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The Josh Hall Web Design Club is now open exclusively for founding members!

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Hear From Current Members

I recently talked with some founding members and got their feedback on what they like about the membership so far. Here are some clips from our group call!

Update #3 – 11/04/2020

Founding Member Launch + Q&A Replay!

Here’s the replay of the final Q&A done for the founding member launch!

The founding member discount is valid now thru the rest of 2020. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Update #2 – 10/13/2020

1) Membership name is officially “The Josh Hall Web Design Club”

2) Platform is chosen! The membership will be on

Why Circle?

✅ It’s clean, modern and built for conversation and connection.
✅ It’s kind of a mix of Slack and Facebook Groups but more customizable.
✅ It’s new and only getting better (link to updates)
✅ I’m in a membership that uses it and really enjoy the experience as a member so I see it from your perspective as well 🙂

Moving Forward / What to look forward to:

✅ I’m currently building out the platform and the “spaces” for phase I
✅ I’m integrating all the components (i.e. membership portal, Zapier and email integrations, etc)
✅ I’m formalizing the membership plans and building out the new web design club page
✅ As soon as the platform is ready, I’ll start accepting founding members and we’ll begin connecting and doing trainings!
✅ Pricing rate, etc will be announced soon 🙂

Final notes:

✅ The tiers will change slightly as to kick off the club, anyone who joins will have a message thread with me for questions and basic coaching
✅ More intensive and advanced coaching will come online Q2 2021
✅ The club will grow and evolve!

Q&A #1 – 9/16/2020

Video outline:

03:43 – Welcome
05:42 – Why a membership?
09:19 – Why not Facebook?
13:46 – Benefits of the membership
15:34 – Access to awesome, safe people
18:30 – What the membership isn’t
22:46 – Tier 1 Basic Level
24:33 – Tier 2 Advanced Level
26:15 – Tier 3 Pro Level
28:39 – Additional benefits
32:05 – Q&A kickoff
32:40 – Badges?
33:51 – Private thread elaboration
35:06 – Only web designers?
35:58 – Launching Info
38:24 – Founding member benefit
39:50 – Not a Facebook group
40:27 – In depth guidance
41:18 – Disaster plan
43:24 – Archiving sessions
45:25 – Data safety
48:23 – Founding member launch first
48:55 – Will the advanced tier help grow income?
50:12 – Connection community
51:42 – Maybe meetups??
52:21 – Am I wearing pants?
54:20 – Resources in the group