hiring.

[00:09:51] Josh: You’re working on high level projects, you’re really refining your services to get to six and multi six figures. My original plan was to just dive into mastery and then offer that as the next level for my suite of services. So I have my courses, my my membership, and then mastery level. However, as I got to thinking and planning about that, what I realized is that there was kind of a missing piece cuz I could have launched Mastery and I still, I still am.

[00:10:18] Josh: That’s gonna be the next thing which I’ll share later on. But what I realized is like if I launched Mastery, there’s, there’s a lot that I would want to direct them to, like the Mastery Mastery students will. That they would have to either buy separate courses or join the club, and then it would be a little confusing as to like, well, what do I go into?

[00:10:39] Josh: What I decided was if I were to add courses inside my membership, All Mastery folks would have access to that. And then anything they need as masters of the web design business is there. They can hire there. All of my courses and SOPs are in there, so a big benefit in value add for web design Business mastery, which is gonna be coming this year here in 2023.

[00:11:03] Josh: Is the fact that you get everything else if you need it and as you need it. Um, so that made me feel a lot better because originally I was literally getting going on mastery and it is, it’s gonna be a higher tier. I’m still working on the price point, depending on what’s involved and the, the term and the length of it.

[00:11:18] Josh: But it will be a higher point. It’s gonna be for people who are making at least 50,000, um, because, uh, we’re gonna be getting to the six figure and multi six-figure range in that. But yeah, I was. Now, I mean, I’m gonna make it hard for them to figure out what to do next. So that’s one reason I felt like mastery needs to come next.

[00:11:35] Josh: So I say that to say maybe you’re planning things out, a product or a service, and maybe you realize too that maybe I, maybe this is the right thing to add, but it’s not the right time. So there is the big lesson of the day in, in regards to planning, you can add the right service at the wrong time. So really work on your timing of all that.

[00:11:54] Josh: Um, so yeah, and, and quite frankly, I wasn’t quite sure at that point last year how I was gonna mix together the courses and the club just for the reasons I mentioned. Like now I’m gonna have a membership, but then a higher tier membership and then my courses are one off. And it’s just, there’s a lot of different moving parts that are, are really, uh, really tricky there.

[00:12:11] Josh: And I have to give a shout out to my, my friend Jason Gracia of Swift. Who I’m in a mastermind with, we meet once a month and he, he really helped me, um, plant a lot of this out and plant some seeds into, to making this change for you to get better results. He told me an interesting line. He was like, Josh, it sounds like you’re moving from pixels to profit.

[00:12:31] Josh: And I was like, ah, Jason, that is good. That is so good. And you’re welcome to steal that for your website, for your clients if you want to help them move from pixels to website profit. Um, but yeah, that, it totally makes sense.

[00:12:42] Josh: What I’ve found, just as an aside before we get into point number three here, is that over the years I started Josh hall.co teaching divvy tutorials and WordPress tutorials. And over the years, I have just found myself diving into more of the business space and helping people build the business aspect of things. And if it’s not clear at this point in the web design business podcast, that’s where things are and where they’re heading.

[00:13:05] Josh: Uh, now I’m not ever n not gonna do a divi tutorial. In fact, I’m planning on doing a full how to build a divvy. Tutorial, which I’m really excited about. I haven’t created a tutorial in quite a while, but the majority of my resources are gonna be about the business side of web design and yeah, pixels to profit. I think that sums it up perfectly. So hats off to Jason GRA Garcia. I’ll give him 10% if I make that a brand.

[00:13:27] Josh: So speaking of brand, that leads us to number three, rebrand. So here is the biggie. I didn’t know what to call this. I love the idea of revamping the web design clubs who include choruses. Once I heard circle was including choruses, obviously that changed a lot about how I’m gonna market the courses and, and, and all that stuff, which we’ll talk about.

[00:13:48] Josh: But then it came time to look at the name and again, I just, I didn’t like the term club, especially with courses. I mean, I mean it’s really a, a complete library now in. Of all of my trainings and information and courses, all my SOPs. So club just did not suit that, did not fit that. So I thought about co. I didn’t want to mix it in with Mastery and I don’t even remember where the term Web Designer Pro came up.

[00:14:15] Josh: I think originally, I do remember originally when I was looking at names for, with the web design club, I thought about calling it pro like Josh hall.co Pro, but I was like, how the heck am I gonna say that? Go josh hall.co Pro. That just. Uh, doesn’t sound good. Sounds weird. So I always like the idea of the term pro.

[00:14:34] Josh: I know that’s pretty popular among a lot of memberships, but honestly it makes sense. Pro and mastery. Those two terms make a whole lot of sense as far as like now in Web Designer Pro, you join that to become a web designer. To be a freelancer, solo, printer slash business owner, a professional web designer.

[00:14:53] Josh: And then when you’re ready to master your business and go six figures and beyond, then you step up to mastery for the more intensive stuff. So there we go. That made a lot of sense. So pro, I like that. And then web designer, uh, Made a lot of sense too. So what I did is I looked up Web Designer Pro. The domain name was on sale for $5,000, which I did end up buying.

[00:15:16] Josh: I dropped 5K on a domain name for web designer pro.com, and because I loved that term so much, I wanted to make sure I kept it for myself. Now, I had the domain name that does that doesn’t mean I have the IP on Web Designer Pro as a brand, so I got it trademark. and if you’re curious about how to trademark a brand or a name of any sort, or a product or service in this case, cuz it’s not actually a brand, it’s a, a program, uh, or a product I guess you could call it.

[00:15:44] Josh: But Trade Markia. Trade Markia is what I used and they’re great. It’s, it’s kind of like, um, It’s kinda like legal Zoom where you can, it’s like an online, I mean, they have like lawyers and CPAs and all, all kinds of people behind LegalZoom to where you can go online and if you pretty affordable, you can get the right setup for your business and make sure you’re, you’re tax compliant and all that good stuff depending on where you are in the world.

[00:16:08] Josh: Trademark, yeah. Is very, SIM is very similar. You can get your program brand, whatever, trademarked, and you can do it by country. So it can get expensive. If you do all countries, it’s three. As of right now, it’s 3 99. To get a. Uh, brand trademarked. I just did it in the us so eventually I may do Canada and uh, the EU and stuff, but for right now, I just did it us.

[00:16:32] Josh: So it’s trademarked officially in the us So now that’s why you see TM with Web Designer Pro. Eventually, it takes about 18 months from what I’ve heard to get it fully registered and then I can put the R on it. So like my friend Sarah Massey has a day rate mastery and you’ll see a little R in her logo and that’s because she has it registered officially.

[00:16:50] Josh: So yeah, that’s how I trademarked it. Dropped $5,000 on the domain name because I was dead serious with this brand of Web Designer Pro. And then came time to actually rebrand the club. And this was a big process because everyone knew, and I’ve talked about on this podcast a lot about it being called the Web Design Club.

[00:17:07] Josh: So it, uh, I’m just now finally not saying the club when I log. Which is kind of nice, but it’s taken months to do that. So all the good stuff with rebranding. The I almost did it with Web Designer Pro from changing the url, getting into my email sequences and automations, getting into upcoming calls.

[00:17:25] Josh: Anything that said Web Design Club now had to be called Web Designer Pro. Now are there some old trainings where I referenced the web design club Absolutely. That are housed in pro, but uh, I’m gonna just say pro in a club from now on, by the way. To save time. So yeah, a lot of work in went into that. And then of course there was the work in the actual landing page.

[00:17:45] Josh: And I should say too, uh, another big project was adding the courses in. I want to give a shout out to, uh, Chris Toms, who is my, um, kind of my side VA who helped out transferring all the courses over. She’s a student of mine from the Philippines, and she’s a, she’s a virtual assistant web designer, and she did a whole heap of work getting all of the courses transferred over.

[00:18:10] Josh: So want to give Chris a public shout out. Chris, if you’re listening, thank you so much for the work you did on that. Cause I know that was not a, uh, quick venture. So we were doing that for about a month altogether, and we got web designer pro ready and then I built the landing page.

[00:18:24] Josh: You can check that landing page out, of course, to check out Web Designer Pro. But even if you would like to just check out the landing page with eyes of. Uh, you know, basically hierarchy, conversion and all that good stuff that I teach. It was kind of fun. It’s been a little while since I’ve built a whole sales page, so I, I created the landing page that’s at josh hall.co/pro, if you’d like to check that out.

[00:18:48] Josh: And in the, the club is now rebranded to Web Designer Pro, so essentially, What Web Presenter Pro is. Now before we move on to what to Expect is three big things. It’s, I call these the three Big Cs that is coaching. Community and courses. So coaching with me, I do weekly calls every week I go live and with these weekly coaching calls, it’s one of my favorite things.

[00:19:13] Josh: Members absolutely love it because we do website reviews. Either the webs like a review for your website for your brand, or if you’re working on a project and you want to get some other eyes on it cuz you’re just stuck on some things. We do, uh, weekly website reviews. We do hot seats, which means, uh, members come as a co-host for about 10 minutes usually, and we do a little live coaching session.

[00:19:34] Josh: I’ll share some insight. Sometimes if there’s another member who I feel like might have some good insight, I’ll bring up them too. So sometimes we have a like three to four person chat in these hot seats, which are really exciting.

[00:19:45] Josh: But it’s a great way to get some like live coaching. And the beautiful thing about that is when we do these little live coaching segments, it’s inside Web Designer Pro, so it’s private, but other members get to hear and learn from it, which is so valuable because we’ve been addressing issues. A lot of people I’ve never even thought of.

[00:20:01] Josh: For example, if you go to, uh, josh hall.co/pro on the landing page, I have a live example of a recent website review and a recent hot seat. And in the hot seat example, what you’ll see in that video is one of my awesome members, Lauren, uh, she. Is doing audits, and then she has different tiers of audits and that basically range up from like 500 bucks to even 1500 bucks for an audit before somebody buys a website.

[00:20:29] Josh: But then she pro rates, like if somebody buys a $1,500 audit audit, she prorate it into the web design. When they move forward. So if it’s like a $5,000 site, they’ll end up, only end up paying 3,500 extra. So yeah. Anyway, that kind of thing was really interesting. We do those hot seats every week, which are a blast.

[00:20:48] Josh: Every month I typically have a guest expert speaker to do a training on something. At the time of recording this, uh, upcoming trainings include Katie Sandell, who I’ve had on the podcast recently. She’s got a training on how to go Niche. Uh, another one of our awesome pro members, Anne Kaza, is gonna be talking about web design, legal stuff.

[00:21:08] Josh: Um, and an upcoming episode, you’re gonna hear from one of my local colleagues, Chris Boha, who. Has a book about networking. He’s gonna share some networking basic for web designers in an upcoming monthly training. So every month we do an exclusive monthly training. And these trainings are usually great because they’re like little mini masterclass with a live q and a at the end.

[00:21:27] Josh: And they’re, they’re great because they fit in and outside of my courses, they’re not like they’re not a direct lesson of something I’ve already taught. It’s usually something that doesn’t really fit inside one of my courses, uh, that I, one reason I love having an expert in the field come and share a little bit about that.

[00:21:41] Josh: And then you have a chance to ask questions live. And then those are all archived and web designer pro personal opinion. I think those trainings are worth the investment into web designer pro alone because they’re, honestly, it’s like, it’s like a summit. It’s like a massive summit that you have 24 7 access to all the time. So that’s a big part of it.

[00:22:01] Josh: Previously I talked about coaching with me, which not only includes the weekly calls, but with Web Designer Pro, you get private direct access to me, so you can message me anytime. Any question, it can be a quick question, it can be technical or it can be business advice and insight.

[00:22:17] Josh: If you have a question about. Where to go in pro and what to what to do what, like where you’re at in your business. I’ll recommend a course or lessons, and then now since the courses are in there, I can say, yes, go inside the SEO course, go to the SEO course, go through that, then come back, and then we’ll figure out a plan for the next step.

[00:22:34] Josh: And additionally, one really beneficial thing too is in Web Designer Pro as a member, not only do you get the private line, the access line with me, but you get access to my professional referral. My personal network, um, I get emails all the time, Hey, do you know somebody who can design this? But I don’t refer people out like that anymore.

[00:22:53] Josh: Um, it’s all inside Web Designer Pro for one. I can’t take the bandwidth to just have a random person and take, you know, a half an hour lining up a call with somebody. So I do that inside Web Designer Pro. So, uh, it is access to my personal referral network of all the people I know to help you in your, your business as well.

[00:23:11] Josh: One new thing we’re doing right now is pro member calls, so every week pros get together and just have a casual hangout chat talk shop. That’s been an absolute blast. Those have been going over really, really well. And Circle now has a live stream feature where you can, this is where we do our weekly calls, but also they have a live room feature.

[00:23:29] Josh: Just it’s a, a plug for circle, it’s cool because I can assign members to be hosts and they can start a call and it’s live within circle, like live within web designer pros. It’s really, really cool. Uh, another one reason I love circle.

[00:23:44] Josh: All the chorus is in there now. And as you imagine, uh, I’m sure you have this question. I know it’s taken 24 minutes to get to it, but, uh, you’re probably curious about price points since all this is included. So as of right now, this may change by the way, um, because I feel like, actually one of my colleagues said, dude, I. This is like you’re charging way too low for all of this stuff. But I said right now I feel like this is a good price point for the first phase of this before the price ends up going up.

[00:24:10] Josh: But as of right now, there is a quarterly and an annual option to join Web Designer Pro. And since we just covered everything it includes, it includes all my courses, which are nearly a $3,000 investment, right themselves. So with Web Designer Pro, it is 5 99 per quarter, which breaks down to 1 99 a. And then, or you can go 1 99 per year annually.

[00:24:33] Josh: So those are the two price points. 5 99 per quarter, 1 99, uh, 1 99, 9 , 2000 for a year. And then when you join for a year, you also get an annual call with me, a coaching call, anytime you want to use it. The reason I did that, by the way, I, I’ve had a lot of questions about monthly options and I, I, I could consider it.

[00:24:53] Josh: The only thing about monthly is that this is results driven. Uh, and if, if I do end up adding a monthly, it will be, you’ll basically save money the, if you go quarterly or annual. So the monthly would be more expensive overall, but. The main reason I did quarterly and annual, quite honestly, is for you, it’s, it’s about results.

[00:25:10] Josh: I do not want somebody to jump in and spend two weeks there and go through one course and do one call on the leave. That’s not, I mean that, that’s not what this is about. This is about results for students and you need at least three months. To really go through the necessary training you’ll need in your business to start getting some results.

[00:25:28] Josh: And that’s why I did the quarterly or annual option. So quarterly, if you don’t have the budget to be able to invest fully yet for a full year, but those of you who can and are ready to lock in a year access and get the most out of it for that year, then we can go. So that’s where Webs on Pro is at right now.

[00:25:44] Josh: So finally, a couple things to wrap this up. What to expect moving forward. Uh, for current students, everything is all the same. You’ll still get access, lifetime access to all the courses. I will continue to keep the courses updated, both standalone and and web designer pro.

[00:26:01] Josh: What is going to change is moving forward, all of my new stuff is going to go inside a web designer pro. So I’ve got a couple potential courses, one about copywriting, one about email marketing for web designers. Um, there’s quite a few courses that I’m gonna be adding strictly inside a web designer pro, whereas my standalone courses will likely just stay the way they are, but they will be updated and current students still get access to all the things that you get access to with including the Student Center for help. And I still go live every month, once a month for all my students as well. Um, so yeah, new resources though are heading into pro.

[00:26:36] Josh: And then the last thing about stuff moving forward is mastery. Yes. Like I said earlier, mastery is still in the works. That is gonna be the next level up .In mastery, we’re gonna dive more into scaling your business, hiring team building. We’re gonna getting into more advanced levels of marketing. We’re gonna get into like time management and things where those of you who are really focusing on being a business owner Mastery is, is what’s gonna be the next level for you.

[00:27:04] Josh: And since pretty much everyone in mastery will be having some sort of team, whether it’s, you know, just one subcontractor or a full fledged team, Masters will have access to Pro. So that’ll be, so if you’re in Web Designer Pro now and you eventually upgrade to Mastery, you will get that pro rated to you, uh, when you join Mastery.

[00:27:23] Josh: So a big benefit of mastery is you get that, it’ll be a little more intensive. That’ll be like live week, like live coaching calls with me, like group coaching calls, and then you’ll have access to pro, to hire people and to have access to all my SOPs and all that good stuff as needed. So there it is.

[00:27:38] Josh: That’s an overview of went behind the scenes here of the recent rebrand. I wanna end this by thanking a few people because I have a lot of people who have said, how do you do all this, Josh? Like, how? How are you getting all this done? Quite frankly, it’s because it’s not me. It’s not just me. There was a lot of people who helped with this practically and with mindset and stuff too.

[00:27:59] Josh: I’ve already mentioned Jason Gracia have Swyft sites. He was the one who planted the seed to have a higher offer and to really look at the results I’ve got for students and make something that is getting all students the best results possible so Jason shout, shout out to Jason, who I’m in the Mastermind with.

[00:28:16] Josh: Another person who really helped me out with this as well is Shannon Madder. If you don’t know Shannon, she is incredible. She is my direct competition. She is also a web design business coach. She runs the Web Designer Academy, which is now a $10,000 annual program.

[00:28:31] Josh: Kind of similar to mastery, although we actually talked about how our programs are gonna differ and yeah, it’s, it’s quite different with what mastery is gonna be versus. Uh, she has with Web Designer Academy, but she really helped me think about the difference between pro and mastery and giving me the confidence to do this and looking at her business model.

[00:28:49] Josh: It’s, it’s kind of similar. So, uh, shout out to Shannon for all her insight. I sent her a few questions one time and she hit me back with like a half an hour loom video. That was gold. I should probably make that an episode. Yeah, Shannon’s awesome. Tim Stifler gave me some really good insight on this too.

[00:29:05] Josh: We had a lot of exchanges because Tim is going all in on Divvy. One thing I love about that, and I’m just chatting with you casually here, Tim is going all in on Divvy and a lot of people are going more platform agnostic like I am. The uh, web designer pro is not just about divvy designers. We have square spacers, we have web flows, we have show IT designer.

[00:29:24] Josh: We got a lot of different folks in there. Still a high percentage divvy because it’s what I use and recommend. Divvy is, or Tim is going all in on Divvy. So he’s gonna be a great referral source for me, for folks who wanna go further into the divvy stuff because my divvy resource is kind of end at a certain point past just knowing the divvy builder. Um, so yeah, Tim’s gonna be a, a really good partner for Web Designer Pro for folks who want to go further into divvy specific stuff.

[00:29:50] Josh: I did a really good, uh, set of, of chats with Chris Badgett of Lifter l m s. Chris is just an incredible mind. I’ve had him on the podcast a couple of times. He’s also been in pro, he did a, um, He did a training on annual planning, which is gold. So when you, when you join Pro, one thing I recommend you do is go to the trainings and watch the annual training. Uh, annual planning. Training, excuse me, by Chris Badgett. It is gold. I’m actually ready to revisit that. It’s so good.

[00:30:19] Josh: Another one of my close colleagues who has helped me out tremendously as Michelle Berman, who is my, uh, keyword seo and now I view her as a copywriting expert. Uh, she in particular really helped me with the sales page for pro. So when you go to josh hall.co/pro, a lot of the copy that you’ll see there is, um, very intentional, all because of Michelle’s insight on conversion based copy along with some SEO stuff. So she was a huge help and I think being that she knows my business really well, she gave me some insight as to, uh, how pro fits in with courses and mastery as.

[00:30:57] Josh: James Shramko who I still have as my coach. Similarly, I have a direct personal DM line with him. So he gave me some good insights about price points and what he’s seeing in the market right now. Um, he’s always, he always challenges me, which is great. That’s kind of what I’ve experienced with this. So, James Ramco, he has a great podcast to check him out.

[00:31:15] Josh: I mentioned Chris earlier, my, uh, assistant VA in this, uh, she, again, she worked her butt off with getting all the courses transferred over. Uh, so we could get pro launched in time. Cause I did set a deadline. Just like I recommend for you. You want to get a project done, you gotta set a deadline. That’s what we did. Thanks to Chris.

[00:31:31] Josh: Christian who is, he’s been on the podcast. Um, Christian is my dev. He is a, he is a unicorn magician developer. He helped me out with quite a few things in regards to this, including, uh, adding some CSS stuff into the courses and doing some really great stuff. As always, Christian’s a huge help.

[00:31:50] Josh: And lastly, I have to thank the web designer, pro community, the OG club members, and now pro members, because the, my last point on this is when you make a change like this, it’s nerve wracking. And you’re wondering, like I did, how the heck is my current community going to respond to this?

[00:32:08] Josh: I was very concerned about this. I was wondering if people were gonna feel like, oh gosh, Josh has made like this full-fledged Udemy style platform. It’s gonna lose its small town feel. And you know, my friends are in here and now it’s gonna feel weird. That wasn’t the the case at all, though. I shared very plainly and openly about what I had.

[00:32:27] Josh: And everyone was thrilled and I got such good feedback. And I think everyone likes the the term pro because now everyone feels like they’re a web designer pro in there. Whereas before it’s like, yeah, I’m a member of a club, I’m a Josh Club member. I just, you know, it’s kind of hard to say and refer, but if you say I’m a web designer pro, it’s an online community. Ooh, that sounds interesting.

[00:32:46] Josh: So thank you everyone of your listening who are in Web Designer Pro right now, you guys really, really helped me. Launch this with confidence, and quite frankly, this is not what it is today without you, the members of the Web designer pro community, because if it was just me, it would just be courses and coaching.

[00:33:05] Josh: But the community aspect is massively important behind this because it truly is, as it’s been said before. It’s been called the nicest little corner of the internet. I was thinking about reading some testimonials to you, but I’m gonna end this here. Just go to josh hall.co/pro. You’ll hear from a lot of current members.

[00:33:23] Josh: Um, there’s a couple great videos, um, from some of my members, heme, who’s a designer in Mexico. Sh has a video on there. She shares about her experience. Uh, Terry, who’s based in Texas, he’s got a video on there, share some of his experience in Web Designer Pro. So check those out and if you guys have any questions, I’m open.

[00:33:42] Josh: To answering those for you, you can email. I’m gonna publicly say my email, josh josh hall.co. Zip me an email. Let know if you have questions, go to josh hall.co/pro. Hopefully it looks right for you because I would love to welcome you into this amazing community. I’ll coach you, you get access to the incredible community and all my web design courses are in there, so, It’s time to go pro, baby.

[00:34:03] Josh: Let’s go. Let’s do this. All right. Thanks for hanging to the end of this one. I hope you enjoyed this and got some lessons that you can apply to your business. Josh hall.co/pro, and I’ll see you inside when you’re ready.

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