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My Moving Forward Page Layout, featured on the Elegant Themes Blog in Part 3 of my Client Documentation Series, is what I send to my clients when a project is complete! This layout has 2 primary benefits:

1) For the web designer, it saves you some serious time. When projects when live, I found myself repeating the same thing over and over when it came to telling clients what to do when their sites went live. Now, once a project is complete, I just send them my Moving Forward page which outlines my recommendations on what to do next and asks for a review!

2) For the client, it informs and inspires. Once a project is live, the client will probably have no clue on what to do next. This page helps inform them of what to do once their site is live and will inspire them with some ideas they have surely not thought of. It’ll also make YOU, the web designer look great and trustworthy for offering them some free advice and best practices.

I include an intro video on my moving forward page and while that is not included in this layout, you’re free to watch mine and create one of your own if you’d like!

What’s included:

  • The Moving Forward Page Layout (zipped) json file

A few things to note:

  • This is a page import json file and is not a “Divi Library Item.” So be sure to upload this using the page builder and not through the Divi library. Please watch the video above for installation directions.
  • I link to my website security plan at the end but you’ll want to be sure and change that link to your own security plan or another option if you don’t offer offer one.
  • Some of the images on my Moving Forward page are purchased stock photos. So the images provided in this layout are either from www.pexels.com custom designed by me so they’re free to use and copyright free.
  • Be sure to use THIS LINK to create your own Google Review link that you can use for the review button at the end!

For any questions or feedback, contact me and I’ll get back to you! Oh and I’d love to see how you implemented this into your site(s) ?


Since you’ll more than likely not use this page more than once on a site, this is created as a page layout, NOT a Divi Library item. Use the Divi builder and click the arrows (see above) to import this layout then you’re all set! Please watch the promo video for the installation walk-thru if you have any questions!


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