Hate sales? Constantly stuck in the hamster wheel of finding new client after new client in order to see your revenue go up?

There is a better way my friend.

Once you have a pool of web design clients of any size, the good news is, you can shift from constantly finding new clients to serving your current (and past) clients who will gladly pay you over and over again.

In this solo podcast episode, I’m sharing 10 proven strategies that are working right now in 2023 with boosting revenue and landing more web design projects with current clients vs constantly having to find new clients.

That’s the true beauty of web design, it’s a quality, not quantity game. You don’t need THAT MANY clients to get to 6 and multi-6 figures in your business.

Once you have a dozen or 2 dozen clients, you can continue to offer them more services, more expertise, more of “you” as their business partner and webmaster and not only will they pay you 10X more but the quality referrals will come your way.

Ready to do that and to get these 10 strategies?

I’m issuing you a challenge to implement at least one of these strategies TODAY. But only if you feel like making a lot more money without having to find new clients 🙂

In this episode:

01:16 – Boost Revenue in Web Design Strategies
12:43 – Maximizing Engagement and Revenue
20:23 – Build and Maintain Client Relationships
26:30 – Strategy Suggestions

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Episode #293 Full Transcription


Welcome to the Web Design Business Podcast, with your host, josh Hall, helping you build a web design business that gives you freedom and a lifestyle you love. Hello, friends, we’re going to dive right into this episode. I want to jump right into it because there is a way to boost your revenue, to get more projects and to make a whole lot more money right now, today, in your web design business, without having to find new clients. And if that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what to say. I guess you just really like sales, because I’m pumped about this. This is one reason I love web design because we are in an industry that we can continue to serve people over and over and over and over again. You don’t need to constantly be in the hamster wheel of new clients and lead generation and feast and famine of new leads, new clients, all the time. Now, early in your journey if you are a little earlier into the game, that is going to be the case you have to hustle a little more, you have to make connections, you have to quote, unquote, sell a little more, but you’ll get to a point in your web design journey and maybe you’re listening to this and you’re already here where you realize, I have a pool of clients, whether it’s 10 or 20 or 50. One of my students in Web Designer Pro has 70 plus clients right now and we were talking about boosting revenue strategies and I’m like you have 70 clients or at least 70 projects. That is a huge amount of people to resell to and to reengage with and to serve more. So they pay you over and over and over again. So that’s a second we’re going to dive into in this episode. I’ve got some strategies to share with you that I’ve done in my journey as a web designer and that are a lot of my students are doing right now. That’s working with making more but not making more with new clients and having to sell. So I for one pumped about this, I hope, or you are too. So there’s actually 10 tips here. There’s a lot of different ways to get repeat work and recurring work and upselling to your current clients, but I’m a 10, I’m a 10 tip guy. I just can’t get away from it. I was like, oh, but there’s another one and there’s another one, and I made it nine and I was like, well, I got to make it 10. I can’t just do nine. I got to make it 10. And I want to limit it to 10 for the sake of time. So 10 points here, real quick, to help you with getting more projects, making more money but not having to find new clients. Number one is probably the most obvious in web design and that is hosting and maintenance. Now we’re not going to talk about too much about this, because I’ve covered this a lot in the podcast. You can just search back into hosting and maintenance. You actually, if you’re not familiar with this, you can go to joshallco and there’s a little search bar on that page and you can just search for the terms you’re interested in and that’ll bring up a bunch of show, previous episodes, along with some different resources for you too. But hosting and maintenance if you are not doing hosting and maintenance plans, do it, especially the hosting part, because hosting and maintenance is so linked together and clients will not all clients, but some clients will turn off their maintenance and ongoing services, but they will not turn off their hosting because they want their website up. It’s why I recommend doing it together. I have a whole course on hosting and maintenance plans which you can find available inside my community web designer pro. It’s also available as a one-off purchase If you’d like. Just go to joshallco to either get the course on the courses tab or join my community web designer pro to get that and all of my courses. But the reason you want to do hosting and maintenance is because it keeps you top of mind and, apart from you being able to protect your work and to serve your client well and to keep their website optimized and running smoothly, the big recurring revenue piece is just that. It’s the monthly payment subscription of the paying you over and over. But the true win in that is that you become their person, their webmaster. They’re paying you over and over and you keep top of mind, which leads to all sorts of additional upsells and services. So, hosting and maintenance if you’re not doing it yet, let’s do it. You got to get on that one. That’s the foundation, that’s the key and that leads to everything else. Second is to have some sort of growth in marketing services. Now, recently, back in episode 287, I shared my framework that I recommend for all my students as far as what you offer, which is to have services in a build category, services in support and care, which is hosting and maintenance, and then some sort of services to help your clients grow their business with their website. Actually, the episode following this one is going to be an episode all about how to offer marketing services along with web design. So make sure you subscribe to get the next one, because we’re going to take a deep dive into that. So that would be a great follow up for this. But the idea is you want to get your clients results and it’s really hard to get your clients results if you’re just building the website and just hope they know what to do with it. But if you don’t empower your clients, they’re not going to know what to do with their website. And you don’t need to be a digital marketing agency. You don’t need to be a social media person. You can pick and choose what you want to do, but I do recommend that you have something in your growth category to get some results for your clients with their website, because that is really going to keep them coming back over and over and over again. If you are their person maintaining their site and you’re helping them grow their business, you become more of kind of a business consultant than just a web designer. You will get away from being the website commodity the dreaded C word commodity. You want to get away from that. So you want to get clients results, ideally with some sort of growth and marketing service. Go back to episode 287 if you haven’t listened to that episode, which will dive deeper into that. So that’s point number two. Number three here’s where we’re really going to start having some fun and get more tactile on this. Number three is to do and to offer a monthly, or at least quarterly newsletter. That’s right, you heard it. Newsletter Email is back, baby, and I could not be more excited about it. I actually have an upcoming newsletter myself, which I will be sharing more about here, as we’re getting close to finalizing the name and getting my plans in place to be able to do that consistently. I’m all in on doing a newsletter here soon. Those are so great because in a world where there’s just scattered attention and there’s not a true way to connect with clients and in your following, if you have any sort of following email is the one. Email is the only way to get direct access. It’s why, when you lose your password, they don’t say what’s your Facebook, it’s what’s your email, that’s what they send to, and this could be SMS with text as well, but you’re not gonna send a newsletter in the form of a text, which is why email is so powerful. Plus, just from a user perspective, when somebody’s reading a newsletter, they’re either gonna be on their phone or a lot of times they’ll be at their laptop and checking email where they’re prepared to get back with people, which means they’re in a place where they can quickly buy or move forward with something or sign up for something. If you offer something like that in your newsletter Now, you do not need to go wild with newsletters, and monthly may be a lot for you right now and that’s totally fine. So what I would say is at minimum, if you’re gonna do any one of these tips, do this. Do a quarterly newsletter, one in the beginning of the year, one in the beginning of Q2, q3, and then Q4, which would be about right now. October is a great time to send a newsletter at the time of release. In this episode, and I wanna share a little case study, a little success story from one of my members of Web Designer Pro who landed two clients off of her newsletter. She sent out a newsletter and I’m actually this is Leanne Dillon, who was actually on the podcast a little while back, if you haven’t heard that episode she was. Let me look back here real quick. What number was Leanne? So the problem with getting up close to 300 episodes is now I’m starting to lose track of some of the episode counts so I’m like, wait a minute, was that 270 something or 280 something? Leanne was back 275. So another good episode to go back to, because Leanne shares how she’s been growing her Web Design business and getting higher conversion rates on proposals, and this is a factor. It’s maintaining relationships with her clients and circling back with them without having to just get new clients all the time. And she sent out this newsletter and what I’ll do here is Leanne did let me know that I could share this, this example of a newsletter. Once she found out, she was like I wish I would have made it look more pretty if it was gonna be public. But the reason I wanna share this with you is that it works and her newsletter. In short, this is an audio episode, so you’re not looking at this visually, but I’m just gonna lay it out for what it looks like here for you. It starts with Happy Fall and it’s fall time, so she’s in the East Coast, so probably a lot of her clients are used to some beautiful scenery in the fall and it goes into it’s time to look at your website. She offers a website checkup and then she has a couple of pro tips. She gives a tip on how to drive traffic to your website for her clients and then a call to action to help like have Leanne help if you need help with that. And then she also has a video and a pro tip on how to get more Google reviews two topics that are very poignant to her clients. And then there’s a call to action to watch the video and then another option in a call to action to contact Leanne for help with this or any other services of interest. And then she follows it up with some recent launches. That she did just to show some recent work and some case studies. And then she ends it with some personal notes. She attended WordCamp in Rochester, new York, so she has a little picture and a note on that and then even an update with her family. It’s titled Outside of Work that she follows up with. Now, the reason I share that little case study on a newsletter is because she didn’t do anything wildly fancy, but it was just a nice quarterly check-in with a check-in about what she’s up to, some pro tips to help her customers, an offer to help them if they need help or they have questions about where things are at right now, case studies, recent work and a personal note and just making it personable and that really adds to the likability and connection that clients feel with Leanne as she continues to grow her business. Now I share that because Leanne posed she’s a member of Web Designer Pro and she posted in there and said celebrate with me. She said after a few hours of sending this newsletter out to 160 addresses so a decent-sized list. But Web Designers don’t need thousands of people on their address you can. On their email you can have 30, and you could get one or two clients. That’d be amazing For her. Within a few hours she had two leads that opened the email and said they’re ready to move forward with websites. One is a redesign of a site that she did back in 2019. Leanne, way to go. What a great example of sending a newsletter and how to do this. Well, I can’t recommend enough that you consider doing something similar Again. Go to the show notes for this episode at joshallco 2-9-3, and you’ll be able to take a look at the newsletter that got her two clients without having to find new clients, or got her two projects, I should say, without having to find new clients. So that’s number three. Number four is something that is really really cool and new, I would say, and that is to offer strategy calls. Now, you could call this whatever you want. You could dub this consult calls. You could call this like. You could do this quarterly. You could do it monthly, but it’d be a lot to do monthly. I would do it quarterly. But the idea is whether you put it in your maintenance plans as a top tier upsell for your really high-end clients or your high-touch clients, or, if you offer as a one-off surface, do a quarterly check-in with all of your current and past clients. So those are either on your maintenance plan or clients you’ve done work for in the past and want to potentially reconnect with them. Offer a strategy call, and these calls can be open-ended. They don’t necessarily need to be something that is topical. You could do this one-on-one. If you have a lower client pool or if there’s a lot of clients, you could make it a group call. But in most cases, even if you have 50 clients, if you offer strategy calls. Depending on the success rate or conversion rate, you may get a few and that’s probably fine to do a one-on-one call, but the beauty about this is they’re not new leads. They’re not new clients. You don’t need to sell to them. They already know, like and trust you. You just need to offer them something and they’ll continue to work with you. And a great example of this is another member of Web Designer Pro, lisa Williams, who shared this recently. We’ve, actually, she’s been on a couple of weekly Q&As for hot seats over the past couple of months and we’ve been talking about this because it’s so ingenious. But she has just recently completed, as of October 10th 2023, four strategy calls in 2023. And I got permission from Lisa Lisa Williams of Jolie Design Solutions, who was on the podcast a while back too, sharing about her husband and wife business, their web design business. But she has shared and allowed me graciously to share her numbers for these quarterly sessions and they are as such. January she had seven clients do a strategy call and I don’t know her total client list. I think it’s probably in the high 30 to low 40 range. I don’t know that exactly, but we’re in that range. So we’re looking at probably not quite a third, let’s say probably 25% of clients are moving forward with a one-on-one strategy call. That strategy call request led her to have seven people sign up and it led to $3,500 worth of new projects just by offering a strategy call. Open ended call, just catching up, talking about life, talking about business $3,500 like that Hope you can hear that snap. Now, that was just Q1, q2. In April she had another. She put another notice out that said hey, I’m offering strategy calls and the beauty and the genius of what Lisa does about this is that she does it in like windows. So she’ll have strategy calls open for like a week or two and you have to book a slot within that couple of weeks. And I don’t know if she’s capped them yet, but she is planning to cap them to where there’s only like 10 spots for a two-week window. That way she can do all the calls in two weeks and be all good for that quarter. That second offer led to $2,500 worth of additional projects. So that right there, my friends, is just two offers with current clients and right now we’re looking at $6,000 of extra work that would not have been there had she not offered these simple calls just to catch up and talk business. Now let’s go through the rest of the year. July she had five people sign up, so less than the first couple, but it was summertime, but, interestingly enough, that was her biggest sales cycle with these strategy calls. Five clients that she reconnected with ended up paying her $4,200 just in July from the strategy call Again, no new clients, just simply previous clients. And then just recently, in October, she had 10 people sign up, which proves my recommendation about how important web design is for the fall, because clients are ready to go in the fall, that led to $5,500 worth of additional projects. If we add up everything that Lisa made with just offering strategy calls no big upsell, no new product, no new service, just saying, hey, let’s connect, let’s do a strategy call, let’s talk shop that led so far in 2023 to $15,700,. If we add all those up Of extra income for her extra revenue boost no new clients. Genius, lisa, way to go. Lisa’s actually gonna be doing a presentation on this here soon on Web Designer Pro. She’s going to share her process and her email templates. So, guys, if you’re not in Web Designer Pro, I don’t know what the heck you’re waiting on. You gotta jump in there before we hit our cap, because this is the kind of thing that’s going on behind the walls of Web Designer Pro and I’m sharing the high level stuff here with you on the podcast. But if you wanna grow your business, this is how to do it. It’s wonderful. So such a good example way to go. Lisa, I’m excited for Lisa to. I think we’re actually gonna be bringing her on the podcast to talk through this and then she’ll be doing a visual presentation in Pro. So and she actually has a whole post that you can see her Google Doc and see all this information when you join us on Pro at joshallco slash pro to get in before we hit our cap of 250 people. So I’ll make sure to do that. All right, that was number four. That was strategy calls. We’ll dive into that more again moving forward, but I wanted to hit that because it’s such an important one. Those last two I spent a little more time on because those are two of the awesome biggies the newsletter and the strategy calls. A few others here a little more quickly. Number five is to offer a thank you package, and I teach this in my business course, but one thing that I neglected to do for the longest time was to really make the off-boarding experience just that an experience. Not only do you wanna wow your clients when you land them and when you design and develop and launch their site, but you also wanna give them a wow experience when the project’s done. You don’t wanna do what most web designers do and just peace disappear. No, you wanna offer them an amazing like something at the end of a project and then ideally get them to sign up for hosting and maintenance and everything we just talked about. But another pro member here I wanted to feature, steve Brinkley, has a really, really cool process with his thank you packages. What he actually does and I showed this in my business course for those who have been through the updated version of my business course, which is inside of Pro he actually sends a thank you pack with a mug made by local artisans and a local coffee like roasted coffee, with a card telling clients that thank you package and then encourages them to support other local businesses. In addition, he gives a business card and some additional services that he offers his clients. So it’s kind of a way to upsell, but a way also to say thank you and a way to support the local community and if you imagine, in the case of local clients, if you can connect other clients with other clients, and even if you get done with a project, what if you were to like if you do a coffee shop website or a restaurant and you take a gift card for them and then send it to another client, you’re just supporting your other clients through your other clients. It’s a really, really cool strategy and it’s a thank you package, an off-boarding strategy, and you could make this whatever you want. It’s just something really cool that Steve has done. That I thought was pretty unique, cause I don’t know. I mean, I’ve heard of thank you packages. Typically that’s going to be like a piece of swag or be like. I used to send post-it notes which were actually the cheapest and like best hit ever was a nice postage note with my company in transit at the bottom. I still have clients that use those this day, so that’s a great little thing, but you could do like. You could do like a coffee mug or you could do again any sort of swag or stickers or maybe a coaster. I’m looking at a coaster right now on my desk from my friend, james Rose, with content snare. I think about him every day because I see the coaster he sent me after being on his podcast. So a thank you package, do something cool. Steve’s example is a cool way to go as well. Now number six this is something I teach in my maintenance plan course, which is to send an annual letter to your best clients, your A clients, your awesome clients. You could send them to your whole client roster too, especially if you don’t have that many, but eventually you’re going to get to the point where I recommend that you segment your audience, your customers, out to A’s, B’s and C’s. A’s are awesome, b’s are pretty dang good and then C’s are. If they left, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. So it’s up to you, but send a letter, an annual letter. I generally do this around Christmas time leading into the new year, because it just plants a seed to reconnect in the new year. And then, once January hits, we’re ready to go, let’s talk about the next year ahead, and that’s when you do what your strategy call offer. Ah, it’s all coming together now, isn’t it? So send an annual letter to your best clients, ideally, and it’s just that, whatever you really, whatever you want to do, I made mine very personal, I would just say, particularly if they were a client that I had worked with recently, I would say it was such a blast working with you this year and your project. I hope you’re loving your website today, just like you know as much as you were when we launched it, really excited to continue on. I got some cool things in place for this next year and I’ll follow up with you in the new year. If you would like to book a call after the holidays and the new year to talk about the year ahead and ways I can help you, let’s do it. Here’s the link to book and go. Let’s go for it. You wouldn’t really send the link in an actual written letter, but you could just say I’ll follow up with you and then plan to check in with them. So that’s it. Make it simple, make it fun. I actually typed my letters because I have such atrocious handwriting, but I would sign it and it would be really clear that it was a thoughtful annual letter and I can’t tell you how many clients were blindsided by an actual like. I actually took time to write a real letter, which just shows me like if you do these little personal things, you don’t need to constantly find new clients. Just like I was saying in the intro, you don’t need to find new clients enough to sell so much If you have a really good pool of clients and you just continue to serve them well and keep it personal. So a lot of this, you know, this is not like life-shattering breaking news things, except for the strategy calls. That was something new. It’s just freaking awesome. But this is just kind of a reminder. It’s like good things to do. Like let’s go back to the fifties and like you know when business I don’t know what the fifties were like, but businesses were you had to be very intentional and relational. That’s why there were so many like family businesses that worked together. It’s kind of like a resurgence to that. In the age of the digital marketing realm, that sounds like a new masterclass or episode, doesn’t it Market like the fifties, all right. So that was number six. Now number seven is kind of a follow-up to that and that is to do a personal check-in and this would be the perfect thing to do when the new year hits this coming year if you’re listening to this as we’re releasing this episode. So send a letter and then check in. First week of January. Check in with a link to book a call. That will be your strategy calls if you want to do it like that and anyway, either way, always, always, always, ideally check in, especially if you’re not doing monthly or quarterly newsletters and especially if you’re not doing hosting and maintenance. Do not complete a website and just say audios, have fun with your new website. That is a client and you should treat them as an ongoing client. They will pay you more and more and more and more and more over and over. You just need to offer them something, and the best way to start that, if you don’t know your ongoing services or marketing services, is to just connect with them. Send a personal check-in. You don’t need to do this often. I would start with the quarterly thing and you really you could bypass this if you’re doing a monthly or quarterly newsletter, so you don’t need to do this on top of all that. But if you are not doing anything we’ve talked about to this point, definitely check in with your clients. You can also. You can follow your gut, like sometimes you may see something and you may think about a previous client from like a couple of years ago and you’re like man, they would really like, they would benefit from this or they would enjoy seeing this, whether it’s a design trend or something that could help their marketing. I used to do that with clients and it was based off of a kind of a gut feeling. I would like I’m gonna reconnect with Gary and send him this Cause I think it would help his business, wouldn’t you know it? He signed up for more work often. So there we go. Number eight last few here is to just simply feature them and tag them on social media. If you’re doing any sort of social media or you’re sending out a newsletter or you’re doing something like that, feature them. If somebody’s on your email list and they see you’re featured as, like, a recent project and suddenly they’re getting more SEO juice because you’re sending their website to a bunch of other people, that very well may reignite something that they were thinking about. Like when Leigh Ann sent that newsletter and she had three recent projects. One of those clients was like, oh, she featured my project. Shoot, speaking of my project, I need to add a few staff members and we might wanna add a blog and some new functionality. Boom, that may have been one of her leads right there. So just tagging them on social media is a great way to go. This happens to me, by the way. Sometimes I’ll get tagged by somebody, whether they share a podcast episode or a post or whatever, and I’m like, oh, I haven’t kind of forgot about them, I haven’t heard from them in a while, and then it makes me like wanna reconnect with them. So, yeah, tag them on social media or feature them in an email or something like that. Now a couple last things I want to recommend. These are a little more intensive, so these are things I would do with a pretty tactful approach, but I guarantee this will be just about the biggest ROI and these will actually lead to new clients. So these wouldn’t just be for current clients, but I felt these were important. One is to offer to do a training for their audience. The reason I say this is because I recommended one of my students I recently talked to. I recommended he consider doing this because he did a website, for I think she was a business coach and I’m like, dude, he’s early in his journey. I’m like if you did a training, a workshop for her customers of other business owners, instead of having to post on social media and sell, you could just do a training for your one client, for her customers, and not only would that have a potential upsell for her, your current client, but how many other customers that she would want to send that to because it’s a training that would help them. I did this. I worked with a company called Action Coach, business Coaching, and I did I actually did coaching with them and then it was well after I went through their program, but I think it was probably probably six months or so after I went through their program they had me come in and do a training on Google setup and SEO for some of their customers and it was awesome. I didn’t actually get a job for as far as a new client, but what it really did in that because it was a pretty small group but what it did and what it showed me is that they trust me enough to show me off to their customers and to offer some value and it just added credibility with them, like with me and them. And actually, funny enough, I just heard from the owner of that business last week. He left me a voicemail saying they had a lead for some some wouldn’t you know what marketing services and he wasn’t sure if I was would be able to help them or knew of somebody who could help them. So to this day, that was, I did that. I think I did that in 2012. So to this day 2023, over 10 years ago I’m still getting leads from that sort of thing. It’s still working today. So get on it guys, let’s do it. I hope this has given you some confidence and ideas to do something similar, and it may just come down to you offering it, offering that kind of thing like offer to do a workshop for your customer, for their customers, particularly if it’s something like a business coach or somebody who’s involved with all of their businesses, and then, finally, you could also feature them in an interview series If you are interested. This could work for both finding new clients and getting exposed to their network and circling back around with current clients. If you were to do a little interview series, like a little like get 10 previous clients and just say, hey, I’m doing a little series and featuring businesses and I would love to feature you, would you like to come on? We could do Zoom. It’s just a little half an hour chat. We just talk about your business, what’s working for you and your industry. If you were to send that out in your newsletter, post it on social media and connect a lot of people. Not only will you be exposed to their network because this is a strategy I recommend for getting in front of new clients but it deepens the relationship with your current clients, just like doing a training for their audience, if they’re a business coach, for example, because they trust you and they’re like wow, josh has taken the time to like, feature me and talk about my business on this little series he’s doing Heck. Yeah, I’ll do it. Everyone wants to talk about themselves and talk about their business, and then I guarantee, if you talk to 10 current or past clients and share what they’re up to, they’ll be like by the way, what are some things that you’re seeing? Or, by the way, we’ve been thinking about doing something to our website or adding something new, or doing email marketing or SEO or whatever. And then you’ll be the next Leanne and next Lisa and next Steve and people who are in Web Designer Pro here that I’m working with who are getting incredible results and not having to hustle for new clients all the time. So let’s do a quick recap here. I know that was a lot to digest, but these are some strategies that are working right now, and especially for those of you who hate sales. If you hate sales, you got current clients. Have them, pay you over and over, but you just got to offer them something and you can do that by. Number one, a hosting and maintenance plan staying top of mine. Number two, offering results based services in your growth category. Number three, a monthly or quarterly newsletter. Number four, the strategy calls, which we’re going to dive into in more detail, moving forward. But offer those, keep them open ended and constrain them, limit them, and I guarantee those will lead to some work. Offer a thank you package. Make it a nice off-boarding experience. Send an annual letter to your A clients. Do that next month or early December, if you’re listening to this. When it comes out, try it out. Send an annual letter to all your clients, or your best clients if you have a lot of clients. It won’t take you that much time. You’ll thank me later, especially once your revenue starts going up and up. So do that. Plan to do that. Put it on your schedule, put it on your calendar right now. If you’re driving, pull over. Don’t do it while you’re driving. Make a note, josh said send an annual letter to a clients or all my clients, if you’ve got like eight and Just yeah, you’ll think later. Seven Send a personal video or a check-in email if you’re not doing any of these things. Eight feature them or tag them on social media. Number nine Perhaps offer to do a workshop or a training for their audience if they could be potential customers for you, or to deepen the relationship with them and Feature them in a series if you would like to do a little interview series Showcasing what they do. Again, all strategies that will just deepen the relationship with your current clients so that you don’t need to constantly hustle to find new clients. So I hope you enjoyed this one. Friends, I would love to hear your favorite takeaway on this. Go to joshallco 293 to leave me a comment. That’s the right episode, right, are we on to? Yeah, we’re on 293. So go to joshallco, slash 293. Leave me a comment. Let me know your favorite one or your top 10, the 10. Let me know your favorite takeaways on this one. I would love to read those and hear those. I do respond to all the podcast comments and man, some fun stuff up ahead again. The next episode coming up is gonna be with a repeat guest, jen Ellsworth of click charisma, who has done a really good job at Doing marketing services along with web design. So we’re gonna take a deep dive into that next. It’s a great follow-up to the second recommendation here and again, I hope you enjoyed the idea of this newsletter. The strategy calls a thank you package. I would love to hear your thoughts on on what you’re gonna do. But don’t try to do it. Don’t think about doing it. Do it, do something. Do one of these. You have got to take action if you want to see your numbers go up, and I want that for you. So there’s a ton of ideas here. I limited it to 10, but you could do any one of these, and any one of these will start to make some amazing changes in your business, and I’m here to help you if you want to help deciding what to do, how to do it. That is what Web designer pro is for. It’s what one of the main reasons I created this coaching community is to give me access to you and you access to me to help you through some of this stuff. I would not have been able to send and show these examples of Leanne and Lisa and Steve, had I not had web designer pro Unless somebody just randomly a student, just randomly said, hey, here’s what I’m doing it Generally. It’s not the way it works as an educator in a course, clear. It’s why I love having a coaching community, because we can go deeper together and I will literally, friends, I will help you decide which of these strategies works for you right now with your business, and your numbers can go up Immediately. So that’s what pro is for. If you are ready for your revenue to boost up right now, then join us in pro with a joshallco pro. I will immediately, with new members, I will send you a welcome video and I’m gonna ask you about where your services are, what your offers are, and We’ll take all this to the next level and we will immediately work on Going back to those current clients and making sure we boost your numbers up as quickly as possible. Because now is the time, friends, it’s such an exciting time in web design. I’m just I’m pumped for you, so I hope you’re pumped too. I’ll see you in web designer pro. Go to joshallco pro. I’ll see you in there. And for now, friends, I hope you enjoyed this one again. Leave me a comment. Joshallco slash two, nine, three Favorite takeaway of these top ten will have all the recap and links and resources mentioned there. All right, friends, see you on the next episode. Cheers you.

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