5 Things Web Designers Can Do During The Coronavirus Crisis

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Josh's Blog, News | 8 comments

As we’re right at the cusp of the Coronavirus Crisis, I know there’s a lot of fear and uncertainty in your mind for both your business, your clients and your family. There are a few things heavy on my heart and mind that me and my family have talked about that I want to pass on to you, especially as web designers as some things you can do during this time. I’d like to offer these 5 things you can do (as a web designer) during the coronavirus crisis along with an offer and a pledge as you’ll see below. Let’s get into it:

1) Count Your Blessings

As a web designer, it’s amazing that we have the opportunity to continue working when and where we want. Most likely from the comfort (and quarantine) from our own home. Many industries that rely on people actually going to a brick and mortar store, restaurants, events, etc are not as fortunate. Remember to count your blessings and remember how fortunate we are.

2) Offer Help to Your Clients

While these times will be trying on a lot of businesses, there will also be a flood of digital traffic across ALL industries since people are stuck at home. Many of our clients will be affected so do what you can to help them get their messages out to their customers. This could be assisting with adjusting hours, business details, adding new blog posts or announcements if you’re doing ongoing content assistance. Or even assisting them with social media and other forms of digital communication if you do any of those services for your clients. One of my students set up a chat widget on some of his clients’ sites so they could connect directly with people who had questions instantly. Certain industries like barber shops, brick and mortar stores, etc will have a big need to address their customers quickly in these upcoming weeks.

3) Use this Time Wisely (Professionally and Personally)

For many of us web designers, our daily schedules might actually not look that different. I know for my family, I work from home and my wife is a stay-at-home Mom so our day to day isn’t changing much. We’re just not seeing friends and family and going out like we typically do. However this isn’t the case for most people. Even a web designer, you might find yourself in a situation with some extra time on your hands and I can’t encourage you enough to use that time wisely; both personally and professionally.

Personally, be intentional about this time with your family. Try not to be sucked into your phone and the news 24/7. This is a very rare opportunity where there’s very little external events, hangouts, etc to pull you away from your family so take the opportunity to maximize time together!

Professionally, use this extra time to continue to invest in YOURSELF. If you’ve been delaying going through any courses, training, reading books, etc, now is the time. You can come out of this thing ahead instead of behind by being proactive vs reactive during this break.

4) Get Involved in Online Community

How timely that my latest podcast was about the importance of online community for web designers and right now, it couldn’t be more true. Whether it’s a Facebook group, a forum, a mastermind group or membership or whatever, use this time where you’re likely sitting at home alone to connect with others in your tribe. If you’ve a stalker and just like to watch the conversations go on, now might be the time to actually dive in yourself and make some connections. We’re all social creatures and since we’re not all going out as much currently, online community is key. How amazing is it that we have the amazing Divi Community during this time, right?? I for one feel very fortunate for the support and connection between my Divi family during this time more than ever.

Some groups/resources to help:

5) Give Back & Help Where You Can

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, give back to your community and help those who aren’t as fortunate as you. Personally, it breaks my heart thinking about how many people weren’t able to stock up with food and supplies during this time and how many kids rely on school meals to eat. And going back to point one, think about how many people and local businesses are hurting or are out of work, they need assistance now more than ever. So my challenge to YOU is to give back where you can. Even if things are strapped in your own situation, it’s likely that your way better off than so many others around you. Whether it’s giving monetarily to organizations in your area who support those in need or donating supplies or even just continuing to support local businesses, be community minded and giving during this time. Not only will it make a big impact and help people in your community but it’ll be good for you. To be a giver, not a taker during a time of uncertainty and hardship for many.

So with all that said, I have an offer and a pledge to you as I’m in the middle of this right there with you:

My Offer:

Many of you have reached out to me about taking courses while you have some extra time but I know you’re probably tightening the purse strings just like everyone else so, I want to help you maximize this time as mentioned in point 3. Now thru the end of March 2020, ALL my courses are 25% OFF so you can enroll with a big discount to help you keep you moving forward during these next few weeks. So if you’ve been thinking about enrolling in a course, there’s no better time.

*** The sale is automatic, no coupon needed. ***

My Pledge:

I’m serious about point 5 in giving back and have thought about what we can do not only as a family but as an online community; so my pledge to you is that during this offer period where my courses are 25% OFF, I’ll donate 25% of every course purchase to a local organization here in Columbus Ohio (Stowe Mission) that helps people in need. They help families in need from providing meals, to supplies, to support for child care and more. And I personally know one of the founders so I know they’re good stewards of all the donated money. Even if you’re not enrolling in one of my courses during this period, if you feel led to donate to their cause, here’s the link: StoweMission.org/donate

You might even consider creating a pledge of your own with your clients if there is an organization you’re passionate about helping out. This is called my “Save 25% / Give 25%” pledge which I’ll be promoting over the next week or so. So act now and again, remember that every portion of a sale that comes through for my courses is going to help families in need, so if you’ve been thinking about enrolling in a course, now is the time!

Stay strong friends and remember, during these times of uncertainty, be proactive vs reactive and be connected but not consumed!

P.S. This is also available as podcast episode 025 if you’d like to listen to it wherever you get your podcasts.