Free Website Design Device Mockups (PSD Template Download)

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By popular request and demand, I’m dishing out my Website Design Device Mockup Templates as FREE DOWNLOADS for you! Here are 2 website device mockup templates. One is a 2 Device Mockup and one is a 4 Device Mockup template. Each are Photoshop (PSD) files.

If you don’t use Photoshop, there are several free online generators. I like this one but if you Google “free website mockup device generators,” you’ll fine others as well. However, I prefer to use these photoshop template designs so I can have full control of the design and elements.

To download these Free Website Design Device Mockup Templates, be sure to login or register a free account on my site then you can download each template with one click! From there, be sure to follow these instructions below (shown in the video) to grab screenshots of your website design, then create your device mockups in Photoshop with these templates!

Video outline:

1:18 – Online mockup generator option (if you don’t use Photoshop)
2:43 – How to download the templates
3:49 – Extracting the template files
4:15 – Walkthrough of the PSD templates
5:32 – Taking exact screenshots of your design
7:04 – Creating the (2 Device) mockup in Photoshop
10:47 – Creating the (4 Device) mockup in Photoshop

Links mentioned:

Download The FREE Website Design Mockup Device (PSD) Templates!

If you don’t yet have an account on my site, create one then download this along with all other current and future freebies 🙂