How to Install & Set Up WordPress (Beginners Guide)

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In this beginners tutorial, I’ll show you How to Install and Setup WordPress! This is part 1 of my beginner tutorial series where I’m answering the top 5 questions for YOU who are just getting started with WordPress.

I’ll show you how to do this through cPanel which is the most common way you’ll install WordPress, we’ll cover the difference between and and I’ll show you the most important settings you should have in place so you can start building your WordPress website!

Must trusted WordPress theme is Divi by Elegant Themes

As I mention and show in the video, I use and recommend SiteGround but whatever host you use, they should have a one click WordPress install option where you can install it, add the site title/tagline and your admin login information. (all shown in video)

Once WordPress is installed on your domain, you’ll want to take care of some basic settings on your site. The most important are:

  • General – Make sure your site title and tag is set and that your URL is set up with the correct path and SSL is in place if that’s set up. (as shown in my cPanel course )This area will also include other important areas for date, time format, language, etc that should be accounted for.
  • Writing – I don’t usually touch much here but you can make sure to assign the classic editor if you’re not using Gutenberg.
  • Reading – Very important section as you need to set your homepage here. And often, the blog number limit will affect other post types in your site. Best to set those at a higher number if you’re going to have more post types like blogs, posts, portfolio items, events, etc.
  • Discussion – Another very important section, especially if you’re blogging, to set the preferences that you want and tweak all email settings.
  • Media – You’ll usually not need to adjust this but you can adjust where your media files go and what format they’re uploaded in here.
  • Permalinks – Finally, permalinks are SUPER important to adjust to your preference because it will decide how your pages and posts show up via their URL. I prefer to set mine to the “post name” so there’s no date or any other information in the actual URL.

Well I hope this beginner tutorial helps you with understanding how to install WordPress through cPanel and how to set up the most important settings so you can prepare to build awesome websites!

Be sure to check out the courses mentioned if you’re ready to level up and drop any questions or comments below.

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