7 Tips for a High Converting Website Homepage

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Web Design Tutorial | 0 comments

Over a span of a decade in building sites for clients and having now overseen 1,200+ web design students all over the world, I’ve learned a lot about website conversions. Particularly when it comes to having a high converting homepage, which is often the most important for keeping people ON your site.

In this video, I’ll share with you my top 7 tips (of many) that are the most impactful and that are simple enough to add to your site immediately!

My top tips for creating a high converting website homepage are:

  1. A strong call to action
  2. Assertive CTA
  3. Results-based heading
  4. A founders note
  5. The “What Who How”
  6. Social proof/testimonials
  7. Footer call to action

*** Bonus tip *** Create a “Funnel” for multiple call to actions!

Do you have some great conversion tips of your own? Share them below!

Websites shown in video (may appear different since they are live working sites):

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