Few things to note before contacting me:

1) I can't offer assistance or help...

on your site unless it’s something related to one of my courses, layouts or tutorials. I get hit up left and right to help with random websites but I’ve had to avoid putting myself in an unpaid support position. I recommend joining my Divi Facebook Group and posting the question there.


2) I'm not currently taking on...

any one off projects or quick freelance jobs. If you’re interested in hiring me to help with your website, please head over to my web design business contact page and we can see if it’s a project that would be a good fit to take on! Or I’ll pair you up with a colleague who I think would be a good fit!


3) I don't do paid recommendation...

videos or blogs posts for tools, plugins or companies unless it’s something I use or personally trust and recommend.

If you ask me to review your plugin or product and I don’t know you or use your tool, it ain’t gonna happen.

Existing Student/Customer?

As an existing student or customer – you get top priority! I typically get back within 24hrs Mon-Fri.

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General Enquiry

I try my darnedest to get back to general inquiries within 24-48hrs Mon-Fri.