How to Circle (or Highlight) Items with Preview on Mac

by | Aug 4, 2019 | Web Design Tutorial | 2 comments

In this quick but very handy tutorial, I’ll show you a trick that isn’t directly related to Divi, WordPress or even web design but has saved me soooo much time (and sanity) in my web design business which is How to Circle or Highlight Items in Preview on Mac.

If you find yourself typing out directions, sending time consuming videos or wasting time trying to explain to client or colleagues how to do something, one handy trick is to take a screenshot and circle or highlight the item in question using the program Preview on Mac. Then you can send that over as a PDF, JPG or other image format to help save you a ton of time in the long run.

I do this, if not daily, at least several times a week. You can always include written directions as well, but this visual way of highlighting the item you’re talking about will get the point across and save time for both parties involved. This tutorial is specifically for Preview on Mac but the same method and idea can be applied if you’re using a different program on mac or PC.

Let’s do it:

I recommend taking a screenshot of the window either using a browser extension or if you’re using Chrome on a Mac, you can take custom shape/size screenshots by holding down Shift > Command > 4. Very handy trick, eh?

Then once you have a screenshot ready, right click to open preview and do the following:

  1. Expand the toolbar
  2. Set the color you’d like to highlight the item with
  3. Select the circle or other shape you’d like to use
  4. Drag, expand or skew the shape around the area
  5. Go to File > Export to save for web or just save the screenshot with the new graphics.

How to circle items with preview on mac. Steps 1-4.

Then you can send that off to your client or colleague and rejoice in saving yourself some time and looking all spiffy and professional as well 🙂

And remember, as the video shows, you can also click the highlight tool to highlight any text on PDF’s or other documents if needed. But more often than not, I use this method for highlighted the area that needs updated, tweaked or drawn attention to.

Hope that one helps save you some time!