A question I’ve been getting asked repeatedly lately is if it’s worth using videos and starting a YouTube channel to get web design clients.

In short, YES. There are hundreds of ways to utilize YouTube videos and a channel of your own for client acquisition.

But it takes some strategy and planning to do it effectively and to get quick results.

In this shortie podcast episode, I’m going to share a clip from a recent live coaching session from Web Designer Pro™ where one of our new members asked about whether or not YouTube would be a good option for her and how to help her get unstuck through the “thinking about it” stage.

Additionally, you’ll hear me literally map out a content plan for her in this call. Categorizing her main types of client profiles and preparing to create good content for them!

Hope you find this helpful, especially if you’re considering launching a YouTube channel of your own.

If you’re looking for a YouTube course, I recommend Pat Flynn’s YouTube From Scratch course

That’s a complete A-Z guide for setting up your channel and having a more in depth content plan.

If you’d like me to help you craft a plan of your own, join us in Web Designer Pro™ where I can coach you directly!

In this episode:

00:00 – Introduction
01:59 – Getting going
03:06 – Pixels to profit
04:25 – Making content
05:59 – Have a plan
07:24 – Regretting YouTube
08:44 – Different playlists
09:43 – Web Designer Pro

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Episode #252 Full Transcription

[00:00:00] Josh: Welcome to the Web Design Business podcast with your host, Josh Hall, helping you build a web design business that gives you freedom and a lifestyle you love. Hello, friends. I have a shorty episode for you here. It’s just me and this one with you. It’s actually something a little bit different because I’ve been getting a lot more questions.

[00:00:23] Josh: in web design using YouTube. Uh, and this, what I’m gonna share with you here, could apply with other mediums, like podcasts or social media strategies. But with YouTube specifically, there’s a lot of different ways you can utilize it. For your clients without having that be like a YouTube star or have a big influencer type of video show, you can use it 100% to get web design clients.

[00:00:48] Josh: So what I’m gonna share with you here is actually a clip from a, a recent weekly q and a that I did in Web designer Pro. And one of our newest members, Rosie asked about using YouTube, but she just has some challenges and feels a little stuck on whether it’s the right strategy for her and whether it’s gonna be worth her time.

[00:01:07] Josh: So I was gonna just, Create some notes and do a whole episode about it, but I thought, why don’t you, why not letting you just listen to what I shared with Rosie and on a recent live weekly q and a and web designer pro to see if this helps you out as well. So check this out and then I’ll come back here to wrap up with some final thoughts.

[00:01:29] Josh: All right, so let me pull up this, uh, this thread that Rosie had posted about regarding YouTube because it’s a really, Interesting, uh, situation for, it could get into sales potentially. So Rosie asked about YouTube and let me get to a little concise question that you had here. So it’s really what, essentially, if you guys wanna go check this out, you can just go to the home feed and pro and you’ll see Rosie’s question.

[00:01:59] Josh: So just feel like I can’t get it going. Totally get it Rosie. It is, it is tricky. Getting started is generally the hardest. So Rosie said, I still don’t know what to talk about. I love design, love helping people with design and audits. Do local s e o. Really well. Very cool, but it’s not my passion. Big lever in design to convert.

[00:02:18] Josh: I think you have more passion for conversion design, Rosie. So I would potentially work on that. But to this point, it is really, really important. Before you start making content, you have got to know who you’re making content. So if you guys go to my YouTube channel, just Josh Hall coat, uh, josh hall.co/youtube, you’ll notice I have not posted many divvy tutorials or WordPress tutorials in quite a while.

[00:02:47] Josh: And it’s mostly the video of the podcast. There’s two reasons behind that. Number one, um, I just don’t have the bandwidth to be able to consistently do that, and consistency is key to have success on YouTube or any sort of content. So the other reason is that I am helping people primarily on the business side of things now.

[00:03:06] Josh: My friend Jason GRA Garcia said that he’s like, Josh, it looks like you’re going from pixels to profit, like you’re helping people move from just. Pixels on a website to making profit. I’m like, oh, that beautifully, beautifully said. Uh, so that’s why my YouTube looks a little bit different because I know my ideal client right now is not just tinkering around with divvy effects.

[00:03:28] Josh: Now I’m still planning on doing some tutorials and I’m actually about to get going on like a full How to Build a Divvy website, 2023 that will lead people into the beginner course and hopefully in here to pro as they build their business. I’m actually more concerned about content for the business side of things.

[00:03:45] Josh: So I share that example for you, Rosie, and for anyone considering YouTube to make sure you know who you are serving. Because if I were still doing divvy tutorials, it might help, but I’m not serving people who are just building websites. Now we’re really diving more into the business side of things in conversion.

[00:04:03] Josh: So what I would say, here’s the cool thing about what you could do with this, Rosie is. I know you’re in a bit of a transition. We had you on last week talking about kind of your passion brand that you have behind your, your current pet business. The thing is, a lot of your website knowledge is gonna be applicable to both.

[00:04:22] Josh: So what I would do if I were you when it comes to making content, first of all, what are your FAQs? What are the questions that you always get asked by clients? List those. Boom, you’ve probably got like eight pieces of content there. Uh, you mentioned some things in that post that were interesting. So you like people helping people with d i y websites audits, which could be a like free thing or a, a small, like low ticket thing that people pay for.

[00:04:50] Josh: Uh, you do SEO really well. Local SEO and design to convert. So three areas of content right there. I see. I envision the r Hold on, hold. All right, here we go. I’m envisioning the Rosie YouTube channel. It’s coming to me. It’s coming to me. Here it is three categories. One is, um, I guess we could call it, DI iy DIY website.

[00:05:19] Josh: Tricks like for DIYers, who are eventually gonna pay you doesn’t always become the best clients, but you could do that. So DIY website tricks as a category, and then you could do local SEO o tips and videos under that. And then you could do conversion-based design. If you list out four ideas for each of those.

[00:05:39] Josh: That’s 12, that’s three months, three months worth of content. If you commit to doing a video each one week, then that would be three months. If a week, if a video a week is too much, then just do like every other week, I would do more than one a month to, for YouTube growth. Um, but one a week is tricky to keep up with if you don’t have a content plan for it.

[00:05:59] Josh: Here’s the other big thing I would do. I did this when I started my YouTube channel. I told myself I would do one tutorial a. Wouldn’t, you know it 12 weeks? And so I had light at the end of the tunnel. I did that because I know most content creators fall into the trap of I can’t keep up. And I’m completely daunted about doing something every week, which is why I delayed doing a podcast for a long time.

[00:06:21] Josh: I wanted to wait till I could actually do it, uh, consistently every week. So that’s what I would do. That’s what I would do. Lisa, give yourself a 12 week window. Start with three categories, four videos, each. Seo, local seo, the conversion stuff and the DIY tips. You don’t have to do that. That’s just what I would do if I were you.

[00:06:41] Josh: That would also be a great way to get the ball rolling. You could do, you could even do it under your personal brand. You could do it under your personal brand, which could feed into the, uh, the pet business. Um, so yeah. Awesome. Awesome. Guys, I’m just catching up on the chat. So, Ah, there’s nothing there than getting a, a divine vision of somebody’s YouTube channel on a live q and a.

[00:07:03] Josh: I hope that helps. This was fun. I also hope the hope this helps if for anyone else considering YouTube or content, because the same rules apply to social media, podcasting, whatever you’re doing, you have got to know where your ideal audience is and what content they’re looking for. And then make sure you’re making content that’s gonna be for them and that you’re proud to send people to.

[00:07:24] Josh: The cool thing is, is there’s nothing like, you’re never gonna make a YouTube channel and make content and be like, God, I wanna a waste of time. I so regret that because even if, let’s say Rosie goes for this for three months and then stops for three months, she’s still got 12 videos that she can embed on her website that now they’re client resources. So you can’t go wrong with that. It’s gonna build authority, it’s gonna, it. Go for it, guys. I can’t recommend going to YouTube enough.

[00:07:50] Josh: So there you go, my friends, there’s a few tips, tricks, strategies, and insight on using YouTube as a web designer. I, the moral of the story is I do not think you will regret. Having a handful of videos on YouTube because you can repurpose those. Like yes, YouTube can do the work for you and get you in in front of potential clients, but more importantly, you could repurpose those for social media or a client resources page.

[00:08:17] Josh: A lot of different things you can do with creating YouTube videos. And I wanted to give you some additional insights and share some resources to help you if you’re serious about trying YouTube out for, for client acquisition and for your business. Um, like I shared with Rosie, there’s a lot of different ways you can organize your content. I, I, whether I share this there or whether I share this now, Just take your client’s biggest challenges and questions and use it as your content.

[00:08:44] Josh: You can create different playlists and categories of content and start small. One thing I shared there with Rosie and with everyone, web Designer Pro in that call that I’ll share with you here is to give yourself some light at the end of the tunnel. I want to reiterate that. Just have like a, a set amount of videos you want to create cuz that.

[00:09:01] Josh: Wet your whistle a little bit in the YouTube world to get you going and it won’t be so overwhelming. So some additional resources to help you with YouTube. Uh, I recently had Pat Flynn on my podcast. He’s one of my personal mentors. I’ve been through a lot of his courses. He actually has a YouTube course that I’m gonna recommend.

[00:09:20] Josh: You can go to josh hall.co/pat Flynn and that will take you right to the YouTube some from scratch course. Kind of a begin. A course on how to create a YouTube channel and start creating content. Because I don’t have a YouTube course myself, I, I don’t know if I’ll ever do one, uh, maybe one day down the road, but I would go to that course because it is specifically a beginner’s course, Josh hall.co/pat Flynn to check that out.

[00:09:43] Josh: And lastly, as you just heard, Uh, these type of insights and q and a sessions are what we do every week in Web Designer Pro. If you didn’t know, web Designer Pro is my coaching and course community, where I do every week a live q and a. That would consist on either website reviews often will bring members up to do little, like live hot seats, or I answer questions just like that.

[00:10:06] Josh: In the case of what we, uh, what we did here for, for Rosie’s questions with YouTube. So if you’re looking for some tactile. And focused insight to help you in coaching, to help you in your business. I would invite you to join us in Web Designer Pro. It really is. I mean, it’s already been an incredible community, but it’s just getting better and better and better with every new member that signs up.

[00:10:28] Josh: So I want you to join the fun, and I also want to coach you directly, just like I did here with Rosie and everyone and and Pro. So join us. Go to josh hall.co/pro to join us in Web Designer. And again, if you’re looking for help with YouTube, specifically Josh hall.co/pat Flynn, we’ll take you to his YouTube from scratch course.

[00:10:45] Josh: All right guys. I hope you enjoyed this one and I’ll see you on the next YouTube. Maybe I’ll, sorry. See you on the next episode. I was gonna say, maybe I’ll even see you on YouTube. that’d be cool.

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