Divi Child Theme Explained + FREE CHILD THEME

by | Jan 31, 2020 | Divi Tutorial | 4 comments

In this beginners tutorial, I’m going to explain what a Divi Child Theme is. This is part 3 of my beginner tutorial series where I’m answering the top 5 questions for YOU who are just getting started with WordPress.

This basic 101 explanation will walk you through what a child theme is, why you should use one and how to set one up. Best part is, I’ve also created a FREE Basic Child Theme for you so you can easily install it and get going with building beautiful websites with WordPress and Divi. Download it below!

In short, a child theme (both for Divi and other WordPress themes) is a layer that resides on top of your main theme where you want to place any custom CSS, PHP or other custom code. If you customize any theme code and don’t have a child theme in place, everything will be overwritten when you update your theme. So if you don’t do any CSS or custom code, you technically don’t “need” a child theme, but it’s highly recommended. The links below to other resources have more in depth details but child themes can be super basic and simple to very, very robust and complex with several customized files.

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