Josh Hall’s Home Studio Gear and Equipment Setup

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Josh's Blog | 0 comments

Have a home studio/office that you’re looking to level up with better lighting, camera, sound, etc?

To help you decide what gear is best for you, here’s a complete look at my current home studio.

We’ll cover both budget friendly and advanced options for:

  • What camera to use for home office
  • What mic to use for home office
  • What lighting to use for home office
  • What sound proofing to use to home office
  • And more

I hope all of these recommendations help you create the right home office/studio set up for YOU depending on your budget and needs.

All my tools are linked below but first, here are some additional links mentioned in the video:

Pro tip: The more legit you look and sound these days really goes a long way!

Camera recommendations:

Microphone recommendations:

Audio recommendations:

Lighting recommendations:

Sound proofing recommendations:

Streaming effects: