Loom Beginners Video Tutorial

by | May 20, 2020 | Web Design Tutorial | 5 comments

In this Loom Beginners Tutorial video, I’ll walk you through how to use Loom – my preferred app for creating short, powerful videos. We’ll look at the ways you can download the app, how to record videos and how to send them in creative ways to customers, clients and team members. And one of the best parts is…it’s FREE! The premium options are great and affordable as well but I’m still currently on the free version at the time of posting this Loom Beginners Tutorial πŸ˜‰

Be sure to reference my video on how I use short videos to help grow my business and save some serious time as you can apply those same strategies to your business RIGHT NOW. I can’t wait to hear how creating short videos helps change your life like it as mine. Both when working with clients/customers and with my team.

Here are the quick steps on how to create Loom videos: (as shown in video)

  1. Download Loom via the app (you can download the app on MAC, WINDOWS or IOS or the chrome browser extension (I use both)
  2. Click the Loom icon to record your video
  3. Set your recording preference (i.e. screen + cam, full screen one screen or cam only)
  4. Select your camera and mic in the advanced options
  5. Record your video
  6. Click the green check box to finish recording
  7. Edit your video title and video settings (if needed)
  8. Copy the link or the GIF option with the share icon
  9. Send your video
  10. Organize the video in a folder

Then you’re all set! This process can be broken down into less or more steps but I wanted to be thorough enough so that you have a clear plan of action for recording and sending videos and also managing effectively moving forward.

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