My first ever tutorial series is up! This is a Divi/Wordpress Beginner Series answering the top 5 questions I get from folks just getting started with WordPress and Divi. If you’re advanced, there may be some valuable lessons in some of these videos but this series is primarily for those who are just getting started. To those of you who are brand new to Divi and WordPress and are just getting started, I hope this helps you out!

P.S. If you enjoy this “series” approach to tutorials, let me know below 🙂

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Part 1 – This one’s for the brand-newbies to WordPress. I know it can be very confusing how to install and set WordPress up when starting out, what the difference is between vs .org, etc so we cover all that and more in this one!

Part 2 – For folks brand new to WordPress, here’s a basic overview so you understand the main aspects of the backend, posts vs pages, plugins, themes, menus, settings, etc so you can be prepared to start building sites!

Part 3 – I answer the biggest question everyone has when getting into Divi by explaining what a Divi Child Theme is, why you need one, how it’s set up, etc. Also included is a FREE Basic Divi Child Theme that you can download below 🙂

Part 4 – The next big question I get and see via my YouTube tutorials is where to put custom CSS in Divi?? I totally understand that it can be confusing as there are about 378 places CSS can go in Divi so this is a brief explanation that will help you out 🙂

Part 5 – Finally, for folks customizing their sites with CSS, I often get asked how to access the stylesheet directly like I do in my tutorials so in this video, I walk you through how to do that easily via FTP. Not as scary as it sounds I promise!

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