How to Use Short Videos to Grow Your Business & Save You Time

by | May 20, 2020 | Josh's Blog | 3 comments

Creating short videos have absolutely changed my life. Both in helping me build trust with my clients and customers which in turn helps grow my business but also in saving time.

In this video, I walk you through (9 ways) you can use short videos to help grow your business and more importantly, save you some serious time. We’ll cover 6 ways on how to create short videos for clients/customers and an additional 3 ways to utilize short videos to save time with your team.

First off, here are my recommended tools for creating short videos:

Now onto the practical ways I’ve utilized creating short videos that you can apply to your business RIGHT NOW!

Ways to Use Short Videos for Clients/Customers:

  1. Social media videos (promoting services, testimonials/case studies, etc)
  2. Responses to leads
  3. Proposal/quote walk throughs
  4. Customer thanks/next steps (like what I do with clients)
  5. Quick walkthrough or trainings
  6. Check ins (personal or your whole list)

Ways to Use Short Videos for Team/Colleagues:

  1. Overview on projects
  2. Feedback & revisions
  3. Quick trainings/walk-thru’s

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