Divi/WordPress Beginners Course

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The guaranteed quickest and most cost-effective way to learn the most important aspects of Divi & Wordpress. Course will be updated soon with the new Divi 4.0 options but don’t worry, all the current course information is still relevant!

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Learn how to Build a Divi/Wordpress Website!

(No Coding Required!)


Learn the basics of WordPress, Plugins, Themes, etc


Learn the basics of the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes


Learn all you need to know in order to create a website with Divi & WP


Learn more about the ins & outs of Divi to be able to build beautiful websites


Save time & $$$ from looking up tutorials and asking support questions


Begin to LOVE building a Divi website instead of being stuck and frustrated

Who should take this course?

It’s for web design beginners, freelancers and DIYers. Perfect if:

You're just starting out in web design and want to learn how to build a site with Divi/Wordpress.

You're a freelancer and want to learn how to build Divi/Wordpress sites for clients.

You're a DIYer (Do It Yourself'er) and want to be able to build your own website with WordPress & Divi without messing with code.

Course Overview

Currently 16 videos and WP/Extras from the basics to building a full Divi/Wordpress website!

3hr 2m of WP/Divi Lessons (basic thru advanced modules)
1hr 7m of the Website Build
Total Run Time: 4hrs 9m
All videos accompanied by written posts, resources and links.

Module 1 – WordPress Overview

  • WordPress Setup & Initial Settings (16:47)
  • Pages, Posts & the WP Text Editor (13:38)
  • Menus & Screen Options (10:58)
  • Plugins & Widgets (11:15)

Module 2 – Divi Basics

  • Divi Theme Options Overview (13:48)
  • Divi Theme Customizer Overview (15:08)
  • Divi Builder Overview – Sections, Rows & Modules (14:43)
  • Backend vs Visual Builder (18:00)

Module 3 – Divi Advanced

  • Divi Modules Overview (31:12)
  • Section, Row & Module Styling (15:03)
  • Divi Library & Templates (15:56)
  • Divi for Mobile (13:26)

Module 4 – Divi Website Build

  • Front Page Build (42:53)
  • Header, Footer & Sidebar Build (19:04)
  • Page Builds (24:23)
  • Mobile & Final Optimizations (16:55)

Module 5 – Divi Extras

  • WordPress Plugins & Resources
  • Divi Plugins & Resources
  • Course Reference Guide

Some Additional Notes:


This course is specific to WordPress and the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes. You should have your own license to Divi.


While we won't be working with CSS, HTML or other coding in the course, a basic knowledge of CSS is highly recommended if building sites professionally.


We will be building a site from start to finish so you'll feel fully empowered to build your own site after finishing this course!


Do I have access to the full course when purchased?
Absolutely! This is not a “drip style” course. You’ll have full access to go through any section you want, at any time.
Do I have lifetime access to the course?
You have full access to the course for as long as it’s up! (which should be a very long time ) There’s no enrollment deadline or course closing.
Will the course be added on to?

Maybe at some point. If I decide to add lessons for Gutenberg or more advanced lessons with Divi or WordPress, I may update the course and will let everyone who purchased the course know!

Are there tests or quizzes?

Heck no. No quizzes, tests or any sort of academic feeling with this course. It’s really more of a training guide. If you’re like me, you hate tests and had enough of those in school ?

What format is the course in?

Each lesson will be in video walk-through format (like my tutorials) and accompanied by written posts. Vimeo does not support automatic captions or subtitles so those are not available which is one reason I accompany each video with written posts that cover what’s in the videos. Disclaimer: any teaser videos of the course footage on YouTube may display captions but that’s YouTube specific, again no captions or subtitles are available on the course videos currently.

Will the course ever close or expire?
It will be available until it’s either discontinued or revised/updated. In short, it will be up and updated for a very, very long time 😉


15 reviews for Divi/WordPress Beginners Course

  1. Thaddeus Rexilius

    Thaddeus Rexilius

    I’ve taken a couple different beginners course’s on both divi and wordpress. This by far ranks in the top two! Very clear, concise, and simple. Makes you want to start building your business right away!

  2. Shannon Morris

    Shannon Morris

    Before this course I had started learning Divi and WordPress with a few youtube videos but there were still holes in my knowledge. This is a great course for learning the basics quickly and to get a thorough understanding. Josh is a top notch teacher and his courses are all well structured and high quality (I have the bundle). You’ll feel confident building sites with Divi after this course!

  3. Avatar

    Bill Hibbler

    I’ve been building WordPress sites for years but am completely new to Divi. I invested in Josh’s course bundle because I specifically wanted a teacher that’s experienced in running an active, successful web design business. While there are other Divi intro classes available, Josh’s course adds tips and tricks on how to design better for clients that others lack. Josh shows you everything you need to get started without having to wade through hundreds of hours of tutorials. If you have a question, he is quick to respond and obviously cares about your success. I highly recommend this class.

  4. Avatar

    Drew Baldridge

    I’m not a Divi beginner and have built a number of Divi sites, but most of my learning has come from Youtube videos, wading through Elegant Themes tutorials, etc. I always wondered when I was building sites if I was missing certain tips and tricks, as well as, if I was following best practices for building my sites. This course really helped me learn things I was missing and at the same time, increased my confidence where I was doing things well and efficiently already. As a somewhat experienced user, I feel like I really benefited from this course and would recommend it not only to beginners, but others like me who are just trying to get a little more of a foundation to add to their basic knowledge base.

  5. Avatar

    Jeremy Cruz

    This is a great course if you are new to Divi! The course is clearly planned out and easy to follow, and covers everything you need to know to get started working with Divi. Josh is an enthusiastic guide that walks you through the ins and outs of building a Divi site!

  6. Ellen Kotze

    Ellen Kotze

    I bought Josh’s bundle and have completed the first course. Best thing I have EVER bought! Josh is always on hand if I have a question or don’t understand something too. Thank you!!

  7. Avatar

    thomas wright

    I had previously taken Josh’s Cpanel course (which was great) and have now completed his Divi/Wp beginners course. Well, what can I say? Fantastic, Josh has put together another great course. The topics were clearly delivered, easy to understand, and delivered by an instructor who is clearly enthusiastic and, may I say, very passionate about the subject which shows in the delivery of this well-crafted course. Josh, many thanks for allowing me to participate in your course which I have thoroughly enjoyed taking and I would highly recommend to other newbies to the Divi Theme.

  8. Avatar

    Malcolm Davidson

    Hey Josh. I’ve been messing with Divi for a while but it was always guess work and often wrong. Your Divi beginners course is absolutely superb and has 100% changed the way that I would approach designing sites with Divi going forward.

    I was working on my employer’s site (revamp) while going through the course and I am very happy with how it is already looking. It isn’t finished but I know it will look fantastic when completed.

    The resources list is something I will keep going back to. Pure gold in there.

    I have now purchased your Divi/CSS course which I am going to dive into as soon as I’ve pressed the submit button for this review.

    Thank you

  9. Dean


    Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

    Excellent for WP/Divi newbies and a great quick refresher course for us old dogs…woof!, woof!

  10. Avatar

    Chris Salvaggio

    I have been using Divi for a long time and there was plenty to learn in this course. In fact, I am not only a student at this point I am a fan of Josh. Thank you so much!

  11. Avatar

    James Fortune

    Although I knew quite a bit about both WordPress and DIVI, I decided to join this course to fill in all the holes and it has proved to be very beneficial. It’s amazing how much you don’t know even if you thinik you do.

    I’ve checked out most of the other tutors in the DIVI world and, for me, Josh is the most informative and thorough plus his positive, bouncy and charming style really helps.

    Highly recommended!

  12. Keeshaun Derima

    Keeshaun Derima

    I’m not a complete beginner but this course still showed me so many things I didn’t know! If you’re just getting into Divi and WordPress this is the course you want to start with.

  13. Avatar

    Christopher Lynch

    Great info and clearly presented- recommended!

  14. Ulrike Ellinger

    Ulrike Ellinger

    Great course! It is fast and focussed, very competent and with a lot important tips and tricks. Also comes with a perfect structure and documentation around the videos! Thank you very much, Josh!! =)

  15. Avatar

    Kelly Hunn

    Fantastic course and I highly recommend it.

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