How to Make a Fullwidth Section in Divi

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Divi Tutorial | 9 comments

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to How to Create a Fullwidth Section in Divi where the content in the row extends 100% across the screen. By default, all Divi “sections” are actually fullwidth so technically the “row” is what needs to be made fullwidth. So perhaps a better title for this tutorial is “How to Make a Fullwidth Row in Divi,” but hey, let’s get to it.

To create a Fullwidth Section in Divi follow these simple 5 steps:

  1. Open the Row settings
  2. Go to the Design tab
  3. Set the Width option to 100%
  4. Set the Max-Width option to 100%
  5. Click Save

Then you’re done! Easy peasy.

As I mention in my previous tutorial answering the question “Where Did The Make This Row Fullwidth Button in Divi Go?,” this is a work around for how to make a fullwidth section in Divi after that button disappeared with a recent Divi update.

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