Divi Custom CSS Not Working (Quick Fix!)

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Divi Tutorial | 4 comments

So you’ve just wrote some custom CSS in your Child Theme Stylesheet or Custom CSS area in Divi but when you save, it doesn’t reflect on the website…😣

Don’t worry, this is very common and unless the code is written incorrectly, it’s typically a very quick fix!

Here’s my 2-Step Quick Fix for making sure your custom CSS shows correctly in Divi is:

  1. Clear Your Website Cache (typically via a caching plugin)
  2. Clear Your Browser Cache (known as a “Hard” browser refresh)

In this quick tutorial, I’ll walk you through how I do it!

Note: While this method works the majority of the time, if you still have issues it may be because of your hosting, theme or any other caching plugins or tools you have set up on your site. So some additional troubleshooting may be required but luckily this works most of the time and it’s an easy fix! πŸ™‚

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