An Overview of my web design courses

And which order/path to take them in šŸ™‚

Interested in joining a course but not sure where to get started? No problem.

Here is a brief overview of my current suite of 9 web design courses along with the path/order I recommend taking them.

The order you may want to take a course or multiple courses in will vary depending on where you’re at in your web design journey, but this path is what I’d do if I were getting started in web design.

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1) Divi/Wordpress Beginners Course

I’d start with this one as it covers much of the basics of WordPress and goes into Divi for beginners. This is definitely a beginners course throughout. It’ll be by far the fastest way to learn Divi and WordPress well enough to at least start building sites quick.

2) cPanel Course

A good understanding of cPanel is crucial no matter where you’re at in your web design journey. I’d do this one next. It starts out basic but gets into someĀ advanced stuff so this one is for beginners and more established web designers alike.

3) Web Design Process Course

Next up, I would go with this one. It’s really for beginners and more advanced designers as well as it covers my process in it’s entirety which you can use if you’re just getting started or if you want to refine your process if you already have one in place.

4) Website Design Course

Totally up to you as to whether you want to do this course before or after the web design process course. It may depend on where you’re at with your design chops. If you really, really struggle with design, you might consider doing this one first then process 4th as we’ll cover in depth how to build beautiful sites that convert and help you gain an “eye for design.”

5) SEO Course

Once you feel comfortable with how to design and build websites with WordPress in Divi, have gained a nice “eye for design” and have the web design process in place, then I’d recommend taking things to the next level starting with my SEO Course. This will show you how to optimize your sites for best SEO practices to get better rankings on Google and will take you from the fundamentals of SEO all the way through some really advanced SEO strategies.

6) Divi/CSS Course

Next I’d go straight into this one to get a foundational and advanced understanding of CSS. This one starts out basic and will be great for beginners, then gets advanced which will be perfect for those who already have a good understanding of CSS but want to take it to the next level. Great thing is, with CSS, once you get the fundamentals, the sky’sĀ the limit. That’s why I didn’t separate this into a beginner vs intermediate course. I didn’t want people diving into the advanced stuff without knowing all that is necessary in the beginning, fundamental lessons.

7) Web Design Business Course

Once you have a good understanding of Divi, WordPress, cPanel and the process from start to finish of designing a website, then you’re at a place where I’d transition into focusing on the business aspect of things. You can get by with building your business without knowing CSS (especially if you’re hiring) if that’s you, you could do the CSS course after this one. But as long as you can build nicely designed sites effectively at this point, I’d go through this course before moving onto more advanced courses.

8) Maintenance Plan Course

The next couple of courses are really interchangeableĀ as is just depends on what’s most important to you but if it were me, I’d do this one next. This is more of a business strategy course and guide on how I grew my maintenance plan to a continually growing monthly stream of recurring income. You’ll likely want to have a web design business or at least some clients before diving into this one.

9) Divi/WooCommerce Beginners Course

Finally, I’d dive into knowing WooCommerce and Divi. Similarly to the CSS course, it starts out fairly basic then gets advanced when it gets to customizing Woo and Divi together. It’s for beginners and intermediate designers alike. Even folks well versed in Woo will get so much out of this when it comes to customizing it with Divi and hearing some of the basic strategies I employ on all e-commerce sites. There’s some real money in WooCommerce development but it is something that I’d recommending taking on AFTER you know Divi, know cPanel, have an eye for design, know the process of design, etc.

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