Recently, I launched a new series on the Elegant Themes Blog about Organizing and Taking Control of your Divi Web Design Business. I got a lot of awesome feedback but many questions as to how/where to find all the parts of the series. So here is the full series with links back to the articles on ET for my fellow Divi Web Designers!

1) Creating Efficient Routines for your Divi Web Design Business

Taking control of your business starts with taking control of your time. And a great way to take control of your time is to create daily and weekly routines to ensure that YOU are running your business and that your business isn’t running you. In this post, we’ll explore some practical, actionable routines that you can apply to your daily and weekly web design work schedule!

2) Organization Tactics and Practices for your Divi Web Design Business

Organization is a major key to success in any business. Once you have control of your time with daily and weekly routines that work for you, it’s time to focus on organizing the technology and tools you use on a daily basis. In this post, we’re going to explore some practical ways that will help you stay organized so you can take better control of your Divi Web Design business.

3) Effective Client On Boarding Processes for Your Divi Web Design Business

There are a series of challenges when starting a new Divi Web Design project; from making sure the client is prepared and knows your process, to getting content, to setting expectations and realistic deadlines – these are struggles we all face as web designers. In this post, we’ll explore some practical ways you can create an effective onboarding process that’ll help you and your clients when starting a new project!

4) Refining and Standardizing your Divi Design and Development Process

Creating a standardized process for designing and developing a Divi website is crucial to your productivity and well-being as a web designer. Though a website design project rarely goes exactly as planned, if you have a process and path to stick to, it will save some serious time and keep you on track to hit your deadlines when projects grow legs.

5) How to Effectively Manage Multiple Divi Web Design Projects

When you have multiple Divi Web Design projects going on, it’s hard to manage all of them and stay creative while juggling deadlines, client communication and all the things that go along with designing and developing a site. In this post, we’ll explore some ways you can effectively manage your Divi Web Design projects all while staying creative, fresh and balanced! Let’s get into it.