How to get Video Testimonials from Clients

Aug 12, 2018 | Josh's Blog

Written testimonials are good, Google and Facebook Reviews are great but nothing beats a Video Testimonial of a happy client recommending your service or product. I’m going to walk you through how to get video testimonials from your clients which will help you get more sales, convert more clients and build a “happy client sales force” that’s working for you 24/7.

Today, video is more powerful than ever. And testimonials and reviews are also more powerful than ever. Mix the two together and you’ve found an amazing combo. People want to see reviews and the best way to convert a potential customer is a video testimonial of a happy client sharing their experience working with you. Video brings personality, trust and a sense of visual engagement that you won’t find in written testimonials or Google reviews.

I’ve recently utilized video testimonials to great effect on my website for not only brand testimonials but targeted testimonials promoting certain services I offer. I’ve already seen a huge spike in conversions when I send leads to my site because they immediately hear from previous happy clients who are selling me to them. There’s simply no better way to sell your service than to have a happy client talking you up and explaining how valuable your service is.

I use a new platform who’s creator is a colleague of mine and is my trusted and go-to video guy here in Columbus Ohio. I built the front-end of the Magnfi website and was immediately intrigued. I saw the value of the service and signed on for my web design business. After I started seeing instant results in converting clients, I signed on a new account for where I plan to get video testimonials for products, courses, etc.

With Magnfi, it makes the process of getting video testimonials remarkable simple. All you do is either send your client a link through your dashboard or have them click your video testimonial brand link (m-link) and they can record their testimonial right from their phone, tablet or computer. It’s that simple.

You can then review that testimonial and accept it or have them redo it if need be. And you only pay for the testimonials you accept so collect away. Magnfi then “makes magic” as we say by putting your logo, choice of music and call to action at the end creating a fully produced video. You can then upload that video directly to YouTube, Facebook or download the mp4 file for use.

It really is that easy and that awesome.

Watch my case study video here on how I use it for my business.

Why you should get video testimonials from your clients:


  • Client Conversion – video testimonials are the best tool for converting leads to paying clients.
  • On-going Salesforce – it creates a 24/7 sales force of happy clients on your website, social media and video channels.
  • You’re Viewed as an Expert in Your Field – it makes you more reputable and trustworthy to hear directly from previous, satisfied clients.
  • Client Appreciation – it makes your clients appreciate you more by verbalizing your value and how you helped their business.

Benefits for your clients who provide a video testimonial:


  • SEO Backlinks – you can link to their website on your site driving more SEO and web traffic.
  • Organic SEO – you can post their testimonial and youtube and optimize SEO for their industry helping them pull up on organic search results.
  • Social Media Traffic – you can share it on social media driving more traffic to their site potentially getting them more business.
  • Reusable Content – it’s a piece of content that can be shared and utilized in numerous ways for their business as well.

How to get video testimonials from clients:


  • Ask Them Personally – send them an email or ask them on a call or in person first to see if they’d be willing to do a testimonial. Some people are good and comfortable on camera while others avoid it like the plague so it’s best to ask people who you feel would embrace the opportunity and do a good job representing you.
  • Strike when the Iron’s Hot – send them a request immediately after a project is wrapped up while your hard work is fresh on their mind. You could always reach out months after (if your work is really helping their business grow) but I find that reaching out right when the site goes live leaves you a better chance of getting testimonials in.
  • Explain Benefits to Clients – share the information above about how you can drive traffic to their site and how it can potentially be a referral source for them.
  • Be Genuine & Real – be transparent about how their video testimonial will help grow your business and land new clients. You’ll be surprised at how willing a client will be to provide a testimonial if you explain how much it’ll help your business.

Well I hope this post has helped show you how powerful video testimonials are and inspires you to start collecting some if you aren’t already. If you give Magnfi a try, let me know how it works for your business!

– Josh