Here is my full Divi Web Design Pricing series from the Elegant Themes Blog where we’re exploring effective Divi website price ranges and providing some actionable ideas on how to price your web design services.

1) Effective Price Ranges for Your Divi Website Builds

Let’s be honest, web design pricing is all over the place. It’s hard to know how much to charge when websites are going anywhere from a couple hundred dollars or less to several thousand, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is no quick answer to the question “How much should a website cost?” In this post, we’re going to explore some standard and average price ranges for custom Divi website builds which are catered to small to medium size businesses.

2) Deciding How Much to Charge for Your Divi Web Design Services

In yesterday’s post, we explored some average price ranges for small and large Divi web design builds. It is however, still up to you to figure out how much you want to charge for YOUR particular web design services. Figuring out your pricing is still largely dependent on all the variables of the project to ensure a profitable web design experience for you and a good ROI (Return On Investment) for your client. In this post, we’re going over some tactics and strategies that will help you determine your ideal price point!

3) 5 Pricing Model Options for Your Divi Web Design Business

Once you know what the average price range of web design services are in your area and you’ve decided how much you want to charge for your services, it’s time to solidify HOW you want to offer you pricing. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to how you offer your pricing and some ways are more common than others. As with many other topics in this series, it has to work well for you and it has to work well for your ideal clientele. This post will provide some popular pricing options for you whether you’re just starting out and are in need some direction or if you’re wanting to explore some new ways of pricing your services.

4) How and When to Talk About Pricing with your Divi Web Design Clients

How and when you bring up your Divi web design pricing can be a make or break with certain clients. Some clients want to know a number right out of the gate. Others want to understand the value of your services and get to know you before choosing to begin a professional relationship with you. In this post, we’ll discuss some options you can apply to your business when it comes to how and when to talk about pricing with your clients!

If you have any questions or if this series has helped you out or encouraged you in any way, feel free to leave me a comment below!