If you’re a current student that’s interested in more courses, I have a course bundle which contains ALL of my current courses for a discounted price. Since you’ve already invested in a course, I’ll make sure that you get the bundle with the course you already purchased discounted off!

Bundled Course Discounts:

Here’s a breakdown of the bundle pricing discounts…

Web Design Business Course: Normally $497 Bundle Price $300
Divi/CSS Course: Normally $297 Bundle Price $200
Website Maintenance Course: Normally $297 Bundle Price $200
Website Design Course:
Normally $197 Bundle Price $130
SEO Course:
 Normally $197 Bundle Price $130
Web Design Process Course: Normally $197 Bundle Price $130
Divi/WooCommerce Course: Normally $147 Bundle Price $95
Divi/WP Beginners Course: Normally $97 Bundle Price $69
cPanel Course: Normally $67 Bundle Price $45

A $1,993 value now only $1,299 with the bundle pricing!

How it Works:

Just email me below saying you’re interested in the bundle and I’ll send you a coupon code with your special student discount that can be applied at checkout!

Your discount will be based on the discounted price in the bundle. Because many of my courses were purchased on launch or sale periods, this is the only way I can evenly and fairly offer a discount. So for example (and based off the discount breakdown above), if you purchased my Divi/CSS Course ($200) and my Web Design Process Course ($130), then your discount would be $330 ($200 + $130) OFF the total bundle price.

Last important note: if there is a discount on the bundle, that discount percentage will be deducted from the orignial discount price. So for example, normally if you had already purchased the CSS Course for example, the discount off the bundle would be $200. If there is a 25% sale on the bundle, then the CSS Course discount would be $150 with the additional 25% applied. 

If you have any questions let me know, otherwise email me for your special bundle discount!