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This is my growing collection of blogs, vlogs and videos with recommendations on Divi/WP tools, courses, plugins, etc along with personal web design related material.

How to get Video Testimonials from Clients

How to get Video Testimonials from Clients

Written testimonials are good, Google and Facebook Reviews are great but nothing beats a Video Testimonial of a happy client recommending your service or product. I'm going to walk you through how to get video testimonials from your clients which will help you get...

Best Courses to Learn Divi & Web Design

Best Courses to Learn Divi & Web Design

***Update January 2019*** I released this post before I began creating courses of my own and while I still highly recommend every course mentioned in the video, I just want to make sure you know I have a growing suite of courses as well that you might be interested...

Josh’s Elegant Themes Blog Series

The posts I write for the Elegant Themes blog are generally 4-5 part series. Since they’re currently not archived by series on the blog, every time I post a new series, you can find it archived here!

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