Josh’s Divi/CSS Course

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Learn all you need to know about making awesome, custom websites with CSS & Divi!


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Ready to learn CSS for Divi and take your web design skills to the next level?

If you like my Divi/CSS tutorials, you’re going to love this course 🙂


Learn the basics of CSS & get the foundational understanding you need


Feel empowered to customize websites with a great understanding of CSS


Seamlessly customize Divi with plugins like Gravity Forms, Woo Commerce, etc


Learn how to troubleshoot and solve any styling problem


Take on any custom website design project with confidence


Learn to love CSS instead of fearing it or sweating bullets when editing code

Who should take this course?

It’s for beginners and experienced Divi web designers alike. Perfect if:

You don't know any CSS and are terrified of code. (like I was)

You know some code but get a little nervous and sweaty when editing CSS.

You're comfortable with CSS but are ready to take your web design game to the next level.

Feedback & Reviews

Reviews and testimonials coming soon but here’s some initial feedback!

“Ahhhhh! I’ve been missing out for so long! CSS, and your tutorial on how to style is just so amazing.

I’ve felt proficient in web design for so long, but now, I feel like I can really THRIVE. You don’t know just how much value you deliver in your courses man – thank you!”

Steven L.

“Diving right into the CSS course and already had a few “aha” moments. The amount of time this knowledge will save me on future projects will pay back the course fee many times over. Thanks Josh!”
Sheila M.

“Just finished CSS Overview – loved the Hierarchy! So helpful. Makes so much sense. Josh love your style – the humour helps & infectious enthusiasm! Love this stuff, thank you for putting it together.”

Adela M.

“Josh thank you so much for a great course. I know a lot about CSS but some of those foundational things are missing. You are filling in so many random holes.”
Shelley T.

“OK – so far so good – been hacking away at this stuff for years – now I am a much more informed “hacker”!”
Kim W.

“I have just started the course and cannot wait to take my CSS knowledge to the next level. Josh, I just love the way you communicate and how excited you are. It’s contagious!”
Noëlle S.

Course Overview

Additional course information coming soon.

Module 1 – CSS Overview

An overview and foundational understanding of CSS. We’ll cover:

  • CSS – What & Why
  • CSS Tools & Setup
  • How to Edit/Where to Put CSS (+ Basic Child Theme setup/download)
  • ID’s, Classes, Elements & Selectors
  • CSS Hierarchy

Module 2 – CSS Basics

An in-depth look and understanding of the most important areas of CSS. We’ll cover:

  • Overview of Inspect Element
  • Positions & Spacing
  • Colors & Backgrounds
  • Fonts & Typography
  • Widths, Heights & Sizes

Module 3 – CSS Advanced

A look at advanced CSS methods and ways to take your websites to the next level. We’ll cover:

  • States & Pseudo Classes
  • Transitions & Animations
  • Filters, Grayscale & Opacity
  • CSS Browser Compatibility
  • Targeting CSS for 3rd Party Plugins

Module 4 – CSS for Mobile

You’ll learn how to style and tweak your site for mobile, tablet and other responsive settings. We’ll cover:

  • Media Queries
  • Breakpoints
  • Scaling for Mobile

Module 5 – CSS Extended Tricks & Extra’s

I’ll be providing some more advanced tricks we can do with CSS along with student requested tutorials.

  • CSS Troubleshooting
  • Advanced CSS Plugin Styling
  • Merging Classes, ID’s & Elements
  • Condensing CSS
  • Student Requested Tutorials

Module 6 – CSS + Divi Website Build

We’ll take all we learned and we’ll build a fully customized, freakin sweet custom website with Divi & CSS. We’ll cover:

  • Divi/CSS Header Design
  • Divi/CSS Footer Design
  • Divi/CSS Sidebar Design
  • Divi/CSS Page & Elements Design
  • Divi/CSS Mobile Optimization

Module 7 – CSS Downloads & Resources

I’ll be providing some additional downloads, links, resources and more.

  • Additional links and resources
  • Bare Bones Child Theme
  • My Divi/CSS Cheat Sheet

You’ll also get:

Access to Josh’s private CSS course Facebook group

Lifetime access
(it will be updated and added on to)

Josh’s Divi/CSS Child Theme Cheatsheet

Downloads, tools and other resources

Some Additional Notes:


While the course is specific to CSS with Divi, what you'll learn can be applied to ANY WordPress theme or even a custom HTML site!


This is not a "Divi beginners course" (that a separate course I have in the works). We will cover some of the basics of Divi but a basic understanding of Divi is recommended.


We'll cover the most important aspects of CSS when customizing your sites. We're not going over every single CSS option or selector.


Do I have access to the full course when purchased?
Absolutely! This is not a “drip style” course. You’ll have full access to go through any section you want, at any time.
Do I have lifetime access to the course?
You have full access to the course for as long as it’s up! (which should be a very long time ) There’s no enrollment deadline or course closing.
Will the course be added on to?
Yep! I plan to add on to the course periodically as long as it’s live. And when certain requests and questions come in, I’ll likely add extra lessons and resources to the course.
What format is the course in?
Each lesson will be in video walk-through format (like my tutorials) and accompanied by written posts.
Are there tests or quizzes?

Heck no. No quizzes, tests or any sort of academic feeling with this course. It’s really more of a training guide. If you’re like me, you hate tests and had enough of those in school ?

Will the course ever close or expire?
It will be available until it’s either discontinued or revised/updated. In short, it will be up and updated for a very, very long time 😉


1 review for Josh’s Divi/CSS Course

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steven (verified owner)

    Designing websites, and NOT having a firm grasp of CSS was hurting my business. I tried researching myself with a Dummies book, I tried to figure it out myself, I asked others to help write code for me because “I was new/novice to CSS” and convinced myself for a long time – that That was okay. It wasn’t okay and it got me nowhere. In fact, it set me back.

    Along came Josh’s course. It was everything I needed and more! Josh has a really down to earth and personable way of explaining these concepts in a way that more formal college courses and books fail to do. I was able to IMMEDIATELY put this stuff to work and further my value to my clients and to my own business and I’m so happy I can finally thrive using CSS, and not waste hours on projects trying to figure out solutions or beg online groups for help.

    Thank you so much Josh, for building SO much value into your CSS course. Thank you thank you.

    • Josh

      Thanks for the awesome review Steven!! So awesome to hear how the course has helped you out so far man. I have no doubt that the foundation you have now will impact your web game moving forward in such a big way. Can’t wait to see how things progress for your business!!

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