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Divi Getting Started Page

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My Getting Started Page Layout, featured on the Elegant Themes Blog in Part 2 of my Client Documentation Series, is what I send to my clients when a project gets underway! This layout has 2 primary benefits:

1) For the web designer, it saves you some serious time. I found myself repeating the same process over and over on the phone and via email when a new project started. Then, I decided to to save myself time, standardize my process and put all the information into this getting started page! So right when a project starts, I just send the client this page which outlines what I need from them to get started, the tools I use and the design/development process!

2) For the client, it informs and prepares. It’s often intimidating for clients to begin a website project as they are often making a big investment, don’t know the process or what it’s going to be like working with their new designer. This layout will put them at ease, get them excited and more importantly, inform them of what THEY need to do to as the project gets underway.

I include an intro video on my getting started page and while that is not included in this layout, you’re free to watch mine and create one of your own if you’d like!

What’s included:

  • The Getting Started Page Layout (zipped) json file

A few things to note:

  • This is a page import json file and is not a “Divi Library Item.” So be sure to upload this using the page builder and not through the Divi library. Please watch the video above for installation directions.
  • The website questionnaire is NOT included as I build my forms through Gravity Forms, a 3rd party plugin. But you’re welcome to copy my questions and build your own website questionnaire. You can view my questionnaire in part 1 of the client documentation series.
  • The video above acts as a demo AND tutorial video so feel free to watch that if you have any questions on installation.

For any questions or feedback, contact me and I’ll get back to you! Oh and I’d love to see how you implemented this into your site(s) ?


Since you’ll more than likely not use this page more than once on a site, this is created as a page layout, NOT a Divi Library item. Use the Divi builder and click the arrows (see above) to import this layout then you’re all set! Please watch the promo video for the installation walk-thru if you have any questions!


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