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Building a Recurring Income Website Maintenance Plan

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My first course on Building a Recurring Income Website Maintenance Plan is an in-depth training on not just how to set up a maintenance plan but how to sell it and more importantly, how to grow it. My goal for you is to have a maintenance plan where most (if not all) of your website clients want to sign up; creating a steady stream of recurring income for you month, after month, after month.

Right now, my mortgage and most of my family’s living expenses are paid with my maintenance plan income. I’ve learned a lot while building and optimizing my plan so I’m super passionate about sharing with you what I’ve learned on how I’ve built a successful plan with great client retention (over 95%) for nearly 3 years to this point.

Web designers and agencies often talk about having maintenance plans but nobody seems truly help or prepare others to launch their own. And while there’s no right or wrong way to create a plan, there are certainly things that work and things that don’t. I’ll be offering real-world, practical expertise on how I’ve grown my plan so that you can start making recurring income with yours right away.

Have you ever experienced the following?

  • Struggled getting stable, monthly income as a web designer
  • Your websites get hacked or breached
  • Clients breaking websites by updating plugins or making changes themselves
  • Can’t seem to sell your current maintenance plan
  • Clients slip away once a project is done

Then this course is for you. Whether you’re just starting out in web design, whether you’re a full-time freelancer or agency with a plan already in place (that you know could be better) or whether you just have a web design side hustle, this course is for you.

Once completed, you will be able to:

  • Build a stable, monthly recurring income stream
  • Sell your plan confidently to new AND previous clients
  • Retain clients and keeping them coming back for future work
  • Grow your plan month to month, with every new client you get
  • Have an understanding of website security and best practices for keeping websites safe

My goal is to prepare and equip you to have an effective, monthly maintenance plan that is a win-win for you and your clients by generating you easily recurring income month to month and keeping their sites safe and optimized. So if you’re wanting to start a maintenance plan but have no idea where to start or what tools to use; or if you already have a plan that’s not converting clients or growing…this course is for you!

Some final notes:

  • This is not a “drip style” course. You’ll have full access to go through any section you want, at any time.
  • There’s no enrollment deadline or course closing. It will be available until it’s either discontinued or revised.
  • Each lesson will be in video walk-through format (like my tutorials) and accompanied by written posts
  • There are no quizzes, tests or any sort of academic feeling with this course. It’s really more of a training guide. If you’re like me, you hate tests and had enough of those in school – I’ll know this course works for you when you send me a note letting me know you’ve got tons of maintenance plan clients coming in 🙂
  • Pre-order discount ends when the course launches on 8/22/18

Course Overview

The course is broken out into 4 main segments with shorter, easy consumable topics in each section. I’ve also included extras that will help solidify your plan and get you off the ground as you launch or revise your current plan. Here’s the overview!

Section 1 – Plan & Prepare

  • Why YOU and Your CLIENTS Should Have a Recurring Plan
  • Tools Used (and additional options)
  • Overview of the Plan
  • Crafting your Perfect Plan
  • Choosing your Pricing

Section 2 – Setting It Up

  • Overview of ManageWP
  • Setting Up Your Dashboard
  • Setting Up Your Sites
  • Organizing Your Sites
  • Setting Up Reporting

Section 3 – Setting Up Payments

  • Overview of Stripe
  • Setting Up Stripe
  • Creating Your Plan(s)
  • Integrating Stripe with Your Site
  • Setting Up a Payment Button on Your Site

Section 4 – Selling Your Plan

  • How To Get New Clients To Buy Your Plan
  • How To Get Current or Past Clients To Buy Your Plan
  • How and When To Bring Your Maintenance Plan Up
  • How To Retain Your Maintenance Plan Clients
  • How To Effectively Manage Your Sites


  • Divi Maintenance Plan Page Layout
  • Josh’s Real World Maintenance Plan Email Templates
  • Additional Tools, Tips & Tricks
  • A final note from Josh


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