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As a web designer, it is key that you understand SEO fundamentals so that you can get better rankings for both you and your clients and that’s exactly why I created this FREE Masterclass Training “A Beginners Guide to SEO for Web Designers!”

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Includes a 1-hour video training, links and additional resources.

In this free, on-demand, 1-hour video training, we’ll cover:

✅ How to make Google happy
✅ Important SEO terms to know and understand
✅ Helpful SEO tools and resources
✅ My top 5 onsite SEO best practices
✅ 10 quick SEO wins you can implement RIGHT NOW

By the end of this training, my goal is for you to feel more confident with your new basic understanding of SEO so you can charge more knowing your websites are built with a solid SEO foundation.

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I’m excited to help you FINALLY feel more confident and not-so-scared to implement a solid SEO foundation in your website builds!

– Josh (Your Web Design Coach)

Meet Your Guide

Hey! I'm Josh.

Web design coach and web agency founder based in Columbus Ohio. I love helping people learn how to design websites with WordPress & Divi and build their own web design businesses to experience the freedoms that I’ve been fortunate to have as a professional web designer and business owner.

Professionally – I’m a Web Design Coach, Course Creator, Podcast Host, YouTuber, Blogger and Web Agency Founder.

Personally – I’m a husband, father x3), family man, drummer in a past life, player and watcher of tennis, big time Blue Jackets Hockey fan and aspiring lawn weenie.

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