Guide to Getting Web Design Clients

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A 5-part mini course featuring my top, proven strategies for selling websites, getting quality leads and converting high-paying web design clients.



This is a 5-part, on-demand video course guiding you through how to:

Sell websites with confidence
Find your ideal clients
Filter out bad fit leads
Convert more proposals
Get higher paying clients

Waiting for you on the other side is instant, lifetime access to:

  1. Lesson 1 – Sales 101 for Web Designers (38:08)
    Guiding you through my top sales tips for web designers
  2. Lesson 2 – Choose Your Sales Strategy (24:29)
    Helping you know where/how to sell, in a way that feels natural and good based off of your personality and ideal clients
  3. Lesson 3 – My Funneling & Weed Out Process (18:50)
    No more dealing with tire kickers, this helps you filter out the bad leads so you only have qualified, quality leads come through to get a quote
  4. Lesson 4 – Finding Clients (33:24)
    Knowing your ideal customer and where/how to marketing to them
  5. Lesson 5 – Getting Clients (30:41)
    How to convert clients by following my “connect, converse, convert” client priming strategy
  6. Bonus Lesson – Getting High Value Clients (28:16)
    Guiding you on how to position yourself, your value and your pricing to land high quality, ideal clients
All lessons are a full video training with me (Josh) accompanied by written posts, downloads, scripts, links and resources.
These are the top strategies and proven process that I personally used to build a multi-6-figure web studio and that hundreds of my students have been using to grow their businesses as well.
Hear from some of my students on how they’ve used what they learned in this guide to get web design clients and build their own web businesses 👇

9 reviews for Guide to Getting Web Design Clients

  1. Austyn Buchanan

    Josh really made me realize that as a web designer, one of the best ways to get clients is to go out and join a networking group. As web designers, i feel we like to try to stay behind our computer screens but let me tell you, joining a networking group has changed my business. I can honestly say i probably would have never joined one if it wasnt for Josh’s guide to getting clients.

  2. Shannon

    Josh teaches different ways to get clients, but one that made a huge impact for me was in person networking. I was never my favorite thing to do, but it worked fast. And the connections I made there still give me referrals 4 years later. I don’t know that I would have made myself do it without taking his course!

  3. Ben Forred

    I officially set up shop as a web designer at the beginning of 2024. The material in this course really led the way to me being able to set a “First client by March” goal and then achieve it. Josh isn’t teaching from a text book, he has started a web design business and has grown it, then sold it. He shares the approaches and materials he implemented to be successful. If you’re serious about getting going and bringing in clients quickly, I’ll also recommend checking out his Web Designer Pro community. I can confidently vouch for the results you’ll get from the investment. I have a functioning business with developed systems, SOPs, tools, and a community of peers just six months in – I don’t know how else a person could cover that kind of ground so quickly. In his very down-to-earth way, he’s essentially saying, “So you’re starting a web design agency? Here’s everything you’ll need to build and grow it. I’ll also hang out and help you move the chains.” I highly recommend it for any new web designers or even those who have been around a while but need to scale up the business.

  4. Rob Chaplin

    I was new to web design with no idea how to find clients (small problem lol). After the course, I successfully landed my first paying client through the use of social media. Along with information on how to get clients, Josh gives you multiple templates (sales templates, email correspondence, etc.) that are sooooo helpful! The website questionnaire from his full web business course I still use with all my clients. Totally worth the price.

  5. Lisa Williams

    Some of the best tips and strategies I have received for acquiring new clients have been through Josh’s full business course as well as being a part of the Web Designer Pro Community since November, 2020.

    The teaching and guidance in this mini course in particular gave me the foundation to create that flow of new high-quality clients. Selling solutions and not websites is a big part of our strategy and I hadn’t thought about it that way until I became more confident through Josh’s help. I learned acquiring new clients seems hard sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be hard. It can actually be quite fun!

  6. Alexis Myers

    I landed 2 new clients back-to-back with Josh’s sales strategies. From his course, I started using overview videos for my proposals. From his mentoring in Web Designer Pro I learned not to mention the price in those overview videos and let it speak for itself. Not only did I get positive feedback and even accolades over my proposals and overview videos, but both clients signed up eagerly.

    If you are wavering in confidence, looking for new/better strategies, or just starting out, definitely take advantage of this course!

  7. April Ray

    I’ve been a fan of Josh’s courses since day one, and they’ve truly transformed how I run my business. His insights have shaped everything I do in my business—from selling my services and setting up maintenance plans to designing websites. Josh has a knack for explaining things in a clear, easy-to-understand way that never makes you feel out of your depth. I can’t recommend his courses enough, especially his business course. I find myself coming back to his materials for a refresher time and again, and they never fail to deliver.

  8. Devorah Epstein

    Josh’s course gave me the confidence and tools to set up my business and start selling my web design services. His course provides real tips that I use everyday. I often go back to his course and rewatch one of his videos. Josh has insider information on what web designers are doing in their business every day! If you are looking to start a web design business, this course is one you must not give up!

  9. A-T Williams

    Josh’s course goes beyond theory and teaches how to get clients from someone who’s actually been in our shoes. From his technique of utilizing in-person networking events to putting systems in place to weed out your non-ideal customers to prevent headaches, these tactics are the real deal! I’m not an extrovert, but using Josh’s advice I don’t “sell” my services, I present my services as solutions to problems and it’s only for those who experience that problem. Those I’m speaking with can self-identify as being someone who can benefit from what I offer and sign up to go deeper into a conversation. It’s a change in the way I look at the websites I build and who I build them for. They’re not for everyone, they’re only for those who are experiencing the problems that my websites solve.

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