Hey friends,

I’m wrapping up 2023 sharing a personal message and giving you a look ahead at what’s in store for 2024.

This year has been so interesting because on one hand, it’s been the most challenging year I’ve ever gone through both personally as we helped my daughter Brea recover from a traumatic seizure she had last Fall and subsequently a tough year financially.

On the other hand, it’s been the most rewarding year I’ve ever experienced having coached so many members of my community Web Designer Pro™ on a deeper level and seeing them succeed.

My business has gone through a bit of a change this year from originally leading with courses and having a membership offer on the backend to this year, making Web Designer Pro™ the main offer with community, courses and coaching all in one.

And while this change wasn’t easy…it’s now safe to say that it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

2024 is going to be huge and amazing, not only for me but all students in my courses and members of Pro.

“Sometimes you have to change something good to make something great.”

However the quote goes 🙂

That’s the big lesson I’ve learned this year! Hope it resonates with you if you’ve pivoted or transitioned your biz in any way!

On top of sharing a little more about this, I’m also giving you a look ahead at what’s in store for 2024 including:

  • Capping Web Designer Pro™ at 250 members (currently 167)
  • My new course Scale Your Way which drops next month!
  • What courses I plan to revamp this year
  • What social media platform I might dive into
  • The new Pro Swag that is available now!
  • And a teaser of my upcoming group coaching program “Web Design Business Mastery” exclusively for Pro members who are heading towards a 6 and multi-6 figure range in your biz

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Episode #305 Full Transcription


Welcome to the Web Design Business Podcast, with your host, josh Hall, helping you build a web design business that gives you freedom and a lifestyle you love. Hey friends, it’s Josh here and it’s just me with you in this one. We are going to wrap up 2023, the final episode of 2023 with just me with you in this one. I wanted to share some personal thoughts with you and just check in with you as we get ready to end this year and, most importantly, share with you a look at what’s ahead in 2024. I want to share with you what I have planned for at least Q1 and into Q2 to get you ready, so you know what to expect and to anticipate here as we head into the new year, so I can help you better grow your business, build your web design business, run it effectively, scale it your way and have some fun doing it as well. That’s my big goal this year in 2024 is, I feel like and I found this with a lot of members of Web Designer Pro we just had last week our Christmas call. Every year we do an annual Christmas hangout, zoom style, and one thing I found is a lot of members have spent the majority of this year solidifying systems, building their processes, and a lot of them have had really good years. This year, in 2024, is going to be the year that we double down on everything that’s in place and really go to the next level. So I’m kind of in the same camp myself for my business. So that’s you. I’m really excited for you and if you have work to do, it’s all good. It is never too late to work on your business, to either start it and build it, to take a side hustle full time, or to take what you have in place and really refine things so you can be more profitable and grow that sucker. This year in 2024, because I truly believe the sky is the limit and even with everything that’s going on, with AI and technology moving at such a feverish pace, the reality is the opportunity for web design is honestly, truthfully and I mean this genuinely greater than ever. And the cool thing about web design as I’m already off on a tangent as we kick this off no surprise is you can do what you want to do. That’s what is so awesome about where web design is right now. You know I’ve said it all year All roads lead to web design and the cool thing about that is you can bring all of your ancillary services and secondary services, things like graphic design, video work, things like copywriting, seo, ads, whatever you’re doing, you can bring all those into web design, or you can make web design the big thing and then figure out what roads you want to explore off of a website design for new clients. So that’s what’s so exciting about this and that’s one thing I found as I’m coaching a lot of members of web designer pro. Not one member has the exact same setup as everybody else and if you’re new to my brand, I want you to know that as well that my teaching and all my courses and everything I have in my coaching community web designer pro it is what I did. But I’ve also pulled from a lot of my colleagues and what a lot of my friends have done excuse me, in their web design businesses and what a lot of my students are doing based off their superpowers and based off their interests. But the commonality is web design. We all build websites or we were doing what we want to do as far as our online web design presences, because I have some people who aren’t actually building right now they’re more marketing and design but they have developers who are building, so there’s so many things you can do, which is really exciting. I hope you’re excited for 2024, because I sure am, and I’m excited to help you in every way I can through this podcast, through my coaching, community web designer pro, all my courses and all my upcoming resources, which I’m going to share with you. What’s ahead? First off, though, I want to just share a personal note to say thank you. Thank you for listening to the show. This show has grown pretty significantly over the last year or so. We’ve had steady growth every year since I launched it in the fall of 2019, but 2024, excuse me, 2023 was far and away the biggest year of growth for us, which is really cool. I’m averaging I do six episodes on average a month, four interviews and two solo episodes, and we’re averaging about 3,500 downloads per week. And then that’s not including the YouTube interview. Like the interviews that go up on YouTube, which often get about a third of that, depending on the interview. Some of the interviews have gone pretty wild with thousands of views, but that’s kind of where we’re at right now About 5,000 downloads in plays per month, which is per week. So we’re at like 20K per month, which is pretty amazing. So I want to say thank you. I’ve been really trying to serve you well through this podcast and I kind of wondered. It’s funny now that we’re over 300 episodes. I wondered once we get to 300 or 400, are we going to start duplicating topics and is anything getting beginning fresh? I mean, how much can we talk about web design, pricing and invoices and proposals? And well, come to find out. You could talk about it a lot, because not only are things changing, but there’s so many ways to do things, so it’s kind of fun to explore the ancillary ways to go about it. So, all that to say thank you for listening, for being a subscriber, for leaving podcast reviews. It really does help grow the show. This is by far my biggest channel for growing my business and bringing people into my world and helping serve you better and better, and I just love the format of podcasting and I really appreciate you listening and sticking with me and I’m excited to share with you what’s ahead in 2024. Before I do that, though, on a personal note, aside from saying thank you, I just wanted to give you a little bit of an update on my family, my daughter Bria, which some of you know, if you’ve been listening for a while my sweet daughter, bria, back last fall in 2022. She had and Bria is a special needs kiddo she has a rare chromosome one deletion which affects development, and she is quite small, she’s very petite for her age but she’s making amazing progress. She’s doing, she’s just such an amazing little kiddo. Now she’s not fully verbal, so she only says about six words. So we’re kind of in the. Our next big thing with her is really communication, now that she’s five, and really kind of helping out with that. But anyway, setting the framework or the foundation on that, to share with you that, if you didn’t know, last fall in 2022, she had a traumatic seizure, a prolonged seizure, which probably happened. We don’t know how long she was having it, but we found her in the morning of October 10th and we could just tell something was not right at all. She just had this stare which was completely traumatizing for me and my wife, emily. So we called the squad immediately and she was rushed to the hospital and they said she was having a focal seizure. That was basically not a typical like shaking seizure, so she looked fine on the monitor. That’s what threw us off. I share more detail in a previous podcast episode, which is actually not officially numbered on my website, but it’s over around the if you look back into the podcast episode, around 220, I remember that because the day that episode 220 came out as the day that everything happened with Bria. But right around there, if you go back to the 220 range, you’ll hear a couple episodes where I share a little bit more about what happened with my sweetie and just feeling on that whole situation, because there was a lot that went on that initially started a big, big transition period for me personally and for my family. After she had that seizure, while she was in children’s hospital recovering after being asleep for like 48 hours and coming out of it, we found out that she was essentially paralyzed just to recap, on her left side, and we didn’t know what to expect. And we’re still to this day, a year later, still doing a lot of therapies and still in recovery for her as she struggles with a lot of stiffness and neuroplasticity. She is walking again. We have these little leg braces for her to help keep her left foot straight. She’s doing more and more with her arm and in her hand she’s still working on dexterity. So we’re praying and hopeful that she’ll eventually get to, if not close to, at least somewhat close to a full recovery, to where she’s able to maintain her balance and work through the stiffness and everything that she has going on. But Bria is making amazing progress. Every week we’re doing a lot of therapies and that’s something that kind of kicked up this year off as, on a personal note, very different for me personally, because not only when my daughter was in children’s hospital recovering from this was that going on. But Juckston, my little boy, was born that Friday. So Bria went into the hospital on Monday. My daughter, annie and my middle daughter was at home wondering what the heck was going on. Mom and dad are in her house. I was only home once within a week, just to take a shower and get clothes one time and so she was wondering what the heck was going on. She had seen everything that we went through with Bria and then Juckston came that Friday. So it was an absolutely wild fall last fall in 2022 that really rocked our world, quite frankly, as you can imagine, and kind of bled into 2023, which we’ll come into play here. But all that to say that’s what really started this year off in 2023 and into a lot of challenges in a lot of challenging ways, because Bria was doing one to two appointments a week between therapies and appointments, as she started getting strength back and she had to relearn how to crawl and how to relearn how to use the entire left side of her body. But then she started walking in February and was able to put weight on her leg and her foot again and again. We’re kind of a very, very slow therapeutic recovery at this point to where she’s doing more and more and again we’re praying and hopeful that she continues to just get better and better and work through this. As she suffered a brain injury by having this seizure, this prolonged seizure that we did not anticipate and completely took us by surprise. She had never had a seizure before. The causes I’m sure you’re wondering like well, how did that happen? There is, they couldn’t say, an official cause, but I will say the day she went in and the day that happened is the day that we all tested positive for COVID for the first time. And we have not been a family that you know we’re like. We’ve traveled and we did our, we lived our life and we did our thing and never got it. And when she got it, it was just it affected her, and this is common. Any sickness is common for kiddos with any sort of special needs but for her I just whatever happened, just, and because she was not on any sort of seizure medication at that point, it really it just did not stop through potentially the whole night, which caused this really challenging situation for her and for us. So, anyway, I’m gonna share all that because, if you didn’t know, that’s kind of what started this year in 2023. This year in 2023 has been interesting because of the personal things like I just covered. I mean, we were adjusting to having a newborn and being a family with three under four at that point, on top of everything that was going on with Bria. So I just was not able to work as much in the beginning of this year and fall last year barely at all with everything going on. And my gosh, I didn’t even mention I did in the previous episode, I talked about that, but my wife also. The week after we got back from Bria’s finally home and then Jackson’s home, my wife had a serious bout with pre-clampsia and had a really, really serious situation. So we were literally within two weeks, we were just in and out of all the different hospitals in Columbus it seemed like. So, all that to say, it brought the start of this year and with a very different set of challenges for us, and I, quite frankly, just had a hard time doing anything creative. I was able to keep the podcast going and coach my members in what is now dubbed Web Designer Pro, because that was the first thing that was done this year in 2023, but it was hard. It was very hard and it’s continued to be a challenging year in regards to balancing a lot of the things personally and keeping business going and staying fresh. And on top of that, as you may or may not have known, I did an episode a little while back sharing how I’ve got through a very, very tough year. That was number 290. So not long ago I did an episode about how I survived a tough year in business. So some of what I just covered we go into more detail on that, but on that one I focused a little more on the business side of things, so I’m not gonna have rehashed that whole conversation here, but I would go back to episode 290 if you wanna hear what I learned in surviving a tough year in business because this year has been very tough and I’ll be completely transparent with you in saying that my business this year, from an average from 2021 and 2022, is actually down $100,000. So, while it has been an amazing year in many ways, mainly because of Web Designer Pro and what I’ve seen my members do in that it’s also been extremely challenging because I’ve had a huge hit in course sales and a lot of that is because I really shifted the focus from selling courses with a membership as kind of an option for mainly my students to now Web Designer Pro is the forefront thing, but it is a membership model as a coaching community. So I kind of went through a business shift, which what I’ve learned and if I could put a cap on the episode of 290, sharing what I’ve learned with a tough year now that we are finishing up 2023, is sometimes you have to change things that are good, to make things great or to make something that’s great, and that’s exactly how I honestly and genuinely feel with Web Designer Pro. It’s a bit of a different setup than what I really had promoted previously, which was just one-off courses and then there’s a membership if you want it. But the problem I had with. That is, I can’t serve people well if they only have one course of mine. They need most of it, depending on where they are and depending on where they are in their journey. And if I can’t coach them with where they are in their journey, whether they’re starting out and they’re looking to get clients, versus somebody who’s already established and making 50 or 75K, wanting to get six figures, there is just so many stop gaps and loopholes and issues I had with serving you guys, my audience, with all my courses and resources, with just having one off courses, and it was very scattered, and that’s why, in short, in February this year of 2023, I decided to put it all together and make Web Designer Pro the full kitten caboodle the big three courses coaching and community and I’ll get into why that’s been the most amazing thing this year. So that is what has kept me going. Now, that did cause my one off course sales to plummet quite a bit On top of this year being a weird year. You may have seen this as well. Now, what’s interesting is most of my Web Design students are killing it and having some of the best years ever. I think it’s very different as a service provider than it is a knowledge. I guess course creator, educator, that industry has seen a big shift this year and online courses are by no means dead at any regard. But I do think the way people are consuming courses and to get people real results, it takes more than just a DIY step-by-step guide kind of thing. I’ve really found that having community behind a course like you have the information, but you have the community behind you to help you when you get stuck, to help pull you along, to not be alone in this game, and then to have a coach help guide you when you need to have exact questions answered and some guidance and some high level stuff. That’s where what I found with Web Designer Pro that’s what’s worked so well. So while I am a little under $100,000 down this year, I’ve still made enough over a couple of hundred thousand to keep the lights on to keep my family in our new home. I did cut my team hours by half across the board and just did the bare minimum from the summer on and it worked. And I’m still being pretty lean right now. But with all the plans that I have in 2024 here which I’m about to let you in on, I have no doubt that 2024 is going to likely double. If I’m anticipating confidently, I think we’ll double what we did in this year at least. So I’m very, very excited about that, because this year was a year of changes for my business. It was a year of adjusting to a lot of personal hardships and challenges that my family and I went through with my daughter and just adjusting to having three kids under five now and again. All those things combined made this a challenging year overall. But I wanna focus on some positives, which is Web Designer Pro. Through and through. The result like it was interesting because when I added the courses in there, I was kind of curious how it was all gonna work out. It wasn’t gonna be too much and I do have pathways in there now where I guide people through what courses to go through, depending on where they are, and I’m continuing to make the experience of Web Designer Pro better and better. But I kind of wondered like, is this the right call? Because what I found and the reason and short, why I decided to make Web Designer Pro what it is and this will lead into what we’re doing this year in 2024, is I found that my students, who were getting the best results, who are making the most and had the most balanced lives and who were scaling their way, had the majority or all of my courses. They were in my coaching community, which was the Web Design Club before it was dubbed Web Designer Pro, and they had a strong community around them through my coaching community and any other groups they were a part of. So, with the big three C’s all together, I was curious how it was gonna go. It was almost a test. It was like a big case study this year and it has exceeded my expectations beyond measure. Honestly, I’m so thrilled with the progress and momentum that Web Designer Pro members have this year. I mean, it has really become its own thing. Which is really exciting for me and something we’ll get into here is I just released Pro Swag, so we have T-shirts and hoodies and zip-ups and coffee mugs and stickers now, and when I released them a couple of weeks ago, before Christmas, so many members literally ordered. I saw like the orders come through as I released the announcement on a weekly call we had and it was just like people are just fired up to be a part of Web Designer Pro and to have a brand that people are excited to wear a T-shirt of is really, really cool, and I still currently do everything under joshhullco. But I don’t know how many people want a shirt that says joshhullco. That doesn’t say anything, it’s my name. It’s kind of weird Like. The problem with a personal brand is, if you’re an educator or a thought leader or influencer whatever you want to call it not many people are going to wear a shirt that says you know Jim’s education business, unless you’re Jim. And if I had a shirt that said Josh Hall, what a douche you think to do so. It’s really, really cool on a personal level to have Web Designer Pro be where it is already. I mean, it’s in its infancy as a coaching community with everything that it is. It’s only nine months old at this point. But man oh man, are things on fire and is it going to be extra awesome in 2024? And to have people want to rep it and to love it and have passion about it? Now we have an affiliate program in there, so people are referring and getting other webinars in there. It’s freaking awesome. So I just had to share that with you. I know a lot of you listening are in pro. Thank you, and I’m so excited to help serve you on a deeper level here and coach you in 2024. And if you’re not in pro yet, get in there now, because what’s going to come up here is our cap. We are capping web designer pro at 250 members. We’re at 167 at the time of recording this and that is because I cannot coach more than that, cause I have a direct access with every member direct DM line, and that’s where I coach you. I will look at your website, I’ll look at your services and I’m going to be doing even more in-depth coaching in 2024, which is why there’s no way I’ll have the bandwidth to coach more than that. So we’re less than a hundred spots out. So if you have yet to join pro new year, jump in there now and just go month to month, just try it out. One month of web designer pro, you’ll get access to me. All the courses of mine that you’ve been thinking about are interested in in the community or weekly coaching calls. You will get so much value within just a month and then you can see if it’s a good fit for you. No pressure, no risk. So try it out, joshallco Now. With that in mind and sharing a little bit transparently about where the numbers are and the challenges I’ve had both personally, but things are getting better again, thank goodness. My wife’s doing great. Our kiddos are awesome. Brea is really just. She’s such a rock star that nothing holds that girl back. She’s doing so amazing so we’re actually starting swim therapy next week at the time of recording this. So things are going great. Annie, my middle daughter, is just sweet as could be. Well, she’s a little sassy sometimes, but I like that about her. She’s such a big helper, such a big girl. I’m Jerexton, my little guy, who’s one years old now. He’s just the freaking cutest thing. Go to, if you’re not following me on Facebook or Instagram joshallco Slash Facebook or joshallco Slash Instagram. I just posted a recent update from Christmas from my family so you can check that out and say, hey, but everyone’s doing well, we’re doing good. Now let’s look ahead at 2024. I’ll go through pretty quickly here what I have in store for you, starting with the focus being on Web Designer Pro. Like I mentioned, the cap is at 250 and that will not budge. I’m doing that because that is the level of the level that you’ll get coaching with me, and again, I already explained why. There’s just no way I’ll have the personal bandwidth with over 250 people. Now that doesn’t mean that 250 people are emailing me and DMing me every day in Pro, but even if 10% of that is active, that’s 30 to 40 people on a daily basis that I’m communicating with, sometimes less than that. What I found with a lot of members is they need coaching for a few weeks and then they’re off, and then it might be a few months before we circle back around and start measuring results and stuff. So that’s why the cap is at 250. So again, go to joshallco Slash Pro right in the new year here. Lock in your spot, try it month to month. Just try one month and I guarantee, with one investment of 199, which is the monthly plan for Web Designer Pro access to all of my courses, coaching with me directly. You’ll get probably $30,000 worth of value in one month, if I can quantify it. That’s probably a realistic way to go about that, because I will personally look at your services and convince you to raise your rates a little bit and probably within a quarter you’ll be able to up your numbers by 20 to 30K on average. That’s what I’ve seen this year with a lot of members. So that’s the big focus Q1 is gonna be all pro, to hit our cap and to really continue for me personally, to make it a better experience through and through for all the members of pro and to be a better coach. It’s interesting because I have my experience of building my agency to 10 years or building it to a quarter million dollar range and doing it for over 10 years. I have the experience of, like I said a little bit ago, a lot of my colleagues and web design agency friends and stuff, and then I’ve overseen students of mine who have been doing this now since I started posting content 2017 and 18. And I’ve seen them grow their businesses. So I’ve really the unique position that I’m in, that I feel so blessed and fortunate to be in, is that I see from a very different view what’s working for all types of different people, and so when you come into my world and I coach you, I can tell you there’s a web designer who did something similar that I think will really help you. You could take this model. You can take what I did in these parts, but then for you maybe it’s a subscription model, or maybe you wanna focus on email marketing or copywriting, or maybe you wanna focus on social media. Whatever it is, I can really help you make the business that you wanna run. So the big focus on Q1, especially and through 2024, is web designer pro hitting our cap. And then, once we hit our cap, then we’ll figure out what the next step looks like. We’ll look at, maybe, whether it’s in web designer pro or maybe a starter community. We’ll look at what it looks like to at least get folks into the world with my courses and support and I still currently, if you’re wondering, I still have my courses that you can purchase one off, and it comes with a student center. The student center is the student center forum where you can get support from other students and I go live in there once a month and I bounce in there usually once or twice a week to answer questions. It’s just not intensive coaching like it is in pro, but that is a great kind of starter place and then you come into pro when you’re really ready to go. So that’s in place right now and we’ll see what that looks like Once we hit 250 in pro. I’m kind of penciling all that right now because I’m not sure what the next step is gonna look like. I have ideas, but I really wanna serve the folks who maybe aren’t ready for pro yet, but really wanna get there, and you wanna get there quick. As of now, you can buy my courses one off and, of course, majority of my content is free between my podcast, my YouTube channel and my social. So plenty enough to get you there, to get you to pro, to where the investment of $199 a month is not even something you need to think about, because you’re bringing in 10,000, 15,000, 20k a month and a lot of members are there now, which is really exciting. So that’s the goal for you. Number two, speaking of pro, my next course, my scaling course scale your way is gonna drop on January 24th and this is going to be exclusive to web designer pro, at least the initial phase, the initial first wave of the course. So it’s only going to be for web designer pro members, which is even more so the push, I hope and urgency that you need to get into web designer pro, because that’s where you’re gonna get my scaling course. What we’re gonna do is, on the 24th, I’m gonna release the first module. As of now, it’s a five module course, so it’s not super big, but it’s pretty in depth to help you scale and it’s called scale your way. You’ve probably heard me talk about it for a little while now Really, really excited about that to help those of you who are inching in on six figures or going above that and you’re just swamped, you’re overwhelmed. You wanna work less, you wanna make more, you wanna be more profitable. You don’t want a huge team and have payroll, but you don’t wanna do everything yourself. You can truly and honestly scale your way, and everything that I’ve learned in scaling and what I’ve seen a lot of my students do with scaling their small, remote teams is what I’m packing in this course. So that’s gonna start on January 24th here in Q1. And it will be initially exclusive to web designer pro members. And the big reason for that, too, is because we’re gonna be referencing a lot of the systems and processes I have in my business course and my process course and my design course and my SEO course. So I cannot serve somebody to scale without having access to the whole kit and caboodle, even when you need it. So that’s kind of why it’s gonna be exclusive to pro initially. So really, really excited about that. Gosh, I’m pumped. If you are to let me know. And again, josh Hall dot co. Slash pro to lock in your spot to get that course once we drop it on January 24th. Number three here I mentioned the pro swag. I’m really excited about that. If you want to check that out, you can go to Josh Hall dot co. Slash pro swag, even if you’re not a member of web designer pro or if you’ve been a past member. Pick up some swag. I would love to have you rep it. It’s a cool. It’s honestly Not only is it a cool name as a web designer, about what one thing we were talking about recently in pro is it’s a lead generator. It will 100% be a conversation starter for you If you have a web designer pro sticker on your laptop in a coffee shop, or if you’re wearing a hoodie, or if you’re wearing a laptop. Think about a business owner who walks in and he sees Somebody wearing a web designer pro hoodie and they’re like hey, you do web design. We’ve actually had some issues with our web designer and, yeah, like, what do you do? It will. I promise you, I guarantee you it’ll be an amazing lead generator and conversation starter. So pick up some pros swag, even if you’re not a member web designer pro, or that’s your goal for this year. Pick it up now and yeah, I’m super excited about the quality is awesome and all this stuff too. A big shout out to printful, which is what I’m using for the pros swag, and we’re gonna have more and more swag. Come on the line here. Right now We’ve got half a dozen products a hoodie, a shirt, a zip up, a sweatshirt, a coffee mug and a sticker. But I’ve got some other stuff we’re gonna be releasing in Q1 as well for pros swag. Number four here I’ve got eight points I wanted to mention. So we’re almost halfway through of what’s ahead of 2024. My weekly newsletters if you have not signed up for my newsletter, go to joshallco Weekly. You can sign up for web biz weekly, which is what’s my newsletter is currently called. I have been loving doing the newsletters. It’s kind of a a cool exercise for me to do some weekly writing and I’ll probably bat some to get ahead, but as of now, it’s been kind of fun just to every week, do a little writing and I’m as you have seen those of you who are on my email list it’s a lot of personal stories from my experience, so it’s not something that has been covered in depth on the podcast or in my youtube videos or courses as much. So Every week I gave you a little nugget, a little thought. This last week was about the trade work trap. This coming week I’m gonna share a little bit this Sunday. Every Sunday they go out. Right now I’m sending them out at 11 am. I’m basing that off of what MailChimp tells me is the best time to send them on Sundays. But we’re gonna be getting into how to cast a vision for 2024 and how to set goals and measure your goals. I’m gonna show you the framework that I’m using. So that’s free. Go to joshallco slash weekly and that’s where you can get that. And if you’re curious about getting the previous newsletters, those are now Exclusively archived in web designer pro. So it’s just another reason to join us in pro because you’ll also now get access to the archive of my newsletters. So it’s a another perk for all members and web designer pro. So if you’re in pro and you haven’t been keeping up, you can access the weekly newsletters. Now. It’s over in the In the coaching section, and you’ll see a little tab. This is Josh’s newsletters and there they are for you. So a couple courses this year that I’m gonna be revamping. Number one is my SEO course. My SEO course is Timeless and evergreen in most all cases, but, as you know, technology changes. Seo is changing. If you did not know, the new AI, ai Google experience is gonna be coming out. I don’t think they’ve set a date on it, but it’s GSE Google or it’s a generative search experience. It’s basically Google’s AI version of how to effectively search and give better recommendations and Stuff to get you to find your stuff faster. I don’t know when that’s coming out, but when it does come out, that’s when I’m gonna revamp the SEO course, and by revamp I’m not gonna blow it up and start a new one, but I’m just gonna update lessons, add in some things I learned about SEO since I posted that course originally, and we’re gonna be really diving into Google’s new search experience. So once that’s live, then I’ll plan to do the SEO course version 2.0. I am, yes, going to also be revamping my Divi course. My Divi beginner course right now is Still relevant because it covers everything with how Divi is set up right now with the modules. But for those of you who do use Divi, divi 5 is coming out. I don’t think they’ve set a date either, but I would imagine it would be late, q1 at the latest. That’s my Guestimate on that. So I will be doing a new version of a remit version of the Divi beginner course once 5.0 comes out. It’s actually side note. One reason I haven’t been posting much Divi content is because I had a. I have a whole list of Divi tutorials that I was going to continue to do through the end of 2023. But as I saw more and more about 5.0 come out, I’m like I don’t want to do like a Dozen or 20 tutorials and then in a few months the interface looked different and, from from what I’ve seen, the interface does look a little bit different, which is why I’ll revamp the course and it’s also why I have not been posting much Divi content Because, yeah, I don’t want to do all that and have to redo it again in Q1. So once the Divi 5.0 release comes out, I’ll redo the course and I will be posting more Divi related content because I’m still a Divi guy and a circle guy circle I actually spend more time in circle, which is what I run web designer pro on. Then I do in Divi, which is kind of funny, and I love, love, love circle. They’re going to be sponsoring the newsletter here in February this year and I’m also going to be doing some circle tutorials. So if you’re interested in building a membership site or a course site or a community site, either for you or your clients, or even a place for your clients to have training resources, you can 100% you circle. I’m going to be starting to Share some circle content too and kind of give you a peek at how it works, how to build it and and see behind the scenes of Web designer pro. So that’s all in the works. As far as updated courses, something I’m also going to be doing, a web designer pro is Kind of like mini courses and I’m gonna, for now, call these playbooks. I know that’s pretty common with a lot of coaching programs, but there are certain things that we’ve really got into over the past year. Things like newsletters, quarterly calls, like setting your clients up with a quarterly call session that’s available for them on top of your maintenance plan. My student, lisa, who’s going to be coming on the podcast soon, talked about that and she has gained, or she’s actually gonna be doing a training in web designer pro in February About what she’s done this year to generate over $15,000 on quarterly calls, just checking in with clients every quarter, and that leads to more work. That was a $15,000 boost for her business this year by just doing that. So the reason I I’m gonna be doing these playbooks is they’re kind of like mini courses, because, like a newsletter, I guess it could be its own big course, but there’s enough that constitutes like a series and I’d like to have kind of a playbook for web designer pro members to say, hey, if you’re gonna do a web designer newsletter, you don’t need a full course. It’s gonna take several weeks or whatever. Here’s a little playbook, here’s my top recommendations, the highlights and and go from there. So that’s kind of what I’m working on. It’s almost like mini courses that will help tackle really tactile and descriptive Topics and a really quick and fast action plan basically. So they’re kind of like action plans, so yeah, which will live in and around inside the courses inside of web designer pro. So I’m really excited about that. Last couple things here I’m really considering LinkedIn and if you are on LinkedIn and you’re liking it, let me know. I’d love to hear from you. You can actually just send me an email, josh-it-josh-hullco, if you’d like to share your thoughts on LinkedIn or send me a DM on Facebook or Instagram. Instagram is probably better Facebook. My DMs on Facebook have been lit up with spam. I literally can’t even like look at it. Now. I don’t know if you guys have seen this for those of you on Facebook, but I’ve probably got over 50 DMs of fake accounts saying your account has been flagged. Click this link. It’s just a spam nightmare in there. So if you’re gonna DM me, do that on Facebook or, excuse me, instagram, or send me an email, josh-it-josh-hullco. But I’m really considering LinkedIn. I don’t wanna put too much on my plate, so this would not be a Q1 thing, but as I think about social media and where my content is gonna be best suited for the people who are scaling and who are taking their businesses to pro level and beyond, I think that LinkedIn is a really important spot for that because it’s a lot of business people and people who are I mean, it’s not social media, it is a business networking online hub. So I’m really considering about exploring that myself. I’ve talked a lot of my students into doing that, to great success those who have done LinkedIn Because just that, it’s not as overwhelming, it’s not as clustered, there’s not as much competition for creatives who are doing creative posts and videos and things like that. So I wanna practice what I preach and LinkedIn has me very interested as I’ve kind of kept the pulse on what’s going on there, so I might explore that. Let me know your thoughts. And finally, mastery I talked about this for the past over a year now I had been exploring the idea of having a mastery program, which is for those of you who are at Six Figures or closing in on Six Figures and you’re not worried about getting clients. You’re worried about getting better clients and refinding your processes and avoiding burnout and reducing overwhelm, working on your profit, really solidifying your systems, advanced marketing tactics. You may have a remote team and you’re becoming a true business owner. I’ve realized I help a lot of people get to this point, but I don’t have as much to help you to continue on at this point as a kind of a mastery level. Now I do have my scaling course, which is coming out next month, which will really help with that, but there’s still a lot of things like what marketing tactics and content strategies that I’m doing that can help you and your business as a true business owner who is scaling your agency and that’s what mastery is gonna be. Mastery, as of right now this is penciled. This is not guaranteed, but I’m looking at, likely, a later Q1 type of release on this. This is gonna be more of a group coaching program. That’s going to be likely probably three months, like a 90 day sprint, again exclusive to web designer pro members. And the reason for that is probably pretty obvious If you’re gonna be in a category of mastery, you gotta have all my stuff, even when you need it. You need to have my business course, you need to have my maintenance plan course, you gotta have my scaling course. You need all the stuff to help you and your team. So that’s what mastery is gonna be all about. I’m gonna it’s gonna basically be a group coaching program that’s for the yeah, probably like 90 days, a type of sprint that is gonna be very intensive. So that’ll be, it’ll be a smaller group. I’m not sure of all cap or what the cap number will look like, maybe a dozen, maybe 20, I’m not sure but those will be like group coaching calls, a one-on-one with me and really, really dig into the weeds of revenue and marketing, content creation again, reducing overwhelm, all the things. For those of you who are at a six-figure level and you’re going to multi-six figures. So for those of you who may think that most of my stuff is just to help people get into web design, the big thing through 2024 is they’re gonna help those of you at this level, cause there’s a lot of members and pro at this level and I wanna be able to serve you even better. I mean, in part of me wondered years leading up to this. I’m like am I qualified to do that? Because technically, I only built my web design business to a quarter million, which is still amazing. It was really cool. But then I realized I could have 100% made that a $500,000 a year or even seven-figure a year business. But I started this. I started JoshHallco and started my courses. So I was running my business at about 15 hours a week and then the rest of my time was dedicated to courses and online coaching and teaching. So and I’ve learned a lot with this business I just recently crossed seven figures a million dollars in revenue. With JoshHallco. I made almost a million dollars as a web designer. So I’ve made almost $2 million. I’ve learned way more than I get myself credit for when it comes to avoiding burnout, reducing overwhelm, having higher profit, marketing content growth. So that’s exactly what I’m gonna share with you in this 90 day sprint called mastery web design, business mastery more specifically. So if you’re interested in that, you do need to be in pro. So, again, another reason this is really this is all. All roads are leading back to pro, just like all roads for you lead back to web design. So again, join us web designer or JoshHallco, slash pro. That will get you into web designer pro. Try it out, go month to month. I’ll see you in there. First things first, in the beginning of this year we’re gonna dive right in to coaching and then I’m working on my scaling course, which is gonna drop on January 24th, the first module, and then we’ll release one module per week after that. So we can kind of all go through it together and I can serve you in the best way I can. So, really, really excited about that. But even as just a listener, or if you’re new to the world and you’re curious about pro but you’re not quite sure yet, all good, keep listening to the podcast. Please subscribe and leave a review of you, would. It means the world to me and it really helps grow the show. I’m gonna be doing more and more on YouTube as well, like I mentioned, with Divi tutorials, circle tutorials and some other tools I’m using. I’ve got a big, big list of requests for a new Google Analytics video for GA4. I don’t use GA4 currently because I use Fathom Analytics, which is GDRP compliant, but I think I’m gonna play around with GA4 and do a tutorial on that, because that’s my most popular video, my Google Analytics video, so I might as well do one for GA4, eh, so that is what is ahead, friends, in 2024. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support as a listener, as a subscriber, as a student, as a member. This year, in 2023, as I mentioned, you know we started out going through a lot of personal challenges, but things are getting better on that front. My daughter’s doing awesome and my family’s doing great. Everyone is all good at home right now, which has just been amazing, and that led to a lot of challenges on the business front and a bit of a shift with my business model, has made 2023 challenging but, at the same time, again incredible and perhaps the most rewarding and amazing year because of the results that folks are getting and because of what I’ve seen you guys do with your web design businesses. So you are what makes me keep going. Thank you so much. I’m excited to serve you better and better in 2024. Again, before we hit our cap of 215 members and Web Designer Pro, you gotta lock in your spot now. So just go to joshallco Any questions. Email me, josh at joshallco, let me know you listen to the podcast and I will get back to you as ASAP as possible, as Michael Scott would say. So I’d love to hear from you. All right, friends, cheers to the end of 2023. I gotta give you the old dad joke I’ll see you next year.

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