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If you’re a web designer currently facing the feast and famine of web design (i.e. income relying solely on a stream of new clients) this course will empower you to build a website maintenance plan immediately bringing in stable, reliable, recurring income month after month.

Ready to launch your own website maintenance plan and build stable, monthly, recurring income? This is your course.


Have stable, reliable, recurring income month after month.


Create a plan that you can easily grow and scale moving forward.


Learn how to keep your websites optimized and protected from hacks.


Feel confident to sell your plan to new and previous clients.


Retain clients by managing their site, sending reports and keeping in touch.


Get additional work by staying front of mind with your clients.

As a web designer, you should not have to rely solely on new projects to pay your bills and grow your business.

Before I started my maintenance plan, I had no recurring monthly income, it was feast and famine with every project and I continually had to land new clients to pay the bills. Once I started my plan and started building recurring income for my family, it was a game changer. Now, virtually all of our bills and living expenses are covered with my maintenance plan.

In this course, I’ll guide you through exactly how mine is set up and empower you to start your own every step of the way. It’s packed with templates, downloads, case studies and I even walk you through how to sell your plan to new, existing or previous clients.

Once you go through this course, you’ll be fully empowered to start a website maintenance plan or revamp your existing one to build reliable, recurring income for you, your business and your family.

– Josh

Recent Student Results:

“Superb course, well explained, and over-delivered as usual! I’m hoping to onboard 2 new clients for maintenance plans once I have finished their websites.. and this has given me all the tools and confidence I need. Thanks Josh, generous as ever.”

Adela M.

“I haven’t even finished the course and have already brought in 3 new clients making an additional $237/mo of income!”

Anthea Ancalade

“I used the exact training methods, resources and strategies learned in the course and landed 4 clients right away, paying off the initial investment immediately. 4 months later, I have 18 maintenance plan clients with over $1,500/mo of recurring income!”

John Bendever

Course Overview

Currently 25 videos with over 3hrs of lessons.
All accompanied by written posts, downloads, templates and other resources.

Module 1 – Planning & Preparing
  • Why YOU and Your CLIENTS Should Have a Maintenance Plan (08:34)
  • Overview of Tools Used & Other Options (09:36)
  • Overview of the Plan (05:23)
  • Solidifying Your Pricing (11:18)
Module 2 – Setting Up Your Platform
  • Overview of ManageWP (12:36)
  • Setting Up Your Sites (11:17)
  • Organizing & Managing Your Sites (12:35)
  • Setting Up Reporting (11:17)
Module 3 – Setting Up Payments
  • Overview of Stripe (07:20)
  • Setting Up Your Plan (06:03)
  • Integrating Stripe (10:40)
  • Setting Up Payment Pages (04:25)
Module 4 – Selling, Growing & Maintaining Your Plan
  • How to Sell Your Plan to Previous Clients (07:52)
  • How to Sell Your Plan to New Clients (05:51)
  • How To Retain Your Maintenance Plan Clients (09:03)
  • How To Effectively Manage Your Sites (09:07)
Module 5 – Templates, Downloads & Extras
  • Divi Maintenance Plan Page Layout (06:44)
  • Josh’s Maintenance Plan Setup Checklist (04:13)
  • Case Studies 
    – Real life sales call (09:26)
    – Landing client who previously declined (04:18)
    – Landing client who’s site got hacked (05:58)
  • Email Templates (07:07)
  • A Final Note from Josh (02:25)

Everything you need to get your plan going including:


Josh’s Maintenance Plan Email Templates

Divi Maintenance Plan Page Layout


Josh’s Maintenance Plan Setup Checklist

Case Studies and Proven Strategies on Selling the Plan


Course certificate upon completion

When you join, you'll also get access to the New Student Center!

When you join this course (or any of my courses) you'll also get access to the brand new Student Center where you'll have access to support from Josh and other students in the course as you make your way through.

Additionally, the student center also includes:

✔️A dedicated support forum for this course
✔️Access to live Q&A's with Josh
✔️An introduction thread to meet other students
✔️The ability to network and connect with other students


Do I have access to the full course when purchased?
Absolutely! This is not a “drip style” course. You’ll have full access to go through any section you want, at any time.
Do I have lifetime access to the course?
You have full access to the course for as long as it’s up! (which should be a very long time ) There’s no enrollment deadline or course closing.
Are there tests or quizzes?
Heck no. No quizzes, tests or any sort of academic feeling with this course. It’s really more of a training guide. If you’re like me, you hate tests and had enough of those in school – I’ll know this course works for you when you send me a note letting me know you’ve got tons of maintenance plan clients coming in ?
What format is the course in?

Each lesson will be in video walk-through format (like my tutorials) and accompanied by written posts. Vimeo does not support automatic captions or subtitles so those are not available which is one reason I accompany each video with written posts that cover what’s in the videos. Disclaimer: any teaser videos of the course footage on YouTube may display captions but that’s YouTube specific, again no captions or subtitles are available on the course videos currently.

Will the course ever close or expire?
It will be available until it’s either discontinued or revised/updated. In short, it will be up and updated for a very very long time 😉

Official Customer Reviews

31 reviews for Website Maintenance Plan Course

  1. Rhiannon Adler

    I just completed this course (which says a lot in itself!), and it was so fantastic, I’m so so pleased I took the plunge and tried it out. Josh has such a calming presence, and he explains everything really clearly. As a web designer trying to up my skills, I often feel people are trying to hold onto their secrets to success and not letting you in, but Josh clearly wants everyone to succeed. All the extra templates and downloads you get makes you feel so supported, and gives a framework to start from if you need it.

    I’ve been offering maintenance plans to clients for a couple of years, but have not had a clear structure to it and often felt overwhelmed to really step it up. Now I feel I know what to do, how to offer my plan and am completely confident that I’m now providing a great service to my clients.

    Thanks Josh, I can’t wait to start on the next course!

  2. Jennifer Mehta

    I have always wanted to have a maintenance plan for my clients but never really knew how to go about setting this up properly.

    Having delved into this fantastic course, I feel prepared and armed with the knowledge to offer this service going forward. I’m about to approach my past clients, so wish me luck!

    Josh has a great way of explaining concepts in a clear and concise way. Thanks Josh!

  3. Ricardo Elizondo

    This is the second course I have taken from Josh Hall and as expected it was a great investment. The course not only gave me the tools to create a solid Website Maintenance Plan, but also allowed me to gain the confidence to offer it to my clients in the best way. Thank you, Josh, for providing us with so much value without leaving anything out. Next course… here I come!

  4. Pris

    This is a really good course, I mean this is a phenomenal course! I was skeptical initially with all the 5 stars reviews but I took a leap of faith and invested in the entire bundle and all I can say is I am glad I did. It has changed a lot of things for me as I do not really have much time on my hands to be searching on Google for “free knowledge”. Thank you, Josh, this was amazing.

  5. marlenepeguy

    I have just finished this course about maintenance plan and it was really great. One’s again, Josh is the best teacher on this area. He explains very well how to build a good maintenance plan and how to sell it to previous and current clients. I highly recommend this course !

  6. Shannon Morris

    I am just starting my web design journey and this is one of the courses I am especially glad I am taking NOW as opposed to a year in. I know that I will look back and be super grateful that I started a maintenance plan and got all this insider info right at the beginning. It pumped me up and has me setting big goals for my business as far as recurring revenue.

    Josh goes really into detail on so many things including a thorough explanation of the tools he uses, how he sells the plans (He even lets you listen to a sales call where he’s explaining the plan to a client), email templates and more. It left me feeling very prepared and excited to start offering this service!

    Highly recommend this, and all of Josh’s courses!

  7. Drew Baldridge

    Even though I do not own or plan to start a website design business, I do manage a number of business and personal project websites using Divi. This led me to purchased Josh’s Website Design Course Bundle so that I could immerse myself in order to streamline my processes and apply best practices to these sites. Seeing this particular course (Building a Recurring Income Website Maintenance Plan), I wondered if it would be as relevant to me as other courses, already being a user of ManageWP and not planning to launch a website business. I decided to go through the course anyway to see what I might glean and I can say I am so glad I did. There were so many take-aways that went beyond website maintenance that I will be able to apply to the my sites and the businesses I manage. If someone like me can get so much benefit out of a course like this, I can’t imagine the benefit it would be to anyone planning to offer this service as a part of their business plan!

  8. Tami Koester

    As a new web designer, I understood the power of recurring income and knew I needed to be able to offer a maintenance plan. Even with all the research I’d done on my own, I was struggling to put all the pieces together.

    Josh laid it all out beautifully in a step-by-step process that’s easy to follow and implement.

    Now my maintenance plan is right on target. Not only has it paid for itself but it pays for itself each and every month. It was the perfect investment for my business.

    Thank you Josh for putting this together and teaching it in a way that anyone could follow!!!!

  9. Fedo BK

    Very instructive, very well explained and very friendly! Thanks Josh you’ve made a great job!

  10. info19

    The Website maintenance plan Course is very clear and after looking all the videos, you know what to do.
    Thanks Josh, for giving some insight on how you manage clients and getting recurring income.

  11. Adela Mei

    Superb course, well explained, and over-delivered as usual! I’m hoping to onboard 2 new clients for maintenance plans once I have finished their websites.. and this has given me all the tools and confidence I need. Thanks Josh, generous as ever.

  12. Sergio Ferrari

    I am 100% satisfied with this course. Explained in a very clear way, easy to follow and above all very practical. For a long time I was working without a structure and I realized that I worked day and night without satisfaction and above all letting many potential customers go away once their site was finished. Now after seeing Josh’s course, I have much clearer ideas and I’m starting to put them into practice. Now it seems simple ….. 😉 Thanks a lot

  13. belencitax

    This course is so practical … I have not seen anything like it on the internet. It teaches you how to build the plan and how to grow it. And everything is explained step by step and easy, Josh mode

    I have practiced everything learned in the Web Maintenance Plan course, and in the first week that I launched this service I already have my first client and 2 more interested people. I can not explain with words how happy and proud I am.

    I bought the bundle and think it is the best investment i made this year. I am truly happy and proud of what I am getting and I am sure that I would not have achieved it quickly without this bundle.

  14. Lisa Sundell

    Thanks Josh for a great course. I have a few clients on maintenance plans, but didn’t have systems in place to streamline my processes as I grow … thanks for showing us in detail how you run a smooth and successful maintenance business!

  15. Eric

    Josh, thanks to your maintenance plan course I’ve gone from $400 to over $1,500/month on recurring hosting, maintenance, and care income in less then 3 months. And just today I sent proposals that total $450 / month in recurring after the site’s launch, and booked them all!!! Thanks so much for this Josh. I mean really, thank you. We needed this as a family to help fund the final stage of our adoption. Your trainings are going to result in two kids getting a forever family.

  16. benfrier

    I am grateful to Josh for providing a comprehensive program, that I know will help me to develop another revenue stream for my business. He provides tools that will allow me to grow. I look forward to implementing the steps that he provides. It truly is a small price to pay for the information that will allow for my success. Josh is very detailed and helpful, It is rare to find someone that you can consider as an mentor in developing a small business, I am excited to add the maintenance plan to the services that I offer. I never thought that a maintenance plan would be so beneficial for my business. I highly recommend completing the course, Josh is so willing to share how he has been successful. I hope to have as many businesses in my maintenance plan as he does. Thank you. I love designing websites and Josh is generous enough to provide his secrets to success. I know that I will re-watch the videos multiple times to make sure I catch all of the tips that Josh provides. Thank you Josh for being a resource that allows me to develop and succeed in my business.

  17. johnmarra

    I just finished Josh’s Website Maintenance Course. Josh really does an excellent job of mapping out the process for what really should be part of every web designer/developers business. The course introduced me to some tools and services that I was not aware of and will really streamline the process of providing maintenance services to my clients. The course is well laid out and is a nice mix of written and video content. It goes into the technical and business aspects as well as selling the client maintenance services. I highly recommend this course to those just starting out and to those who are thinking of offering maintenance services.

  18. ajlockie

    This course has changed the way I do things resulting in more available time meaning higher profits. This is a small price to pay to learn how to make the most of your time following proven practices that Josh walks you through. Glad I purchased this and will be purchasing more courses from Josh.

  19. sharon

    I’ve been a big fan of Josh’s tutorials for a while now and got my first intro to website maintenance plans from his Divi mini series early last year. It was only because of that mini series that I had put together a maintenance plan. So when I first got whiff of this course, I jumped onto it.

    It’s provided me with the information and structure that I needed to reinforce and improve on what I have in place. I’m a toddler in the web design/development arena and it’s been awesome to learn how those that are established in the industry (that’ll be you, Josh!) do things and what tools they use. There are so many out there and being provided with info such as “this is what I do, this is how I do it and this is what I use to do it” is a godsend!

    Thank you, Josh, for sharing your knowledge and experience. One thing this course has highlighted is that I really need to get my own website done!

  20. Steven L.

    For the longest time, I was simply trading my time for money, with this web design business. From a business standpoint, that is so limiting and impossible to scale.

    Your course really kick started the first steps towards me being able to scale my business and make money beyond the initial time it takes to set up processes and automation. The value this added to my families lives has been tremendous!

    This isn’t just an amazing course packed with everything you need to offer a web maintenance plan – its a great business builder that brings the stability of recurring monthly income to an otherwise feast or famine style industry.

    Thanks a lot Josh – can’t wait to see the impact future courses will have as well! Cheers.

  21. kathy

    I just finished Josh’s course “Building Recurring Income with a Website Maintenance Plan” and I could not be more thrilled. Most of all, I’m excited to offer what I feel is a more complete package to our clients and while showing them, in simple language, the value of this service. I feel infinitely more confident about moving forward with restructuring our maintenance plans.

    Josh seemed to think of everything including the types of clients we might be selling to and provided real-life examples of how to approach different situations. Whether you’re just getting started, or like us are restructuring our past maintenance plans, this is the course for you.

    Thanks so much, Josh, for making this available to us. I feel it was worth every penny. Because of this course, I will certainly go forward and sell with more confidence and provide greater value to our clients in the coming years.

  22. tania

    I already have my first two maintenance clients and everything was ready to go due to this course!

    Thank you so much for this!!

  23. Olga Summerhayes

    I just finished Josh’s course “Building recurring income with a website maintenance plan” and feeling so inspired and ready to implement what I just learned. This course is loaded with useful information and is so easy to follow. Josh takes you step by step through the whole set-up; from the different maintenance options, to how set up payments, and how to set up Manage WP. The detailed examples of each based on his own business were very useful.

    If you want to incorporate website maintenance into your business, or if you are just starting out a new business – this course will increase your knowledge and is a worthy investment. I know that my business will definitely benefit from the skills I’ve learned.

    Thank you, Josh, for creating this course and for sharing your knowledge and experience.

  24. stephanie

    Hey Josh! Thanks so much for creating this course. I’ve been wanting to get a button added to my site to let customers sign up and pay for a maintenance plan right there, but there are so many choices and options that I keep putting it off. Your Stripe / WP Simple Pay option is so simple. I love it! Having all the layouts and templates to download is a really nice bonus, too. This course will be super helpful to a lot of freelancers and agency owners. You rock!

  25. Niena Jane Martinito

    I’m a web designer and I’ve been following since I fell in love with Divi. Josh’s tutorials have been so easy to follow. He gives instructions clearly.

    I had troubles with getting recurring income in my web design business. After accomplishing a website project, I need to have another project to suffice our monthly expenses.

    I’m so grateful to be part of the first batch to take Josh’s Website Maintenance Plan course. It has given me an idea of how I’m going to have a recurring income in my business by offering a maintenance plan to clients.

    If you want to have a recurring income for your website business, I highly recommend this course. He will not only teach you the technical side but he’ll also teach you the business side of the maintenance plan.

    By the way, I was not yet done with Josh’s Maintenance Course and I was able to close a client!

  26. Tom

    Being a huge fan of Josh’s tutorials I was really excited to hear about his first course, Building a Recurring Income Website Maintenance Plan. It did not disappoint! From beginning to end I found Josh’s course to be incredibly well laid out and exceptionally well thought out. Having already had a Maintenance Plan in place for my web design business, I was immediately presented with fresh, new ideas to help take my Maintenance Plan and maintenance services to the next level. His tips are easily actionable and well suited for both those that are just starting out and those that already have an established Web Design business. Josh’s course is a must for anyone looking to streamline their Maintain Plan offerings and increase their monthly recurring revenue. Thanks Josh!

  27. Ania

    I wish I could have taken this course when I was starting out as a freelance web designer. It would have made my job so much easier and better-paying! I used to think that maintaining a client’s site is not worth the hassle, but with a proper system and the right tools (thank you, Josh!) it becomes easy. It’s definitely something you need to be doing.

    I heartily recommend this course to all those who are planning to start doing website maintenance for their clients. And if you’re an experienced web designer like me, I recommend it, too! This course will help you improve your system and attract new clients!

    Josh is honest and has super teaching skills. He will walk you through everything you need to know. He’ll even give you templates and extras which you can implement right away to start earning a steady income! And I can’t stress this enough: setting up a maintence plan for your clients changes the game!

  28. John B.

    This course was AMAZING! Josh covered every detail and even provided the resources need to implement this for my business quickly. Within a day of completing the course, I used the exact steps, training, and resources Josh provided to get my first 4 clients! Those conversions alone more than covered the investment of the training!

    Whether you currently have a program or not, this course is worth your investment of time & money.

  29. Joel Wolfgang

    I just got my certificate of completion! This course is great! I’ve had a maintenance plan for my clients for the past 2 years; its the best revenue I have. Josh is much further down the road than I am and his insights into this process are priceless. He lays out a plan that any web designer could follow.

    This course is not just for those who have are starting or thinking about starting to offer a maintenance plan. If you have one, I’m sure there are plenty of things you can learn from Josh and how he’s collected so many maintenance clients. If you think you might be interested in this course you should just take it!

  30. Wes

    I just finished Josh’s course on building a maintenance plan. It was incredible! If you’re a web designer and you’re NOT offering a monthly maintenance plan you are leaving money on the table. Starting one can be a little overwhelming … I remember what it was like to build mine … I wish I had a tool like this back then! Josh’s course not only gives you step-by-step instructions on building your own plan but it’s packed full of templates, layouts, and plug-and-play other resources that will take care of all the hard work for you. It’s also a great investment. If you only implement some of the items he covers and can land a few clients immediately the course could pay for itself in the first month! If you’re on the fence, go ahead, pull the trigger and sign up to take this course. You won’t regret it!

  31. Amanda Lucas

    I am just blown away by the quality of content, structure and professional delivery that Josh shared in this course. I had so many moments throughout the course where I got so excited, I just had to go and implement some of Josh’s teachings immediately. To say this course has delivered on all levels is an understatement. Josh has such a talent and unique gift for communicating very clearly and articulately minus any fluff. So what you get are incredible lessons and an eagerness to implement these ideas straight away. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone who designs and builds websites and is looking to add additional value to their clients and increase recurring revenue. Thank you so much Josh!

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