How to Keep the Text on Divi Slider Module Static

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In this Divi tutorial, I’ll show you how to customize the Divi slider module by keeping the text static so that the slides rotate behind fixed text on the Divi slider.

By default, the text, content and call to action for every Divi slider will fade in on every slide which is fine when you want to have a different call to action or heading for different slides. But in many cases, it’s nice to be able to have static text on the Divi slider and have images rotating behind it.

Here are the steps for creating static text on the Divi slider:

  1. Add the Divi slider module
  2. Disable the arrows and slider buttons
  3. Style your slider content
  4. Duplicate your slides and change the backgrounds
  5. Then copy and paste the CSS code (below)

Here’s my tutorial on where to put your custom CSS in Divi if you’re unsure of how to do that!

Here’s the CSS code used to keep the Divi slider text static:

.et-pb-active-slide .et_pb_slide_description {
    animation-name: none;

In short, this CSS is saying that the description (i.e. ALL the content in a slider) inside an active slider will have NO animation and will keep the slider text static.

Nifty and neat trick right?!?


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